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  1. Žydų istorijos dokumentai

    • Jewish History Documents

    There are several items (documents, personal artifacts and photos) related to the Jewish history and the Holocaust in the collection of the museum.

  2. Државна комисија за утврђивање злочина окупатора и њихових помагача

    • State Commission for Investigation on Crimes Occupiers and their Accomplices
    • Državna komisija za utvrđivanje zločina okuaptora I njihovih pomagača

    Commission created by Yugoslav Partisan Government during WWII in 1943.for collection all data about Crimes committed by Occupiers and their Accomplices. The fund consists primarily of statements of survivors and their relatives, decisions for War Criminals, partly by original documents or copies of documents. There are comprehensive lists of War Criminals. Part of documentation published by Commission in 93 Saopštenja (Comunique) and in some other publications.

  3. Емигрантска влада Краљевине Југославије

    • Royal Yugoslav Government-in-exile
    • Emigrantska vlada Kraljevine Jugoslavije

    Documents of Yugoslav Government-in-exile during WWII. Original documentsabout activities of dfiferent ministries, among others humanitarian work for Yugoslav POW, refugees, Jews, propaganda regarding War Crimes in Yugoslavia, activities with other Ally governments.

  4. Земаљска комисија за утврђивање злочина окупатора и њихових помагача

    • Provincial Commission for Investigation on Crimes Occupiers and their Accomplices
    • Zemaljska komisija za utvrđivanje zločina okuaptora I njihovih pomagača

    One of provincial Yugoslav War Crimes Commissions was for territory of Serbia. The fund consists primarily of statements of survivors and their relatives, decisions for War Criminals, partly by original documents or copies of documents.

  5. Flygtningedatabasen 1933-1945

    • Refugee Database 1933-1945
    • Rigsarkivet
    • Flygtningedatabasen 1933-1945
    • English
    • 1933-1945
    • files of 8.160 refugees

    Database has files of 8.160 refugees: 1) political and Jewish refugees, some of which stayed for a shorter or a longer period of time in Denmark, 2) refugees who have been rejected at the border, 3) person who sought asylum in vain either from abroad or from family and friends.

  6. Landsarkivet for Sjælland, Lolland-Falster & Bornholm

    • Provincial archives of Sealand, Provincial archives of Sealand, Lolland-Falster & Bornholm
    • Rigsarkivet
    • Landsarkivet for Sjælland, Lolland-Falster & Bornholm
    • English
    • records and files from local and regional authorities and institutions in Sealand, Lolland-Falster, Moen and Bornholm. The collections date back to the 12th century, and today there are more than 140 kilometres of shelving.

    Landsarkivet for Sjælland collected and stored mainly archival material from local government authorities (e.g., police, courts and ecclesiastical authorities), but some collections also passed from the Zealand estates and from private individuals. In the archive database Daisy one can find tables of contents of the files that are found in provincial archives of Zealand's collection. The collection filled 50,000 linear metres in 2008.

  7. Žydų istorijos dokumentai

    • Jewish history documents
    • Švėkšnos muziejus. Šilutės Hugo Šojaus muziejaus padalinys
    • Švėkšnos muziejaus kolekcijos/Collections of the Švėkšna Museum
    • English
    • 1900-1944
    • The holdings are classified as primary (GEK) and academic support collections (PG). Primary collection consists of: Photography (ŠVF) - XIX - XX c. (contains Jewish documents) Writings (ŠVR) - XVI - XX c. (contains Jewish documents) Etnography (ŠVE) - XIX - XX c. (contains Jewish documents) Archeology (ŠVA) Numismatics (ŠVNu) Historical Exhibits (ŠVIE)

    There are 40-50 items (documents, personal artifacts and photos) related to the Jewish history and the Holocaust in the collection of the museum.

  8. San Jose Conferences on the Holocaust Proceedings

    Proceedings of the First Western Regional Conference on the Holocaust, relating to the ancient, medieval, and modern origins of the Holocaust, its meaning for western civilization, and the methodology for teaching about the Holocaust in schools and universities.

  9. Fryderyk Topolski: Wspomienia i ludzie. Kronika wydarzen

    Relates to the Polish communist movement, the deportation of Poles to the Soviet Union in 1939-1941, engineering and industrial activities in Soviet-occupied Poland and the Soviet Union during World War II and in postwar Poland, and antisemitism in postwar Poland.

  10. Die "Reichspogromnacht" in Bremen-Nord

    Relates to Kristallnacht persecution of Jews in Bremen, 1938. Paper entered in the Schulerwettbewerb deutsche Geschichte um den Preis des Bundesprasidenten. Includes material describing the competition.

  11. Lösung der Judenfrage in Galizien

    Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei Reichsfuerhrer SS und Chef der Deutschen Polizei. SS-und Polizeifuehrer im Distrikt Galizien. Relates to Nazi persecution of Jews in Polish Galicia during World War II. This report by the SS and the Polizeifuehrer Galizien sent to his superior in Cracow on June l0, l943 deals with the registration of Jews, the formation of forced labor camps, resettlement in ghettos, control of the typhus epidemic, etc. The report is extensively illustrated, but because it is in photostat, the photographs are badly reproduced.

  12. NSDAP Hauptarchiv

    Selected items from documents assembled in 1947 a the Berlin Document Center and later transferred to the Bundesarchiv at Koblenz (except police records now in the Bavarian Geheimes Staatsarchiv, Munich and materials relating to Himmler and Streicher in the Berlin Document Center). Note: For history of the archive and contents of the reels see Grete Heinz, NSDAP Hauptarchiv: Guide to the Hoover Institution microfilm collection. Stanford, CA: Hoover Institution Press, 1964. Contents: Reels 1-96, 1A-37A and reel B reproduce the Collection NSDAP Hauptarchiv, containing the most valuable docume...

  13. Die jüdische Kultusgemeinde in Prag

    Relates to demographic characteristics, and social, cultural and other organizations, of the Jewish community in Prague and surrounding areas. Includes charts.

  14. International Revisionist Conference Proceedings

    Sound recordings of speeches, relating to revisionist interpretation of various aspects of World War II and of World War II historiography. Conference sponsored by the Institute for Historical Review. Includes speech by David Irving and Robert Faurisson.

  15. International Military Tribunal Proceedings

    Mimeographed testimony and evidence, relating to the trials of alleged German war criminals at Nuremberg. The Hoover Institution Archives has a collection of documents from the Nuremburg Trials, but it is not complete and not indexed. You should consult the published sets of Nuremburg documents. One set, in 42 volumes, contains the proceedings of the trials and documents relating to them (such as evidence, interviews). One set, in 23 volumes contains only the proceedings. Both sets include indexes. Below are the citations to these sets, which use the official name of the entity that conduct...

  16. Holokausta izpetes problemas Latvija (Conference Proceedings)

    Program, conference papers, press coverage, photographs, and sound recordings and videotape of proceedings, relating to the Holocaust in Latvia during World War II.

  17. Holocaust and the media (Harvard University Conference Proceedings)

    Relates to the reaction of the media and the government in the United States to the Jewish holocaust in Europe during World War II. Conference sponsored by the Harvard Divinity School, the Neimann Foundation, WCVB-TV, and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith.

  18. E. E. Gophstein Writings

    Diaries, and historical, biographical and bibliographical writings, relating to the history of the Crimea, especially during the period from the Russian Revolution to the 1950s; the history of publishing in the Crimea during this period; notable persons of the Crimea, especially artists; the Jewish community of Simferopol'; and the German occupation of Simferopol' during World War II. Includes some later correspondence relating to the writings of E. E. Gopshtein.

  19. Michal Glazer Memoranda

    Relates to the international conditions of Jews, especially in Poland, to prospects for creation of a Jewish state, and to the effects of British and American policy on those prospects.

  20. Michael Glaser Papers

    Correspondence and writings, relating mainly to World War II Polish diplomacy, prospects for Jewish emigration from Poland before the war, and postwar displaced person problems.