Archival Descriptions

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Language of Description: English
Country: Israel
Holding Institution: American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
  1. Records of the Geneva office of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, 1945-1954.

    This incredibly rich archival fonds contains several hundreds of files relevant to the immediate post-war relief efforts of the JDC, and its support of Jewish organisations engaged in the reconstruction of the Belgian Jewish communities during the late 1940s - early 1950s. The fonds is divided into four main sections (‘subcollections’): Administration, Organisations, Subject Matter and Countries & Regions. Subcollection 1: Administration contains the following files, whose descriptions explicitly mention Belgium, Brussels, … and other relevant keywords: “Financial Statistical Reports” (...

  2. Istanbul Records of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee 1937-1949.

    There is a file on Belgium (1945)(folder nr. IS.210) in “Subcollection: Countries and Regions”. It contains correspondence, mostly concerning requests for information on relatives, and notifications of families and friends of persons deported from Belgium.