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Language of Description: English
Holding Institution: Ιστορικό Αρχείο Μακεδονίας
  1. Ελληνικός Ερυθρός Σταυρός

    • Greek Red Cross
    • Ellinikos Erythros Stavros

    Food distribution to the Jewish Community and other Salonikan Jewish institutions (Saul Modiano Residential Home, Allatini Orphanage, Jewish Mental Hospital) in 1942-1943.

  2. Συλλογή Ασσέο Ι. - Χαμπούρη Α.

    • Collection Asseo I. - Chabouri A.
    • Syllogi Asseo I - Chambouri A
  3. Εκθέσεις φορολογικού ελέγχου επιχειρήσεων

    • Reports of tax audit on companies
    • Ektheseis forologikou elegchou epixeiriseon

    During the German occupation (1941-1944) the Greek authorities conducted a tax audit on Jewish companies in Thessaloniki.

  4. Αρχείο Ειδικού Δικαστηρίου Δωσιλόγων

    • Archive of the Special Court of Collaborators
    • Archeio Eidikou Dikastiriou Dosilogon

    The material is indictments, case files, judicial decisions regarding the Collaborators of the Nazis in Greece.

  5. Αρχείο Πρωτοδικείου Θεσσαλονίκης - Κατοχικές Αποφάσεις

    • Archive of the Court of First Instance in Thessaloniki - Decisions for the Period of Occupation
    • Archeio Protodikeiou Thessalonikis - Katohikes Apofaseis

    Proceedings and decisions. During the German occupation (1941-1944) people were forced to sell their property. The Court was asked to re-examine the transactions.

  6. Αρχείο Πρωτοδικείου Θεσσαλονίκης - Ναζιστικές αποφάσεις

    • Archive of the Court of First Instance in Thessaloniki - Decisions for the Nazi era
    • Archeio Protodikeiou Thessalonikis - Nazistikes apofaseis

    Applications, proceedings, decisions according to the Law 4781/1961 "Agreement between Greece and Germany on the compensation of individuals who suffered damages from National-socialism".

  7. Πρακτικά συνεδριάσεων του Δικαστηρίου του εν Θεσσαλονίκη Πρωτοδικείου

    • Proceedings of Minutes of the First Instance Court in Thessaloniki
    • Praktika synedriaseon tou Dikastiriou tou en Thessaloniki Protodikeiou

    Holocaust Survivors claimed property for losses suffered during the Nazi Occupation. The archive contains the Judge rapporteurships and the proceedings.