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Holding Institution: Arhiv Tuzlanskog kantona
  1. Radnički pokret i narodnooslobodilačka borba u sjeveroistočnoj Bosni

    • Worker's Movement and People's Struggle for Liberation in Northeastern Bosnia

    Contains records about regional activities of Communist party, Youth Communist Movement, formation of People' Committees in liberated territories, reports of Ustasha intelligence service (arrests and locations where Jewish are hiding, among other things), reports of the Independent State of Croatia's municipal authorities and military forces, battle reports from eastern Bosnia, information regarding seized property of Serbs and Jews, etc.

  2. Imamat džemata Tuzla

    • Muslim Community of Tuzla

    During the Second World War (and the rule of the Independent State of Croatia) the Muslim community received numerous requests for conversion to Islamic faith by Jewish families from Tuzla and nearby towns. The documentation includes these requests for approval of conversion, minutes and decisions in this regard. Jewish families applied for conversion in order to avoid persecution, arrest and being sent to concentration camps by Ustasha regime of the Independent State of Croatia.

  3. Državna realna gimnazija Tuzla

    • The State Gymnasium Tuzla

    The Gymnasium in Tuzla was formed in 1899 and always had significant number of Jewish students as well as Jewish teachers. It was one of the oldest and prestigious high schools in the country. The fond contains general documentation, personnel dossiers, yearly reports, minutes from exams, grades and class presence of students, dates and places of birth, names of student's parents, profession/job of parents, home addresses, religion and nationality of students, notes on transfers to another school or town, diseases, etc. While it gives details about operation of the school during World War 2...

  4. Okružna uprava narodnih dobara Tuzla

    • The Office for Regional Management of public property Tuzla

    The fond contains dossiers with information about property of all types (mostly movable goods) that was either confiscated from enemies (German nationals and other enemies of the state after World War 2) or restored to their original owners that lost it during Ustasha regime of the Independent State of Croatia (Serbs and Jews in most cases). Each dossier carries a name of individual (or several of them) whose property was confiscated, restored, or was involved in the work of the Office in some way. Often included are documents noting public auctions of goods (clothes, furniture, etc.) that ...

  5. Okružni narodni odbor Tuzla

    • County People's Committee Tuzla

    Records contain details from local (county) administration right after the Second World War and the Holocaust. Contains different types of documentation about formation of special committees for assessing of war damages and losses, seizure of illicit war gains (some obtained at the expense of Jewish community), dossiers, minutes and reports from conferences, etc.

  6. Industrijska škola Tuzla

    • School for Industry and Crafts Tuzla

    The fond contains general documentation about employees of the school, reports, statistical reports about students, orders for different equipment, class books, financial and exam records, etc. The school had significant number of Jewish students and can provide information about them, but it also had important sponsorship and suppliers in local Jewish companies/stores.

  7. Gradsko poglavarstvo Brčko

    • City municipality of Brčko

    Contains projects for different communal buildings (schools, power plant, etc), minutes from meetings of municipal administration, property lists, permits to open shops and taverns, bills, dossiers of employees in the municipality, list of debtors of the town power plant (among them members of Jewish community), service records of employees and forced retirement of Jewish ones (1941), etc.

  8. Fototeka

    • Zbirka fotografija Arhiva TK
    • Photography collection

    Photo collection contains 3557 photographs in total, thematically related to Tuzla and surrounding area (northeastern Bosnia). Relevant photos include those of the synagogue in Tuzla (demolished in 1941, never renewed), Jewish shops in town, etc.

  9. Gradsko poglavarstvo Tuzla

    • City municipality Tuzla

    The collection includes documents relating to the work of the Office for "renewal", which dealt with the confiscated Jewish and Serbian property within the Independent State of Croatia. Property of Jewish families that were sent to concentration camps was seized by the authorities. Documents of the collection can serve as a valuable source for studying of the activities and work of the Government of the city of Tuzla in the stated period, but also the history of this region, because the documents can follow the work and procedures related to the property of Jewish families from Tuzla during...