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Language of Description: English
Country: Germany
  1. Card index of the “general documents” of the collection Incarceration and Persecution

    Card index of the “general documents”: Descriptions, among others, of the general documents of the Concentration Camp Collection. Their structure follows a multi-level classification on the overall topics Concentration Camp, SS-Construction Brigades, SS-Iron Construction Brigades, Extermination Camps, Youth Protection Camps, Police Detention Camps under the command of the security police, Slave-Labor Camps for Jews, Ghettos and a chronological index. The referenced collection contains, among others: correspondence, decrees and orders from the Reich Main Security Administration and the SS Ec...

  2. Landgericht Braunschweig

    Zivilprozesssachen und Strafprozesssachen (1797-1973); Zivil- und Strafprozessregister; Ehescheidungsakten (1934-1945); Gerichtsverwaltungsakten (1935-1945)

  3. Concentration Camp Esterwegen

    The collection includes: Report by the commander’s office of Concentration Camp Esterwegen to the Inspector of the Concentration Camps in Berlin, Prinz-Albrechtstr. 8, and record of the interrogation of the post responsible for the shooting of a prisoner on protective custody who had tried to escape on 8.5.1935, Prisoner registration card created in Concentration Camp Esterwegen for Mr Charles Weise For the history of Concentration Camp Esterwegen 1933-1945 cf.:

  4. Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Landesflüchtlingsverwaltungen

    Organisation und Geschäftsverkehr, Kassensachen, allgemeiner Schriftwechsel (1952-1990, 11), Tagungen der ArgeFlü, Durchführung und Protokolle (1952-1978, 1987-1990, 23), Ausschüsse (1951-1990, 55), Zusammenarbeit mit Behörden und Institutionen von Bund und Ländern (1952-1990, 18), Kulturarbeit, Sprachförderung, Schülerwettbewerb (1952-1990, 11); Verschiedenes (1952-1989, 11).

  5. Häftlingskartei des SS-Wirtschaftsverwaltungs-Hauptamtes

    • SS-Wirtschaftsverwaltungs-Hauptamt prisoner card file
    • WVHA prisoner card file
    • „Hollerith-Kartei“ des SS-Wirtschaftsverwaltungs-Hauptamtes
    • SS-Wirtschaftsverwaltungs-Hauptamt „Hollerith card file“
    • KZ-Gedenkstätte Flossenbürg
    • WVHA-Häftlingskartei
    • English
    • 1944-1945
    • 148.782 record cards (digital representations) and corresponding dataset: ca. 269.000 references to concentration camp prisoner names in other documents (state: Nov 2014).

    The collection consists of 148.782 prisoners' record cards (27.351 of which were compiled for Jews) without names, digitized and matched with victims' databases (International joint project).The cards are produced in 1944 – 1945. More than 123.000 reconstructed names of concentration camp prisoners, based on entries in other documents (ca. 269.000 references). The digital images of these SS-Wirtschaftsverwaltungs-Hauptamt prisoner cards were made in: Federal Archives, Berlin (103.814), Polish Red Cross, Warsaw (44.279), State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau, Oświęcim (563), State Museum Stutthof,...

  6. Collection of Ethnics and History of Medicine

    Initiated by Hans Fleischhacker in 1943, the collection mainly consists of more than 600 hand-, foot-, and finger-prints of mostly Jewish inmates of the Lódź Ghetto (Litzmannstadt Ghetto) in Poland. Strongly influenced by racial biology, it was the antropologists aim to use this collection for attesting the supposed morphological differences between the palms of Jews and non-Jews. It is the only collection of this kind, and testimony to the terrifying abuse of scientific methods under the National Socialists.

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