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Holding Institution: Державний архів Дніпропетровської області
  1. Дніпропетровська Українська допоміжна управа, м. Дніпропетровськ.

    • Dnipropetrovsk Ukrainian Auxiliary board, city of Dnipropetrovsk
    • Dnipropetrovska Ukrainska dopomizhna uprava, m. Dnipropetrovsk

    As an occupation authority body, Dnipropetrovsk City Board was involved into the Nazi population policy and the Holocaust. Below are selected files which contain occupation and Holocaust-related information. File 1. Orders by city board about its structure, introduction of rationing system, forbiddance to population to sell and exchange foods, license issuing. 60 pages. File 2. Orders and decrees by the German military commandant to population about punishment for signaling to Red Army, about forcible mobilization of population to compulsory public works. Plan for creation of industrial coo...

  2. Сільські управи Дніпропетровської області (об'єднаний фонд)

    • Village boards of Dnipropetrovsk region (joint collection)
    • Silski upravy Dnipropetrovskoi oblasti (objednanyi fond)

    Village boards were the lowest level administrative bodies responsible for implementation of the German orders on the ground and facilitation of the occupation policies. Some of the files included in the Inventory 2 of the collection are connected to the German population policies and the Holocaust. Inventory 2 (Opys 2) File 1. Orders of the chef of district board in Apostolovo district, Soldatovo village board. 1941-42. 549 pages. File 4. Orders and decrees of Apostolovo district board about prohibition of Soviet propaganda, giving help to prisoners of war, awarding for arrests of communis...

  3. Дніпропетровський штадткомісар, м. Дніпропетровськ

    • Dnepropetrowsk Stadtkommissar
    • Dnipropetrovsk City Commissar
    • Dnipropetrovskyi shtadtkomisar, m. Dnipropetrovsk

    As an occupation German civil administration documentation, the collection contains the following files which are -- or potentially could be -- related to the Holocaust: File 1. Orders, decrees by Reichskommissariat Ukraine, gendarmerie and city board instructions about organization of gendarmerie, registration of anti-Soviet individuals, prohibition to Germans to marry persons of another ethnicity, reporting police and gendarmerie activities, fight against partisans, Jews, arrest of communists in Piatikhatskyi district. Minutes of propaganda staff meeting and gendarmerie officers meeting; ...

  4. Дніпропетровська обласна комісія обліку збитків, заподіяних німецько-фашистськими загарбниками та їх співучасниками, м. Дніпропетровськ

    • Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Commission for Registration of Damage Caused by German-Fascist Invaders and Their Accomplices, city of Dnipropetrovsk
    • Dnipropetrovska oblasna komisiia obliku zbytkiv, zapodiianykh nimetsko-fashistskymy zagarbnykamy ta ikh spivuchasnykamy, m. Dnipropetrovsk

    Despite the Commission was focused primarily on collecting information on the material damage caused by the German occupiers, some part of collection are files containing materials about atrocities towards the civilian population of the region, including the Holocaust-related data. Inventory 1 (Opys 1) File 1. Directives, lists of personnel in charge in regional organizations, correspondence between regional commission and Extraordinary State Commission regarding sending commission statements and statements by individuals, who were evacuated from Dnipropetrovsk, to compensate the material d...

  5. Архівний відділ виконкому Дніпропетровської обласної Ради народних депутатів

    • Archival department of the Executive Committee of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council of People's Delegates
    • Arkhivnyi viddil vykonkomy Dnipropetrovskoi oblasnoi Rady narodnykh deputativ
    • Архивный отдел исполкома Днепропетровского областного Совета народных депутатов

    Files of inventories 1-add., 2 and 3 relate immediately to the World War II in the region and contain information about human losses and material damage during the German occupation, information about the structure of the occupation regime, population policies and the Holocaust. Inventory 1-additional (Opys 1 dodatkovyi). File 91/19. Correspondence with district branches of NKVD concerning compiling lists of establishments, organizations and enterprises which existed during the German-Fascist occupation in the region. 1944-45. 43 pages. File 94/21. Statements about annihilation of the Germa...

  6. Дніпропетровський обласний комітет Комуністичної партії України

    • Dnipropetrovsk Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine
    • Dnipropetrovskyi oblasnyi komitet Komunystychnoi partii Ukrainy
    • Днепропетровский областной комитет Коммунистической партии Украины

    Inventory 4 (Opys 4) contains filed relating to the history of the German occupation regime, population policies and the Holocaust in the region during the World War II. Inventory 4 (Opys 4). File 4. Letters, informations, reports by the Regional Committee to the lower-level party and governmental bodies, city- and district Communist party branches about activities of military registration and enlistment offices, defense construction works and dislocation of military units, creation of destruction battalions, about atrocities committed by the occupiers and their accomplices. 1943. 66 pages....