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Language of Description: Ukrainian
  1. Gebietskommissariat of Kamianets-Podilskyi

    • Кам'янець-Подільський гебітскомісаріат
    • Kamianets-Podilskyi gebietskommissariat

    Collection includes document containing information about liquidation of ghettos in various localities of Kamianets-Podilskyi gebiet (file 1).

  2. Shepetivka Gebietskommissariat

    • Шепетівський гебітскомісаріат
    • Shepetivskyi gebietskomisariat

    Collection includes population census (with divisions on age) in various localities of Shepetivka district as of 20 January 1942, particularly Jewish population (inventory 1, file 21, p. 36); information about ghetto in Dunaivtsy (inventory 1, file 62, p. 83); information about taxes imposed on the Jewish ghettos and sums obtained from them in Sudylkiv, Shepetivka, Berezdiv, Slavuta and Hannopil in February-March 1942 (inventory 1, file 184, p. 52); regulations about organization of Jewish workshops in Shepetivka gebiet to serve the local non-Jewish population (inventory 1, file 192, p. 18).

  3. Novoheorhiivsk town administration

    • Міська управа Новогеоргіївського району
    • Miska uprava Novoheorhiivskoho raionu

    Collection includes lists of the Jewish population of the town of Novoheorhiivsk as of 1941.

  4. Kamianets-Podilskyi regional commission to assist Extraordinary State Commission for investigation German-Fascist Crimes

    • Кам'янець-Подільська обласна комісія сприяння Надзвичайній Державній комісії по встановленню злочинів німецько-фашистських загарбників
    • Kamianets-Podilska oblasna komisiia spryiannia Nadzvychainii Derzhavhii komisii

    Collection includes statement of the Commission from May 10, 1941 about murder of the Soviet POWs, Soviet activists and the Jews in Shepetivka town and surrounding locations, as well as exhumation materials (inventory 1, file 2, pp. 316-331); statement of the Commission from May 10, 1941 about murder of the Soviet POWs, Soviet activists and the Jews in Kamianets-Podilskyi city and surrounding locations, as well as exhumation materials (inventory 1, file 2, pp. 341-354); statement of the Commission from June 8, 1941 about murder of the Soviet activists and "innocent civilians" in the town of...

  5. Ukrainian auxiliary police of Volochysk village

    • Українська допоміжна охоронна поліція, с. Волочиськ
    • Ukrainska dopomizhna ohoronna politsiia, s. Volochysk

    Collection includes weekly report of policeman in Kupil village from August 1942 particularly mentioning exploitation of the Jews in the village (file 1, page 54).

  6. Kamianets-Podilskyi city administration

    • Кам'янець-Подільська міська управа
    • Kamianets-Podilska miska uprava

    Collection includes order by the local Ortskommandantur and city administration to the Jewish population from to resettle into the ghetto (inventory 1, file 1, p. 48); order by the same authorities to the Jews to wear "Star of Zion" (inventory 1, file 3, p. 41); prohibition by the same authorities to the Jews to purchase food beyond the ghetto area (inventory 1, file 1, p. 5); prohibition to the non-Jewish population to interact with the Jews and to stay in the ghetto (inventory 1, file 1, p. 77); prohibition to the city administration staff to use the term "citizen" regarding Jewish indivi...

  7. Shepetivka district administration

    • Шепетівська окружна управа
    • Shepetivska okruzhna uprava

    Collection includes order from December 10, 1941 by the head of Shepetivka district administration to the elders of the district villages to submit the lists of the able-bodied population of their villages, particularly lists of the Jewish population of the age from 16 to 60 (file 3, p. 22).

  8. Proskuriv district administration

    • Проскурівська окружна управа
    • Proskurivska okruzhna uprava

    Collection includes population statistics in Proskurov city for September 15, 1941, including Jews (adults and children) (Inventory 1, file 558, p. 1); population statistics in Felshtyn district from October 1, 1941, including the Jews (Inventory 1, file 558, p. 26); population statistics in locations of Volochysk district from October 15, 1941, including the Jews (Inventory 1, file 558, p. 5-8); population statistics in Chornoostrivskyi district from November 1, 1941, including the Jews (Inventory 1, file 558, p. 9); population statistics in Proskuriv district from December 1, 1941, includ...

  9. Gebietskommissariat of Kirovohrad

    • Кіровоградський гебітскомісаріат
    • Kirovohradskyi gebietskomisariat

    Collection includes regulations and orders by the German authorities about labor and payments for the local population, particularly for the Jews; population statistics, including the Jews (file 1); lists of the Jewish population in Velyko-Vyskovskyi district and documents about their persecution (file 18).

  10. Kirovohrad city administration

    • Кіровоградська міська управа
    • Kirovohradska miska uprava

    Collection includes appeal from the city major to the German military authority for permission to use some goods left from the Jews in October 1941 (file 2); orders about confiscation of the Jewish property in the city, as well as labor regulations for the locals, particularly the Jews, in the German establishments (file 4).

  11. Torhovytsia village administration in Pidvysotskyi district

    • Торговицька сільська управа; с. Торговиці Підвисоцького району
    • Torhovytska silska uprava, s. Torhovytsy Pidvysotskoho raionu

    Collection includes lists of the Jewish belongings which were distributed for free among the Germans and local non-Jewish population in the village of Torhovytsi on 22 May 1942 (file 13, p. 6-10); list of the Jews in Torhovytsia (file 13, p. 16); list of the Jews who were imposed with taxes according to the order of the German commandant (file 13, p. 3).

  12. Department of housing at Kirovohrad city administration

    • Житловий відділ Кіровоградської міської управи
    • Zhytlovyi viddil Kirovohradskoi miskoi upravy

    Collection includes numerous appeals from the non-Jewish local citizens to obtain apartments left from the Jews, as well as decisions by the administration to grant the apartments for them (file 4); decision of the Department of housing to form a group from 23 Jewish persons to clean the city streets (file 65).

  13. Kirovohrad Commandant's office of the Ukrainian Order Service

    • Комендатура української служби порядку м. Кіровоград
    • Komendatura ukrainskoi sluzhby poriadku m. Kirovohrad

    Collection includes official instruction about arrests of the Jews (file 6, p. 4).

  14. Novoarhangelsk district administration

    • Новоархангельська районна управа
    • Novoarhangelska raionna uprava

    Collection includes instruction from 29 December 1941 by commissar of Hrushka district regarding registration and marking of the Jewish population, as well as prohibition to the Jews to convert into Christianity and to change their names (file 2, p. 11).

  15. Hmeliove district administration in Hmelivskyi district

    • Хмелівська районна управа; с. Хмельове Хмелівського району
    • Hmelivska raionna uprava; s. Hmeliove Hmelivskoho raionu

    Collection includes information from 22 December, 1941 by the chef of civilian administration at the town of Mala Vyska about execution of several Jewish persons in retaliation for firing an apartment of the Gebietskommissar (file 1, p. 4).

  16. District administration in the village of Lutsykivka

    • Луциківська районна управа
    • Lutsikivska raionna uprava

    Collection includes order by the major of the village of Lutsykivka to compile the lists of the village families with the Jewish families marked with the letter "E" (file 2, page 114).

  17. Magistrate of the town of Romny

    • Роменський магістрат

    Collection includes anti-Jewish orders and antisemitic propaganda materials issued by the occupation authorities and local administration (file 2, pp. 3, 39, 48, 49, 52).

  18. Bilytsia village administration in Iampil district

    • Білицька сільська управа Ямпільського району

    Collection includes list of the Jews of the town of Seredyno-Buda from December 1941 (file 2, p. 3).

  19. Obody village administration in Hotin district

    • Ободівська сільська управа Хотінського району
    • Obodivska silska uprava Hotinskoho raionu

    Collection includes order by the local police to the Jews of Obody village to register within 3-day term (file 2, page 1).

  20. Sobycheve village administration in Shostka district

    • Собичівська сільська управа с. Собичеве Шосткинського району
    • Sobychivska silska uprava, s. Sobycheve

    Collection contains order by village elder of Sobychivo village about registration of the Jewish population and reporting to elder when the Jews appear in the village (file 1, p. 15); order by commandant about isolation of the Jews and prohibiting communication between the Jews and non-Jewish dwellers beyond the curfew (file 1, p. 140).