Archival Descriptions

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Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Holding Institution: Historijski muzej Bosne i Hercegovine
  1. Radnički pokret: zbirka fotografija

    • Worker's movement: photo collection

    Systematic gathering of photos for the Museum collection as primary museum documents began with the foundation of the Museum in 1947. The collection of photographs has been created by systematic gathering: Gifts, purchase, storage, exchange with other institutions and collectors (such as the EU Commission on War Crimes, individuals, associations of veterans of World War II, military organizations and some brigades, participants in the National Struggle for Liberation and their descendants , as well as gifts and exchanges with museum institutions in Zagreb, Belgrade, and Novi Sad. The Museum...

  2. Ustaška nadzorna služba

    • Ustasha Surveillance Service

    The complete structure of the Ustasha Surveillance Service, the most powerful police establishment of the Independent Croatian state (during World War II), can be found in the collection and these materials have been used as basic source material for numerous scientific papers, doctorates, and publications of local and foreign researchers. Contains records of activities of the Ustasha Surveillance Service regional office in Sarajevo, with documentation regarding fight against Partisans and Serbian (Chetniks) resistance, daily and weekly intelligence reports about the political situation in ...