Language of Description: Romanian
  1. Лапушнянская уездная префектура и подчиненные ей претуры и примарии

    • Lapusna district prefecture and its subordinated preturas and primarias

    Corespondența cu Ministerul Afacerilor Interne şi cu prefecturile judeţului privind regimul pașapoartelor și controlul cetăţenilor străini; transferul proprietăților confiscate de la localnici către prefecturi, deschiderea restaurantelor, tavernelor; problema dobîndirii cetățeniei române pentru basarabeni. Concedierea lucrătorilor care nu au promovat examenul la limba română între 1921-1925. Listele caselor de rugăciuni şi membrii sectelor din judeţ, 1923-1926. Materiale privind acordarea localnicilor judeţului dreptului să iasă din ţară; examinarea funcționarilor din judeţ cu scopul de rom...

  2. Tighina district prefecture and its subordinated preturas and city halls

    • Тигинская уездная префектура и подчиненные ей претуры и примарии

    Documents that enable Jewish citizens of county Tighina to leave the country between 1920-1923. Lists and status of members of the consumer society in 1921. The status of the philanthropic Jewish organization from Căușeni, "Damen ferain". Lists of manufacturers specialists who could provide the needs of the population in case of war. Materials related to the election of Members of the Commerce and Industry Chamber in Tighina in 1938. Information on the county inhabitants' affiliation to different religions and religious sects between 1938-1939. Correspondence with religious institutions in ...

  3. Council of Ministers. Cabinet Antonescu. Mihai Seleanu and Iosif Lazarovici, Ukrainians from Cernăuti are interned in the camp Tg. Jiu. Communist agitation at the refinery Unirea. The legation of Sweden is under permanent supervision. List of internees in various cities. Anti-Semitic manifestations in Dorohoi. Interdiction to send money to Jews in Bessarabia and Bucovina is circumvent by various means. Jews interned in various camps. Situation in the camp Călăraşi. Jews to be used at railroad work: specification of places and number of Jews for each. Requests to all the Prefectures for mobilizing for forced labor Jews ages 20-50. List of number and destination of the Jews sent to forced labor. Jews to wear a distinctive sign. Jews to organize a loan of 15 billion lei for the State of Romania. Some thirty thousand Jews from the Northern Bessarabia and from Bucovina were transferred over the Dniester and then returned back to the Western bank and other 12 thousand were transferred back to Bessarabia by the Germans. (August 1941).Jews in Iaşi are evacuated from their homes and settled in predetermined zones of the city. The rabbis and presidents of the Jewish communities will be released from camps in order to make propaganda for the state loan. Jewish intermediaries operate to except Jews from the forced labor contra cost. Reports from various detention and labor camps. Copies of books and drawings. Information on Jews in various from other countries. actories. A number of Jews did apply for citizenship. Communiqué from the Federation of Jewish Communities for the State loan. Legionnaires who participated in the Rebeliune hold presently important governmental positions in the district Suceava and are active in economic sabotage. Intervention of Jewish leaders in behalf of their brethren who were deported from Bucovina and Bessarabia. The Jews in the work brigades might spread communist propaganda amid the population they come in contact. The petitions addressed by Dr. Filderman and the reply received from Antonescu. A special commission for the study of the Jewish problem was created at the German embassy. Document showing the situation of the Jews registered for forced labor for the entire country, showing the number, status and qualification.Registration of Jewish women between the ages 18 - 50 for social work. Chapter “JEWS” by the governor of Transnistria sent to Antonescu. November 1941. The Gendarmerie Inspectorate proposes the transfer of the Jews from Moghilev and surroundings to the East; these Jews are dangerous. Reports on numeric distribution of Jews in Transnistria. December 1941. Situation of the Jews in Ardeal. The “Struma” story. Biographies of some Jewish political and literary personalities. Copy of the Ordonanta Nr. 23 “The regime of the Jews in Transnistria”, Information and rumors from the Jewish communities. 1941.

  4. Сорокская уездная префектура и подчиненные ей претуры и примарии

    • Soroca district prefecture and its subordinated preturas and primarias

    Corespondența cu Directoratul Afacerilor Interne din Basarabia în ceea ce privește separarea administrativă a județului Soroca. Informații privind numărul populației din satele județului Soroca. Reclamațiile sătenilor din Ataca că au fost bătuți de jandarmi. Instrucțiunea Ministerului Afacerilor Interne din România în ceea ce privește lupta cu speculanţii. Lista avocaților din Basarabia. Corespondența cu preturele și primăriile județului în ceea ce privește activitatea caselor de rugăciuni, biserici, sinagogi și problemele cultelor religioase. Listele vizitatorilor sinagogilor din Soroca. D...

  5. Претуры и примарии Хотинского уезда

    • Pretura and primarias of Hotin district

    Listele proprietarilor întreprinderilor comerciale, industriale și agricole; membrii Consiliului comunal. Informații statistice despre gospodării, manufacturi și comercianții; situația economică a satului Briceni Corespondența cu Pretura plasei Bcriceni privind resursele umane și listele funcționarilor instituțiilor din sat. Înregistrările certificatelor eliberate locuitorilor satului Bîrlădeni privind situația proprietățiilor, cetățeniei române și altele probleme. Informații statistice colectate cu scopul de a mobiliza întreprinderile industriale, rezervele produselor alimentare care trebu...

  6. Bălți district prefecture and its subordinated preturas and city halls

    • Бельцкая уездная префектура и подчиненные ей претуры и примарии

    Files on the issue of permit residents for foreign citizens to stay in Bălți. Correspondence with the sub-prefectures on the work of schools and churches. Lists of schools opened in county Bălți, 1920-1921. Lists of residents of villages: Fălești, Limbeni, Logofeni, Albineț, Catranîc, Năvîrneț, Obreja Veche, Obreja Nouă. Certificates that allow Jews to leave the country starting from 1932 until 1940. Files of Prefecture fight against speculation in food insdustry and other essential goods, 1940. The list of residents of county Bălți, where is indicated their residence and profession in 1928...

  7. Jewish community from Soroca

    • Сорокская еврейская община

    Register of synagogues maintained by tailors in Soroca. The list of Jews who received Romanian citizenship. The file of 32 young people from Zgurița, who initiated summer school - Zionist Organization - in Soroca. Minutes of the community council meetings, where they discussed the situation of schools, providing financial expenses for operation of the board, political issues (checking voter lists to ensure that all Jewish citizens are included). Ballot papers for community council records. Correspondence with Soroca prefecture on administrative matters. Correspondence with military institut...

  8. Council of Ministers. Ministry of Justice. Prosecutor’s Office Court of Appeals Galaţi. Activity of the Commission of inquiry of a number of 33 Jews in Galaţi. The inquiry was ordered by the Marshall for the control of the wealth of these people and the way they made it, following a denunciation by a Dr. Bizamcer. A nominal list of the wealth is attached. Various problems with the forced labor of the Jews: bribing of commanders for release from duty; Jewish specialists sent to work in the liberated territories; Jewish architects working at the Council of patronage. Jewish technicians and draftsmen are sent to work at a study of military nature. A Jew, Marcel Mitrani, is falsely accused of clandestine traffic of foreign currency, following a calumnious notice in the Anti-Semitic paper “Porunca Vremii”. A similar fact from the same source relates to a Jew who is a business partner with General Dabija, the president of the association “Regina Maria” whose purpose is helping disaster victims. Study of doubling the Jewish personnel in militarized enterprises. Nominal list of doubling the Jewish personnel in militarized institutions.The Marshall requests the justification for the spending of the 820 million lei collected from the Jews. Antonescu ordered the repatriation from Transnistria of the Jews from Dorohoi that were deported together with the Jews from Southern Bucovina and are State pensioners or fought in WWI in the Romanian army. The brothers Auschnitt keep a number of Jews in the Tita-Nădrag- Calan steel mills. Information sent to Antonescu. As an exception, a number of Jewish medical doctors are allowed to treat Christian patients. Request of transit for 1500 Hungarian Jews to travel to the harbor Orşova. Proposals for the localities in which the Jews repatriated from Transnistria should be settled.1943.

  9. Жандармский легион, секций и посты Сорокского уезда

    • Zhandarmskij legion, sectsij i posty Sorokskogo uezda

    Materiale despre starea morală şi politică a locuitorilor judeţului Soroca, materiale despre urmărire penală a mişcărilor comuniste de pe teritoriul satului Ataca. Circularele Legiunii Soroca din 1939-1940. Ordine despre luarea măsurilor necesare pentru prevenirea propagandiei antiromâneşti, listele persoanelor ce aparţineau diferitelor organizaţii şi partide, listele evreilor care se aflau sub supravegherea jandarmeriei în 1937-1938, listele evreilor care au trecut ilegal graniţa României în 1927. Dosare personale ale evreilor ce li se încriminau furturi (Roitburta Şmili) şi omoruri. Rapor...

  10. Ministerial Council. Departmental relations. Situation of the Jews in Romania. The problem of bringing back the deported Jews from Transnistria. Acute need for all kind of craftspeople. The Centrala Evreilor requests that the Jews from Dorohoi home from deportation, be allowed to settle also in other places of their convenience. Return of some 4,000 orphans from Transnistria. List of cities where these orphans will be settled. A letter by the Swiss representative of the International Red Cross mentions the districts with the number of orphans to be taken out from Transnistria. Reorganization of the evidence and the status of Jewish craftsmen and professionals. Jewish men and women between the ages 15 to 55 must participate in voluntary labor of military interest and in hospitals. Allocation of alimentary products and other items like medications, used clothing , house wares, coal, lumber and other industrial products to the Jews in Transnistria. Interventions by Messrs Filderman, Lupu, Maniu etc in favor of the Jews from Cernăuti. Documents and reports related to the return of the deported Jews from Transnistria. Correspondence related to the slaying of Dan Lazarovici by the Siguranţa. The activity of the Jews at the Institute of Statistics. At the intervention of the Jewish Community in Timisoara, a number of 7,000 Jews from Hungary and Ardeal, in the German work camp at the coal mines in Bor, Jugoslavia are allowed to cross the border into Romania. They were at risk to be murdered by the Germans. On October 6, 1944 the General Jewish Council requests to abrogate the forced labor and to reintegrate the Jews into the army. 1944.

  11. Бессарабский областной инспекториат полиции. Комратский Комиссариат Полиции

    • Bessarabskii oblastnoi inspektoriat politsii. Komratskij Komissariat Politsii

    Corespondenţa cu Poliţia Tighina despre problema evreiască și cu Inspectoratului Regional de Poliţie Basarabia despre persoanele suspectate că acționează în favoarea URSS-ului. Urmărirea persoanelor din Tighina învinuite de acţiuni ilegale, verificarea persoanelor care au rămas în Basarabia ocupată de URSS, materiale despre evreii care urmau să fie internaţi în lagăre. Copia Ordinului Inspectoratului Regional de Poliție Basarabia de contracarare a mişcărilor religioase, despre problema evreiească, cu privire la anularea documentelor de trecere pe calea ferată, despre problemele administrati...

  12. Inspectorate General of Gendarmerie. Informative Note from 7 April 1942. In two villages of district Berezovka 15 German Policemen have taken by force 850 Jews and shot them dead. Also more 30 Jews were killed. The corpses were drenched with petroleum and incinerated, not before their clothes were distributed to the local German population. Informative Note from 1 April 1942. On March 10, 1942- 850 Jews, on March 20, 1942- 1742 Jews and in March 22, 1942-a total of 550 Jews from the same district were killed, burned to ashes and their clothes given to the Volksdeutsche, as the local Germans called themselves.Informative Bulletin 23 April,1942.Informative notes (Handwritten) Pretorial Service Odessa. Informational Bulletin. Informative Bulletin April 42; Inspectorate Gendarmes Cernăuţi. Informative note February 1942. The case of Jenny Schapira. Informative Notes regarding money dealings of Jews in Moghilev. Payment for the transport of deportees from Moghilev to the countryside.The case of Larionescu Ion from Rădăuţi – money transfer to Transnistria. Informative report for districts Ananiev,Tiraspol February 1942.The case of Lt. Colonel Coliban for organizing a courier service between Bucovina and the Jewish camps in Transnistria. Many of the people involved are from Câmpulung and from Vatra-Dornei. Nominal list of the money transferred by Lt. Col. Coliban. Letters from and to Moghilev by the people involved. Informative Bulletin for Transnistria March/April 1942. Analysis of the Ukrainian, German and Romanian population. Hundreds of Jews were executed by the German police. The catacombs from Odessa. The Jewish problem.1942.

  13. Financial administration of Lăpușna district

    • Лапушнянская уездная финансовая администрация

    Materials on taxation of Jews who had opened a small business in Chișinău (alcohol factories, restaurants, private medical offices, shops, farm animals). Lists of owners of commercial and industrial enterprises in the county Lăpuşna. Information about social support offered to orphans. Lists of homeowners in Chișinău, 1927. Certificates for the right to sell alcohol in different counties of Bessarabia. Lists of alcohol factory owners in Bessarabia. Materials on activity of credit cooperatives of traders and producers in Chișinău. Certificates on private corporate's income of Chișinău reside...

  14. Chișinău City Hall

    • Кишиневская городская примария

    The list: of voters from Chișinău; Chișinău residents who received Romanian citizenship in 1927; shops in Chișinău that sold kerosene in 1920-1921, indicating the sold quantity; public kiosks and boutiques rent by traders, and households and streets of Chișinău. Materials on the work of the Municipal Council for 1935-1937. Files on the investigation of Jewish traders accused of speculation. Materials on inventory and evaluation of real estate in hospitals, charitable institutions, curative and others from the Ministry of health and social care. Plans of buildings. Materials on inventory and...

  15. Rezina Police Station

    • Резинский Комиссариат Полиции

    Notes of the guards about the Jews who were deported to the Soviet Union and those suspected of communist activity. Personal files of accused Jews of loyalty to the Soviet state who stayed in Bessarabia during the Soviet occupation. Bessarabian Regional Police Inspectorate orders about surveillance of foreigners, lists of people with foreign citizenship in Rezina. Copies of orders of Bessarabian Regional Police Inspectorate about the decisions taken to solve the Jewish problem. Informative report about moral and political attitudes of the population in the county Rezina. Correspondence with...

  16. Жандармская секция и посты Бельцкого уезда

    • Zhandarmskaya sektsiya i posty Bel'tskogo uezda

    Materiale despre percheziţiile domiciliare la evreii suspectaţi de activitate comunistă, martie 1940. Rapoartele percheziţiei domiciliare la Libman Lei, Roizman Bercu. Dosarele personale ale locuitorilor mestechikei Făleşti, Aciana Ivana, Moliver Moişa, Pincevscovo Israel - învinuiţi de abuz de încredere; Gheliman Ioilia, Golovenciuc Moisei, Zisa Semion, Noe Muduc Ivan, Radinscovo Şmilia, Şinder Azril şi Srulia că a cauzat altor persoane leziuni corporale; Kauta Constantin învinuit că a ofensat un reprezentant al puterii; Cherţaman Moişa acuzat de fraude şi că a falsificat documentele de se...

  17. Лапушинская уездная палата торговли и промышленности

    • Lapusna District Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    Dosarele personale ale membrilor Camerii de Comerț și Industrie din Lăpușna. Listele comercianților și proprietarilor de întreprinderi comerciale și industriale din Basarabia, 1923-1927. Listele proprietarilor carierelor de piatră și cărămidă și fabrici de sticlă, 1925. Solicitările comercianților pentru a primi împrumuturi mici. Listele firmelor private evreiești, înregistrate la Camera de Comerț. Copii ale certificatelor emise de către proprietarii de întreprinderi comerciale și industriale, care confirmă înregistrarea acestora la Camera de Comerț. Recensămîntul proprietarilor de întrepri...

  18. Бессарабский областной инспекториат полиции. Фалештский Комиссариат Полиции

    • Bessarabskii oblastnoi inspektoriat politsii. Faleshtskii Komissariat Politsii

    Materiale despre persoanele suspectate în acţiuni comuniste şi neloiale statului român, informaţii despre activitatea sectelor religioase din oraşul Făleşti, persoanele suspectate în mişcări legionare, persoanele rămase în Basarabia în timpul ocupaţiei sovietice, organizaţiile ilegale ce activau pe teritoriul Făleștelui. Lupta organelor de forţă cu mişcările ilegale, listele persoanelor din Făleşti reţinute după organizarea incursiunelor. Corespondenţa cu Poliţia oraşului Bălţi despre impunerea evreilor la munci forţate, problema evreiească, informaţii despre eliberarea permiselor de trecer...

  19. Inspectorate General of Gendarmerie Chişinău. Information on communist activity in the villages in Bessarabia. Geographical and statistical information on the Delta Dunării. Information on suspected persons for communist and pro-Ukrainian activity. Agitation at the German Volksrat. Barbaric behavior of the gendarmes against the legionnaires in district Cernăuţi. Activity of the Christian-National party. Inspectorate General of Gendarmerie Chişinău. The Bulgarian irredentist movement. Information on members of this movement. Also on a social democratic movement with communist tendencies and on religious sects. Letter of prof. Constantinescu-Iaşi to the Minister of the Interior. Activity of the association “Frauenverein”. Stories related to a Soviet train that enters daily the railroad station Tighina. Also a Romanian train goes daily to Tiraspol. Money collected by various social, religious or political groups. Jews receiving money from America to buy land from the peasants and for the Zionist movement. Unrest and fights between democratic and nationalist students at the School for Agronomy in Chişinău. Trial of members of the anti-fascist movement. Legionnaires found with secret codes which they refuse to unveil. Corruption among the clergy of various creeds. Details on the legionnaire movement. The botched assassination of Codreanu by his own legionnaires. Graphic of the organization of the legionnaire party. 1935-1936

  20. Бессарабский областной инспекториат полиции. Леовский Комиссариат Полиции

    • Bessarabskii oblastnoi inspektoriat politsii. Leovskii Komissariat Politsii

    Recensămîntul tinerilor şi listele evreilor care trebuiesc înrolaţi în armată în 1941. Listele persoanelor cărora le-au fost confiscate animalele şi căruţele în 1944, listele evreilor care erau daţi în căutarepentru a fi arestaţi. Jurnalele de înregistrare a persoanelor suspecte şi a celor urmărite de poliţie, materiale despre atitudinea şi activităţile populaţiei din Leova. Copiile Ordinelor Inspectoratului Regional de Poliție Basarabia despre măsurile de luptă împotriva elementelor suspecte, dezertorilor şi a celor evadaţi din lagăre, despre verificarea activităţilor elementelor suspecte,...