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  1. Вінницька обласна комісія сприяння роботі Надзвичайної державній комісїї по встановленню і розслідуванню злочинів німецько-фашистських загарбників

    • Vinnytsa regional Commission for assisting to the work of the Extraordinary State Commission on Investigation of the German-Fascist Crimes

    Inventory 1 contains resolutions of the SNK of the USSR, of the Ukrainian SSR, and instructions on the activities of the Commission (hereafter ChGK). It also includes decisions and instructions from local authorities; instructional materials by ChGK USSR and that of the USSR; summaries of records, registers, acts, lists of crimes and damage caused by the German-Romanian occupants and their accomplices to citizens, organizations, enterprises, and collective farms; reports, notes on the work of regional, district, city committees of the ChGK sent to the republican ChGK and Moscow’s ChGK. Inve...

  2. Дніпропетровська обласна комісія обліку збитків, заподіяних німецько-фашистськими загарбниками та їх співучасниками, м. Дніпропетровськ

    • Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Commission for Registration of Damage Caused by German-Fascist Invaders and Their Accomplices, city of Dnipropetrovsk
    • Dnipropetrovska oblasna komisiia obliku zbytkiv, zapodiianykh nimetsko-fashistskymy zagarbnykamy ta ikh spivuchasnykamy, m. Dnipropetrovsk

    Despite the Commission was focused primarily on collecting information on the material damage caused by the German occupiers, some part of collection are files containing materials about atrocities towards the civilian population of the region, including the Holocaust-related data. Inventory 1 (Opys 1) File 1. Directives, lists of personnel in charge in regional organizations, correspondence between regional commission and Extraordinary State Commission regarding sending commission statements and statements by individuals, who were evacuated from Dnipropetrovsk, to compensate the material d...

  3. Дніпропетровська Українська допоміжна управа, м. Дніпропетровськ.

    • Dnipropetrovsk Ukrainian Auxiliary board, city of Dnipropetrovsk
    • Dnipropetrovska Ukrainska dopomizhna uprava, m. Dnipropetrovsk

    As an occupation authority body, Dnipropetrovsk City Board was involved into the Nazi population policy and the Holocaust. Below are selected files which contain occupation and Holocaust-related information. File 1. Orders by city board about its structure, introduction of rationing system, forbiddance to population to sell and exchange foods, license issuing. 60 pages. File 2. Orders and decrees by the German military commandant to population about punishment for signaling to Red Army, about forcible mobilization of population to compulsory public works. Plan for creation of industrial coo...

  4. Секретаріат ГПУ–КГБ УРСР

    • Секретариат ГПУ-КГБ УССР
    • UkrSSR GPU-KGB Secretariat

    The documents were mainly generated within four periods: 1930-1941; 1941-1945; 1945-1954; 1964-1991 The documents of the period of the Second World War (1941-1945) contain: • resolutions and orders of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR; • directives and instructions by NKVD of the USSR on work issues; • directives and instructions by NKVD of the Ukrainian SSR on work issues; • correspondence by NKVD of the UkrSSR with organizations, authorities and administration of the UkrSSR on the activities of the state security agencies; • special reports sent by NKVD of the Ukrainian SSR a...

  5. Могилів-Подільська міська управа

    • Mohyliv-Podilska miska uprava
    • Mohyliv-Podilskyi city administration

    Information on salaries to workers of workshops, studios and other enterprises owned by individuals of Jewish nationality [inventory 1, file 485]. Documents on the organizational and economic activities of Jewish communities in the ghetto: permission for shoemaking, tailoring and pottery workshops, opening barbershops, sofas, bakeries, buffets and grocery stores, production of sausage wares, fur trade, small-scale trade [inventory 1, files 150-158, 167, 169-171, 173-177, 417]. Orders and decrees by Mohyliv-Podilsky city administration, documents on the provision of the Jews with housing, co...

  6. Колекція друкованих видань КГБ УРСР

    • Collection of printed publications of KGB of UkrSSR

    The following cases contain information about the history of the Jews, the occupation regime and the Holocaust: File 252. Collection of reference materials on the German intelligence agencies acting against the USSR during the Second World War. 1952 Vol. 1-2-3-4-1. File 306. List of Romanians who committed crimes against the USSR during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. 1945 Vol. 1-7. File 319. List of persons working in Romanian police and intelligence agencies. 1942. Tom 1-5. File 322. List of employees of the German gendarmerie and the police and persons who were persecuted by these ...

  7. Шпиківська районна управа (періоду німецько-фашистської окупації)

    • Shpykivska raionna uprava
    • Shpykiv district administration

    Some cases contain information about anti-Jewish actions: Inventory 3, file 1, p. 332. Orders of Prefect concerning the resettlement of the Jews into ghettos of Tulchyn, Bratslav, Shpykiv, Ladyzhin. Inventory 3, file 1, pp. 104-108, 447-461, 466-494. Information about the prisoners of ghettos located on the territory of Tulchyn district - lists of inhabitants of Shpykiv and Pechersk ghettos. Inventory 3, file 25, pp. 779-780. The correspondence of the Prefect of Tulchin district with the praetor of Shpikov in 1943, contains information on the life of Jews in the county (the creation of Jewi...

  8. Archive and manuscripts collection of the Cabinet of Jewish culture at the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR

    • Архів та зібрання рукописів Кабінету єврейської культури Академії Наук УРСР

    Available are: collection of manuscripts; documents and materials of the folklore department: a collection of Jewish folk songs, stories, proverbs and sayings, aphorisms, jokes; Soviet Jewish antireligious folklore; clippings from periodicals with publications about Jewish folk art, and archives; protocols of work meetings; lists of Cabinet staff; materials on the work of the Department for collecting materials about the Great Patriotic War (1947); materials for the collection "Jewish folk art of the days of the Great Patriotic War" (1948-1949); testimonies of Jewish population under German...

  9. Архівне управління Полтавського окружного виконавчого комітету рад робітничих, селянських та червоноармійських депутатів

    • Collection of Archival Directorate of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs in Poltava oblast (region)
    • Arkhivne upravlinnia Poltavskoho okruzhnoho vykonavchoho komitetu rad robitnychykh, selianskykh ta chervonoarmiiskykh deputativ

    Opys 20 (Inventory 20). Reference lists about members of political parties, White Guard members, gendarmes, Red Army deserters, and persons employed in the authorities during the German-Fascist occupation. Selected files related to the Nazi occupation period: File 1 – Clergy who served German occupiers in the churches of Poltava region, 8 pages. File 4a – Germans who lived in the region during the occupation of 1941-43, 17 pages. File 5 – Staff of gendarmerie during the German occupation, 10 pages. File 6 – Employees of district (raion) and agricultural commandant's offices, 38 pages. File ...

  10. Колекція кінофотодокументів КГБ УРСР

    • Collection of film- and photodocuments of KGB UkrSSR

    Microfilmed documents of the Reich Ministry for the Eastern Occupied Territories and its head A. Rosenberg: • documents on the activities of the German occupation administration in Ukraine; • reports on the actions of partisan detachments and groups and underground in Ukraine; • documents on the activities of the German occupation administration in Belorussia and the Baltic States; • Reports on socio-political and economic situation in the occupied territories of the USSR; • Reports on the reaction of the population of the occupied territories to events of the German administration, at the ...

  11. Фільтраційні, архівно-слідчі і спостережні справи, трофейні документи, передані з відомчого архіву обласного управління СБУ

    • Filtration files, archival-criminal files and trophy documents transferred from regional SBU archives

    Collection consists of several types of documents. 1. Filtering cases (51531 files). The filtration file is a set of documents about an individual deported from Germany: interrogation protocols, questionnaires, correspondence for obtaining information about the life and activities of the deportee. Among those deported to forced labor in Germany were Jews - teenagers, boys and girls, who with the help of counterfeit documents, under other names saved themselves from the actions of the destruction of the Jewish population and entered the territory of the Reich. 38 filtration cases of Jews wer...

  12. Архівний відділ виконкому Дніпропетровської обласної Ради народних депутатів

    • Archival department of the Executive Committee of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council of People's Delegates
    • Arkhivnyi viddil vykonkomy Dnipropetrovskoi oblasnoi Rady narodnykh deputativ
    • Архивный отдел исполкома Днепропетровского областного Совета народных депутатов

    Files of inventories 1-add., 2 and 3 relate immediately to the World War II in the region and contain information about human losses and material damage during the German occupation, information about the structure of the occupation regime, population policies and the Holocaust. Inventory 1-additional (Opys 1 dodatkovyi). File 91/19. Correspondence with district branches of NKVD concerning compiling lists of establishments, organizations and enterprises which existed during the German-Fascist occupation in the region. 1944-45. 43 pages. File 94/21. Statements about annihilation of the Germa...

  13. Управління боротьби з бандитизмом МВД, Управління 2-Н та 4-те Управління МГБ–КГБ УРСР

    • Directorate on fight against banditism at the Ministry of Internal Affairs

    Materials relevant to history of occupation regime and the Holocaust: File 24. References about employees of the Ukrainian Police in Kharkiv. 1943. 87 pp. File 26. Search for agents of foreign intelligence, traitors of Motherland, occupants’ auxiliaries. 1942. 300 pp. File 27. Investigation of foreign intelligence agents, traitors of the Motherland, occupants’ auxiliaries. 1942. 315 pp. File 28. List No. 2 (Attachment to file No. 9 “Investigation of foreign intelligence agents and their helpers”). 1942. 286 pp. File 29. List No. 1 (Attachment to file No. 9 “Investigation of foreign intellig...

  14. Сільські управи Дніпропетровської області (об'єднаний фонд)

    • Village boards of Dnipropetrovsk region (joint collection)
    • Silski upravy Dnipropetrovskoi oblasti (objednanyi fond)

    Village boards were the lowest level administrative bodies responsible for implementation of the German orders on the ground and facilitation of the occupation policies. Some of the files included in the Inventory 2 of the collection are connected to the German population policies and the Holocaust. Inventory 2 (Opys 2) File 1. Orders of the chef of district board in Apostolovo district, Soldatovo village board. 1941-42. 549 pages. File 4. Orders and decrees of Apostolovo district board about prohibition of Soviet propaganda, giving help to prisoners of war, awarding for arrests of communis...

  15. 3 відділ УДБ НКВС УРСР – 2 управління НКДБ- КДБ УРСР

    • 3 Department of DIrectorate of State Security of NKVD UkrSSR -- 2 Directorate of NKGB-KGB UkrSSR

    The following documentary material is related to the history of Jews and the Holocaust: Materials on the search of the traitors of Motherland, agents of the Nazi intelligence, police and security bodies, as well as other individuals who actively collaborated with Nazi Germany during the Second World War (fond 1, op. 1, pp. 12-28, 108-246, 260-280). Materials on the search of individuals who served in the unit of Einsatzgruppe D detachment created by the occupants - the so-called "SD Caucasian company" and "SS battalion 32", and actively participated in police operations on the territory of ...

  16. Колекція документів Чернігівської обласної комісії з історії Великої Вітчизняної війни 1941-1945

    • Collection of documents of the Chernihiv regional commission on the history of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945
    • Kolektsiia dokumentiv Chernihivskoi oblasnoi komisii z istorii Velykoi Vitchyznianoi viiny 1941-1945

    The Chernihiv regional commission on the history of the Great Patriotic War focused on collecting documents and evidence about various aspects of the German occupation regime; thus, some of the following files potentially relate to the history of the Holocaust: File 14. Chronological reference book about temporary occupation of locations in Chernihiv region by German-Fascist invaders, and liberation by the Soviet Army (page-proof), 118 pages. File 18. Document collection “Atrocities and Crimes of the German-Fascist Invaders in Chernihiv Region and Struggle of Soviet People for Its Liberatio...

  17. Колекція документів по партійному та комсомольському підпіллю, партизанському руху.

    • Collection of documents on the Party and Komsomol underground and partisan movement
    • Kolektsiia dokumentiv po partiinomu ta komsomolskomu pidpilliu, partyzanskomu rukhu

    Some files contain information on German occupation and local administration, population policies and the Holocaust. Some files contain information on German occupation and local administration, population policies, and the Holocaust. Opys 1 (Inventory 1) File 28 - Statement of the Oblast ChGK. List of crimes and those guilty in these crimes, data about persons killed and deported to Germany, and about material damages, 1944-46, 205 pages. File 29 - Lists of district (raion) and town commissions for collecting materials on the Great Patriotic War, 1946, 33 pages. File 30 – List of localitie...

  18. Чернігівська міська управа, м. Чернігів Чернігівської області

    • Chernihiv city board, city of Chernihiv, Chernihiv region
    • Chernihivska miska uprava, m. Chernihiv Chernihivskoi oblasti

    Local administration documentation can contain information connected to the Holocaust in the area. Titles and sizes of the selected files potentially related to the subject: File 1. Printed orders, decrees and announcements of the Ortskommandantur and city board about organizing of district boards, village elders and their tasks, tax payments, and other issues, 33 pages. File 2. Orders within city board about list of staff members, hiring and dismissal of servants. Memo from Baran-Butovych regarding releasing POWs from the camps, dwellers of Chernihiv and nearby villages, 43 pages. File 3. ...

  19. Державний архів Запорізької області

    • State Archive of Zaporizhzhia Oblast
    • Derzhavnyi arkhiv Zaporiz'koi oblasti

    Inventory 2 (Opys 2) of the collection includes several files compiled by the archivists after the World War II, so called "Chronological reference notes about the dates of occupation and liberation of the localities", as well as the other files summarizing the occupation events in the region. File 77а. Chronological reference book on the localities of Zaporozhye region during the temporary German occupation. 1946. 352 pages. File 193. Documentary collection “German-Fascist occupiers in Zaporozhye region”. 150 pages. File 194. Chronological reference book containing dates of occupation and ...

  20. Полтавський обком Компартії України, м. Полтава Полтавської області

    • Poltava Oblast Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, city of Poltava
    • Poltavskii obkom Kompartii Ukrainy, m. Poltava Poltavskoi oblasti

    Opys 2 contains information on 242 files. Selected files containing data on the occupation and local administration, Nazi population politics, population losses, and the Holocaust: File 110 - Activities of the department to execute orders of the Central Committee (of the Communist Party of Ukraine) and of the Council of the People’s Commissars. Budennyi’s address to the population. Notes, memos, reports by the Oblast Party Committee, city committees, and district committees about the railway cars needed for evacuation. File 123 – Information items, memos by the Oblast Party Committee about ...