Language of Description: Lithuanian
  1. Kaunas Major Military Construction Office Number 13

    • Kauno 13-oji didžioji kariuomenės statybos įstaiga
    • Grosse Heeresbaudienststelle 13 Kauen

    Kaunas Major Military Construction Office Number 13 supervised construction of military facilities. Correspondence regarding control of the Jewish workers (based on LCVA).

  2. Palestinos žydų fondams - Pamatinio Palestinos fondo (Karen Hajesod) ir Žydų tautinio fondo (Karen Kajemet Lejisroel) - remti draugija

    • Associciation for Support of Jewish Palestine (Karen Hayesod), Lithuanian Branch, 1920‒1940

    "This collection consists of records and correspondence files with local branches of the Karen Hayesod across Lithuania from 1920 to 1940, concerning the registration of local organizations and fundraising activities for the Jewish settlements in Palestine before World War II. The collection also includes minute meetings; correspondence with Zionist organizations worldwide, local banks, and Lithuanian government authorities; bylaws; donor lists; cashier books; and financial reports" (From: USHMM finding aid).

  3. Dokumentų kopijų kolekcija

    • Collection of Document Copies
    • Lietuvos Centrinis Valstybės Archyvas
    • F. 1742
    • English, Lithuanian
    • 1916-1947
    • 2 subfonds and 47 files. Parts of the documents are handwritten. Some files are microfilmed and some consist of photographs, maps, drawings.

    USHMM: "material on resistance and rescue in Lithuania". Copies of documents concerning the annihilation of Jews in town of Vilnius and region, Nazi propaganda, anti-Nazi movement, position of the Catholic Church during WWII; documentation and correspondence between embassies (interwar period); copies of agreements between USSR and Germany; documentation regarding diplomatic relations; copies (microfilmed) of the monographs and studies by M. Jaloveckis "Lenkijos sodybos. Kaimo sodybų architektūra ir statiniai" ("Dwor Polski. Architekci į budowniczowie siedzib wiejskich") and "Lenkijos Respu...

  4. Zarasų apskrities viršininkas

    • Chief of the county of Zarasai

    "The collections of the heads of the counties contain important documents concerning the Holocaust in the Lithuanian provinces" (Galina Žirikova (2011), Lietuvos centrinio valstybės archyvo fondai : holokausto Lietuvoje tyrimo šaltinis (The Collections of the State Archive of Lithuania: a Source of Research on the Holocaust in Lithuania, Vilnius: Valstybinis Vilniaus Gaono Žydų Muziejus, p. 12. Decrees, reports, circuliars of the head of the district concerning Jews, arrests of Jews; confiscation of the private property of Jews; lists of residents of the district; directives for local ...

  5. Vilniaus žydų muziejaus dokumentų kolekcija

    • The Collection of the Documents of the Vilnius Jewish Museum

    The fonds contains with Vilnius ghetto documents (forced labour for Jews, FPO (ghetto partisants' organization) documentation, register of Jews workers); list of Ukmergė Jews who perished between August-September 1941; plan of Švenčionys ghetto, documents about mass killings in small towns of the Vilnius region; registration cards of Jews, records of the Kovno Jewish ghetto administration and police; documentation about activities of the Vilnius Jewish Museum which was re-established by survivors in autumn 1944. Memoirs of prisoners of the ghettos, photos of people who rescued Jews, photos ...

  6. Antinacistinės rezistencijos spauda. Lietuvos generalinė sritis

    • Collection of Press Items from Anti-Nazi Resistance. Lithuanian General Region

    'Prints by the Union of the Lithuanian Fighters' for Freedom: "Laisvės kovotojas", ,"Laisvas žodis", "Apžvalga", "Frontas"; proclamations, appeals, letters, posters. Prints by the members of the various organization in Lithuania (prints: ,"Į laisvę", "Lietuvių frontas", "Lietuvių fronto biuletenis", "Pogrindžio kuntaplis", "Atžalynas", "Baltija", "Nepriklausoma Lietuva", "Karinės ir politinės žinios", "Lietuvos laisvės trimitas", "Vieninga kova", "Mūsų žemė", "Naujas žygis", "Naujo žygio apžvalga", "Tautos žodis", "Lietuva", "Naujoji Lietuva", "Vardan tiesos". Some of the prints have antise...

  7. Tauragės apskrities viršininkas

    • Der Kreischef in Tauroggen
    • Chief of Tauragė County

    "The collections of the heads of the counties contain important documents concerning the Holocaust in the Lithuanian provinces" (Galina Žirikova, Lietuvos centrinio valstybės archyvo fondai: holokausto Lietuvoje tyrimo šaltinis (The Collections of the State Archive of Lithuania: a Source of Research on the Holocaust in Lithuania), Vilnius: Valstybinis Vilniaus Gaono Žydų Muziejus, p. 12. The fonds contains the documents on the confiscation of the Jewish property, also there are lists of the war prisoners, correspondence on food supplying, documentation about taking local people for the...

  8. 11-as rezervinės policijos batalionas

    • Reserve-Polizei - Batallion 11

    Correspondence with the chief officer of the Battalion (previously the Kaunas Military Commandant) about activities and soldiers; the loose lists of the register of the residents (including names of soldiers) was compiled on 27 May 1942.

  9. Vilniaus sunkiųjų darbų kalėjimas (Vilniaus Lukiškių kalėjimas)

    • Das Lukischki-Gefängnis in Wilna
    • The Hard-Labour Prison in Vilnius (Lukiškės Prison) of the Lithuanian Ministry of Justice

    This collection contains "documents concerning the handing over of the Jewish inmates to the Special Squad that exterminated Jews in Paneriai" (Galina Žirikova, Lietuvos centrinio valstybės archyvo fondai: holokausto Lietuvoje tyrimo šaltinis (The Collections of the State Archive of Lithuania: a Source of Research on the Holocaust in Lithuania), Vilnius: Valstybinis Vilniaus Gaono Žydų Muziejus, p. 12. Subfonds 1 and 3-5 include: alphabetical personal files of the prisoners; lists of arrested people (most of whom were Jews); list of arrested Jews who were handed over to the SS; labour ...

  10. Kauno miesto žydų tikybinės bendruomenės taryba

    • Council of the Jewish Religious Community of Kaunas

    This collection consists of records of the Council of the Kaunas Jewish community in Lithuania. It reflects different aspects of the activities of the Jewish community of Kaunas during the interwar period and the beginning of the Second World War. Items include correspondence between the Jewish communities of the district; metrics and registration books of the Jewish communities of Gargždai, Ylakiai, Jurbarkas, Kėdainiai, Kybartai, Krekenava, and Plungė; documentation concerning education, social welfare, charity, financial activities, protocols of meetings of the community members, documen...

  11. Iš Vokietijos gautų dokumentų kolekcija

    • Captured German Records Returned by the USSR to Lithuania in 1953

    Includes: Polizeipraesident zu Berlin, Polizeidirektion Tilsit, SS Totenkofp Sturmbahn Konzentrationslager Lublin, SS und Polizei fuehrer Ausbildungslager Travniki, RSHA Gestapo Berlin, Heeresgruppenkommando I, Gestapo Stapostelle Zichenau, etc. USHMM: "Information collected by the German security services regarding the local population, the Red Army, Communists, anti-German movements in the Baltic, and "deserters" [Lithuanian Central State Archives, Fonds 1173/1, 2, 4, and 7; 2000." Files of: prisoners of war, prisoners and guards of concentration camps, policemen of the Lithuanian Auxilia...

  12. Darbo birža Kaune

    • Arbeitsamt Kauen
    • Labour Office in Kaunas

    Various documents on forced labour of Jews as well as for locals; lists of artisan, trades and specialists in the town and the district; correspondence concerning labour; statistics; applications/permissions for work. Lists of local citizens brought to Germany for forced labour and their propagandistic correspondence to family members (they were forced to write misleading letters that claimed that their circumstances were fine.)

  13. Atrinkti dokumentai iš Gosudarstvennij Archiv Rossijskoj Federacii (GARF)

    • Selected Documents from the State Archive of the Russian Federation
    • Atrinkti dokumentai iš Valstybinio Rusijos Federacijos archyvo

    Protocols of the witnesses of the mass killings in the Vilnius and Suvalkai area, in the Vilnius ghetto, Paneriai mass killing site. Memoirs of the Jewish survivors (members of the corpses burning brigade in Paneriai) and IX Fort in Kaunas. Protocols, acts, and other documentation compiled by the Extraordinary Soviet Commission (1944). First list of Jews living in Lithuania (compiled on September 1944). Total 1195 persons (data includes names, names of both parents, birth date). Second list of Jewish residents in Lithuania (27 September 1944). Total 468 persons (name, surname, place of birth).

  14. Atrinkti dokumentai iš Tsentr Khroneniya Istoriko-Dokumentalnykh Kolektsyi (TsKIDK)

    • Selected Records from the Tsentr Khroneniya Istoriko-Dokumentalnykh Kolektsyi (TsKIDK)/ Centre for the Preservation of Historical Document Collections

    Walter Stahlecker's second report and Karl Jäger's report on the actions of Einsatzgruppen A and local collaborators in Lithuania (October 1941-February 1942).

  15. Ministry of Domestic Affairs of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic (Vilnius)

    This fonds contains official orders, decrees, proclamations, and announcements from the occupying authorities. Proclamation by the Liberation propaganda headquarters in Lithuania: proclamation urging people to fight the "Jewish constitution" and demeaning Jews. Appeal to fight Soviet rule; appeal to fight the Jews. The Jews accused of deporting Lithuanians. Proclamation of the information bureau of Lithuania in Berlin (part 4 is addressed to Jews: they are advised to "get out of Lithuania to avoid becoming unnecessary victims"). Call to expropriate Jews' property.

  16. Atrinkti duomenys iš Eesti Riigi Archiiv

    • Selected Records from the Eesti Riigi Archiiv
    • Selected Records from the Estonian State Archives

    1943-1944. Register lists of the prisoners (forced labourers; also register of sick prisoners); alphabetical collection of personal cards of Jewish prisoners' (from Vilnius and Kaunas ghettos); the cards of prisoners who tried to escape and were shot. Documentation of the Extraordinary Soviet Commission (microfilms). 1944.

  17. Lietuvos SSR valstybės saugumo komitetas (KGB)

    • Security Committee (KGB) of Lithuania SSR

    Criminal proceedings (protocols of interrogations, information which deals with personal data of the arrested persons, photos, sometimes-small personal belongings (certificates, books, checks, drawings, photos of the members of the family and ect.), protocols of the questioning to witnesses, various decrees and reports (part of them with the sign: Secret). The subfonds includes approx. 1034 criminal files for people who have been suspected or accused of colaboration, for people who partipicated in mass killings of Jews ect.). - Criminal files No. 8890/3, 36137/3, 739/3, 45275/3, 36138/3, 20...

  18. Trakų apskrities viršininko fondas

    • Chief of Trakai County

    The collection of the chief of Trakai (Troki) county contains important documents concerning activities of the Jewish community and Jewish organizations before the Second World War. There are also documents about establishing ghettos in the district, confiscation of Jewish private property, and annihilation of Jews in the province of Lithuania.

  19. LSSR-MGB-KGB centro skyriai (pabiros)

    • Lithuanian SSR-MGB-KGB Central Departments (Loose Files)

    Some files of the subfond are related to the Holocaust (surveillance/criminal proceeding files (interrogation and confrontation protocols, testimonies of witnesses and ect.) for people who colaborated with the Nazi and were involved into annihilation process of local Jews). - files No. 1234, 1251, 1290, 4907-4909, 4911, 4912, 4913 (11 volumes), 4914-4916: related to activities of the Special Squad (Sonderkommando Vilinius SD) which operated in the Paneriai (Ponary) mass killing site.

  20. Lietuvos TSR valstybės saugumo komiteto (KGB) operatyvinės įskaitos bylos

    • Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic Security Committee (KGB) Operative Follow-Up Files

    "SSRS OGPU-GUGB-NKVD-MGB-KGB and Lithuanian SSR NKVD-KGB operative files compiled by reconnaissance department (for the poltiticians, cultural and political leaders, activists of the the Uprising on June, 1941, local partisans, leaders of the antisoviet oragnizations, disidents, refugees from the Soviet Union and criminals" (Based on LYA). There are operative files (which deals with prosecution and surveillance proceedings) related to suspicious persons or to group of persons (for example: leaders of Jewish organizations (in Interwar period and early Soviet occupation period in 1940) and re...