Archival Descriptions

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  1. Jack Dygola collection

  2. Gita Feuerwerger Photographs.

  3. Rysia Edelman collection

  4. Minna Aspler collection

  5. Rabbi Nathan Landman collection

  6. Newspaper

    • The Tribune
  7. Leland Brennan collection

  8. Pnina Blum Photograph collection

  9. Book

    • "Wir vom XIV. Korps"
    • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    • irn14030
    • English
    • 1938
    • overall : 9.620 x 6.810 in. (24.435 x 17.297 cm.) rectangular form constructed of white cardboard cover, red textile spine, and 65 pages; front cover, black and white image of two German soldiers raising red Nazi banner
  10. Frankreichs Schuld

    • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    • irn13990
    • English
    • rectangular form constructed of paper cover and 48 pages; printed on front cover is characterized image of black soldier with folded arms holding gun and flag standing in front of two soldiers and man in top hat, below image in red letters is "Frankreichs Schuld"
  11. Book

    • "Hitler in Der Karikatur Der Welt"
    • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    • irn14032
    • English
    • 1933
    • overall : 9.880 x 7.190 x 0.310 in. (25.095 x 18.263 x 0.787 cm.) (a) book: rectangular form; white cover; 158 pages of printed text and cartoon images of Hitler (b) book jacket (front cover only): rectangular form; printed against orange background is image of Hitler with folded arms looking down upon group of cartoon figures holding ink pens like spears. (c) loose page (portion of book jacket?): rectangular form; printed text in German
  12. Book

    • "Hitler Wie Ihn Keiner Kennt"
    • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    • irn14031
    • English
    • 1934
    • overall : 9.810 x 7.190 x 0.380 in. (24.917 x 18.263 x 0.965 cm.) rectangular form; discolored white paper cover; 96 pages of black and white photogaphic images of Hitler; captions describing images printed at bottom of pages
  13. Leon and Rebeka Landau Ilutovich collection

    Consists of certificates, a visa, identity and other documents, newspapers, newspaper clippings, leaflets, publications, correspondence, photographs, paper money, and scrapbooks relating to the Ilutovich family in Shanghai, China.

  14. Hanoch Gerstel papers

  15. Marion Schultz collection

  16. Das Ziel

  17. Toby Quitslund papers

  18. Dr. Fritz P. Gluckstein collection

    Consists of an official document issued 13 Dec. 1935, by the Chief of Police in Berlin to Georg Gluckstein [donor’s father], stating Georg has been awarded the “Ehrenkreuz fuer Frontkaempfer” (cross of honor for combat veterans); the award was presented to Georg after he was dismissed from his position as a municipal court judge in 1933 because he was Jewish].

  19. Renee Fritz collection