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Language of Description: English
Holding Institution: Archiv města Ostravy
  1. Amtsgericht (District Court) of Moravská Ostrava

    The fonds is a valuable source for investigating the Nazi occupation justice in the lowest instance. The court files deal mostly with legal issues of Germans and also, to a large extent, of Poles and Slovaks living within the court's jurisdiction. The fonds also contains death records of the fallen Wehrmacht members of the judicial district, persons of Reich nationality who died in the raids on Ostrava, suicides, drowned persons, and victims of injuries and accidents. An important document of the antifascist resistance is the death records of prisoners in the concentration camps at Mauthaus...

  2. NSDAP, District Headquarters in Moravská Ostrava

    The fonds includes personal files of party members, the correspondence of the district manager, organization of local groups, cells and blocks, questionnaires about Czech businesses, personal files of members of the Deutsche Arbeitsfront, issues of German pupils, lists of women involved in the National Socialist Movement, documents of the district party trial and others. The Jewish inhabitants are mentioned in the questionnaires about Jewish businesses in Přívoz that were filled out in September and October of 1939. There is a total of 17 questionnaires.