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Holding Institution: Latvijas Nacionālā arhīva Latvijas Valsts vēstures arhīvs
  1. Ārkārtēja komisija lvva

    • The Soviet State Extraordinary Commission for Ascertaining and Investigating the Crimes Committed by the German-Fascist Invaders and their Accomplices
    • Чрезвычайная республиканская комиссия Латвийской ССР

    Organization of the Commission’s work, including information about staff, reports, collection of information; lists of victims on Latvian territory, including Abrene district, Aizpute district, and Aizpute city; list of Jews killed in 1941 in Bauska district, Valmiera district, Ventspils district and Ventspils city, Valka district, Daugavpils district and Daugavpils city; list of Jews killed in Livani, Dagda, Jekabpils district, Jelgava district, Liepaja district, Ludza district, Liepaja district, and Liepaja city; lists of Jews killed in 1941 in Riga district and Riga city; list of Jews ki...

  2. SS un vietējās policijas priekšnieks Liepājā

    • The SS and Police Leader of Libau
    • Der SS–und Polizeistandartenführer Libau

    Guideline for treatment of Jews, including information about interdiction against communication with Jews, mixed marriages, forms to be completed for declarations of Jewish property, record keeping of Jewish property used in barracks, belongings left after executions. Attitude of German soldiers to Jews; the mood of Libau inhabitants after executions of Jews. Arrests of Jews because of violations of the restriction rules; black trade; escaped Jews from ghetto and camps; hidden Jews; arrests of Latvians who helped Jews to hide and issued false papers. Arresting of group of Jews intending to ...

  3. Austrumzemes Valsts komisārs

    • The Reich Commissioner for the Ostland
    • Der Reichskommissar für das Ostland

    Instructions for treatment of Jews, including information about who was considered a Jew; wearing of David stars registration, mixed marriages and children; identity cards for Jewish women married to Aryans; Jewish property, including a form for declaration of property; treatment of foreign Jews; printed edition about Organization of the Administration in the Occupied Eastern Areas, which included guidelines for the treatment of the Jewish population, with the goal to solve the Judefrage throughout Europe; regulations for the generation population should treat Jews; zoning off the Jewish po...

  4. Drošības policijas un SD pavēlnieks Austrumzemē

    • Commandant's Office of the Security Police and the SD in Ostland
    • Der Befehlshaber der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD Ostland

    Survey about Jews in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia; materials about Jewish statistics for 1935 in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia; lists of Jewish property in 1935. Lists of persons who drafted and enabled measures regarding annihilation of Jews (these lists were composed by Soviet institutions in 1947). Lists of Einsatzkommando who were under Lange’s command and were part of Einsatzgruppe A. Measures for Final Solution: 100% extermination of Jews; no reproduction; Jews to work at hard labour; placing of Jews into special settlements outside of Europe. Treatment of Jews, including definition of ...

  5. Ģenerālkomisārs Rīgā

    • Generalkommissar in Riga
    • Commissar General in Riga

    Definition of “Jude” and “Halbjude” in occupied Ostland and related regulations, including about, treatment of Jews. Declaration of Jewish property and movables; special forms for handing over of property;, lists of former Jewish property which now had to be considered as Ostlandseigentum in Riga, Mitau, Libau, Marienburg, Rujien, Lemsal, Walk, Wenden, Wolmar, Abrene, Daugavpils, Ludza, Rezekne; allocation of Jewish property and incomes from it. Information about mixed marriages, including applications from Jewish spouses in mixed marriages to ease conditions for children, for exemption fro...

  6. Vācijas bruņoto spēku pavēlnieks Austrumzemē

    • Wehrmachtsbefehlshaber im Ostland
    • Wehrmacht Commander in Ostland

    Jewish property, including information about confiscations; printed forms to inventory Jewish property; lists of names and addresses of Jewish houses taken by the Wehrmacht, which contain information about furniture and house goods; copies of order of the Wehrmacht-Ortskommandantur Riga for the confiscation of property; eviction of Jews from their apartments. Use of Jews in forced labour, including information about work conditions, whether to consider them as war prisoners, guarding and separating them from general population, payment for work; regulations of transfer of Jews from and into...

  7. Drošības policijas un Drošības dienesta komandieris Latvijā

    • Commander of the Security Police of Latvia and Einsatzkommando
    • Kommandeur der Sicherheitspolizei Lettlands und Einsatzkommando

    Certificates about releases from the Riga Central Prison and interdiction to communicate with Jews and communists and to participate in political activities, 1941-1942; list of mentally ill Jews in the Riga hospital, dated August 31, 1941 (these people were killed on September 1, 1941).

  8. SS un policijas vadītājs Latvijā

    • The SS and Police Leader in Latvia
    • SS–und Polizeistandartenführer Lettland

    Registration and confiscation of Jewish property.

  9. Lauksaimniecības ģenerāldirekcijas Pārtikas nodrošināšanas departaments

    • Directorate General for Agriculture – Department of Food Provision
    • Generaldirektorium für Landwirtschaft. Departement für Lebensmittelbeschaffung

    Instructions about provisioning of food, clothing, alcohol, forage, food for children; lists of inhabitants of towns, lists of workers who received food cards, etc. 1941-1944. Also contains food rations for prisoners and inmates of concentration camps and for Jewish craftsmen 1941-1943.

  10. Rēzeknes apriņķa policijas iestādes

    • Rezekne District Police Institutions
    • Polizeibehörden Kreis Rezekne

    The fond contains a large amount of information about activities of the Police Institution in the district since 1920. The wartime documents include information about Jewish property, acquisition of former Jewish belongings, confiscation of radios and bicycles, divorcing of mixed marriages, hiding of Jews, baptizing of Jews, list of Christian priests who baptized Jews, measures for preventing demonstration of November 8, 1941 (commemorating the Revolution of 1917) at the places of mass executions and Jewish cemeteries, Jews from Rezekne prison working at factories in Rezekne, Ortskommandant...

  11. Iekšlietu ģenerāldirekcijas Kārtības policijas departaments

    • Order Police Department of the General Directorate of the Interior
    • Kommandantur der Ordnungspolizei Lettlands

    Registration of Jewish property; providing of apartments to Jews who were working (October 2, 1941); interdiction against Wehrmacht institutions cooperating with Jews; rules for taking Jews from ghetto to work sites, including interdiction against Jews staying overnight at work place and prohibition of automobiles being used to transport Jews to the work. Issuance of identification cards for Jews (September 3, 1943).

  12. Iekšlietu ģenerāldirekcija

    • Directorate General of the Interior
    • Generaldirektion des Innern

    Schema of Directorate General system; minutes of Directorate General board; correspondence with local boards about work organization and economy; personal files of employees; lists and forms of Latvian and Russian war refugees (1941-1944). Biographies of the city elders with data about participation in actions against partisans and “cleaning” actions in 1941.

  13. Rīgas pilsētas policijas iestādes

    • Riga City Police Institutions
    • Polizeibehörden Stadt Riga

    The fonds contains a large amount of information about activities of the Police Institution in the district since 1919. The wartime documents include reports of the chief of the Riga and district police precincts and criminal department about arrests of Jews, evictions from apartments, shooting of Jews in Riga and environs, suicide cases, burning of synagogue, and using of Jewish labour.

  14. Valsts slepenpolicijas pārvalde Gestapo

    • Secret State Police Office (Gestapo)
    • Geheime Staatspolizei - Gestapo Amt

    The fonds contains information collected since 1924, including information about the German secret police; German diplomatic mission reports, including reports on the activities of the Communist Party; Latvian political administration official staff lists; outgoing correspondence from the Baltic states to Germany; snippets from Latvian newspapers and newspapers from other European countries;; information about migrants (Übersiedler) from Baltic states in 1941, including names of agents and persons involved.

  15. Finanšu ģenerāldirekcija

    • Financial Director General
    • Generaldirektion des Finanzwesens

    Jewish property: lists of belongings, mostly of Jews who were deported on June 14, 1941; registration of Jewish property.

  16. Rīgas pilsētas Galvenā un personālā valde

    • Main Board and Staff of City of Riga
    • Haupt- und Personalamt der Stadt Riga

    List of doctors and nurses who were dismissed or who did not appear to work, including Jewish doctors, June-August of 1941; Jewish property, including it acquisition; establishing of ghetto; transfer of Jewish schools and hospitals to the ghetto suburb; stopping of gas supply to the ghetto (1941); closing of ghetto in 1943; establishing of commission to take over the ghetto and renaming of ghetto to Russensiedlung.

  17. Tukuma-Talsu apriņķa policijas iestādes

    • Tukums-Talsi District Police Institutions
    • Polizeibehörden des Kreises Tukums-Talsen

    The fonds contains extensive information about activities of the Police institutions in the district since 1919. The wartime documents include information about the Jewish property and the acquisition and registration of Jewish belongings; confiscation of Jewish books; hiding of Jews; Jews who escaped from Kaltene camp (August 1941) and from the Salaspils pit factory; Jews and Poles who escaped from Częstochowa prison; list of Jews in Talsen; manhunting of Roma; Roma living in Kandava (1942); Russian prisoners of war who escaped from Grobina camp; and a list of prisoners of war.

  18. Tirdzniecības un rūpniecības akciju sabiedrība "Kūdra"

    • Trade and Industry Joint Stock Company "Peat"
    • Torfwerk Kudra

    The fonds contains information about the work of pit factories throughout Latvia. The wartime documents include lists of ghetto inmates with dates of birth working at the Torfwerks throughout Latvia (Aizpute, Garoza, Misa, Sloka-Kemeri, Priedasine, Olaine, Salaspils, Skrunda, Smārde, Kukas, Ploce); rules about treatment of Jews at work; increasing of working capacity by providing of additional food rate; and a list of Jews from Priedaine Torfwerk who were sent back to the Riga ghetto on October 28, 1943.

  19. Daugavpils pilsētas policijas iestādes

    • Daugavpils City Police Institutions
    • Polizeibehörden Stadt Dünaburg

    The fonds contains a large amount of information about activities of the police institutions in the district since 1920. The wartime documents include instructions to the chief of the Jewish camp (ghetto) and information about guarding the ghetto, internal rules, and a report about unnamed police members arresting Jews and taking their belongings in 1941.

  20. Rīgas pilsētas apgabala komisārs

    • Riga City Gebietscommissar
    • Der Gebietskommissar Riga–Stadt

    Structure of the Riga city board and its institutions; evacuation of Russian inhabitants, via Riga, to work sites, including information about their treatment, accommodation, etc.