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Holding Institution: Archív Múzea Slovenského národného povstania
  1. Zbierka spomienok o represáliách, perzekúciách, rasovom prenasledovaní a obetiach na Slovensku v rokoch 1938 – 1945

    • Collection of Memories of Reprisals, Persecutions, Racial Persecution and Victims in Slovakia in Years 1938 – 1945

    Among numerous written memories of radical and mass reprisals mostly from the period 1944 – 1945, this collection contains also various testimonies of the Holocaust survivors who were facing the mass persecution during and even after the suppression of the Slovak National Uprising by German Army forces, POHG, anti-fascist unit Edelweiss, etc. Significant attention is paid the to mass executions in Kremnička (November 5, 1944 – March 8, 1945), where more approximately 747 people were murdered, various memories are addressing the plundering and burning the villages of Kalište (March 18, 1945)...

  2. Zbierka IX. Nacistické okupačné jednotky

    • Collection IX. Nazi Occupation Forces

    Collection contains various documents dedicated to the activities of Nazi occupation forces which were operating in Slovakia after the outbreak of the Slovak National Uprising on August 29, 1944. Suppression of the armed uprising, which dominantly took place in the Central Slovakia with the center in the city of Banská Bystrica, was accompanied also by the massive and intentional persecution of the rest of the Jewish community in the Slovak territory. Material includes numerous information about mass executions in Kremnička and also about the later exhumation of the mass grave as well as th...

  3. Zbierka VIII. Slovenská republika

    • Collection VIII. Slovak Republic

    This collection contains various documents pertaining the general situation in the Slovak Republic (1939 – 1945), including some information about the racial persecution. Even though, the Holocaust does not represent the main topic of this collection, diverse material encloses relevant information about anti-Semitic measures which were enforced and implemented by the main political bodies in the Slovak Republic as well as their latter practical realization in the country, in particular in the city of Banská Bystrica and its surroundings.

  4. Zbierka XV. Letáky, plagáty

    • Collection XV. Leaflets, Posters

    Collection is created by various visual materials such as leaflets and posters referring to the official propaganda of the Slovak state as well as the anti-fascist propaganda which was intensively spread and circulated especially during the Slovak National Uprising in autumn 1944. In particular, 17 items are Holocaust-related and they are mainly pertaining the official anti-Semitic policy of Hlinkova slovenská ľudová strana (HSĽS).

  5. Zbierka VII. Armáda

    • Collection VII. Army

    This collection contains numerous selected documents which investigate the activities of the Army in the period of the Slovak National Uprising in autumn 1944. The most relevant Holocaust-related materials concerning information, including some photos, about VI. Labor Battalion which intentionally consisted of racially persecuted – Jews and Roma people.