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Country: Ukraine
  1. Вінницький міський касаційний суд при Вінницькому окружному комісарі

    • Vinnytsa city appeal court at Vinnytsa gebietskommissariat
    • Vinnytskyi miskyi kasatsiynyi sud pry Vinnytskomu okruzhnomy komisari

    Inventory 1, files 18, 24, 28, 43, 45, 90, 91, 102, 139, etc. - uniformed sets of documents, representing criminal and civil cases, produced by cassation courts at the district commissariat. These include, in particular, the complaints of Jews: the alienation of houses, robbery of property, etc. The cases cover the circumstances in which the damage was occurred. The group of civil cases testifies about fining of Jews who did not leave their homes in time and did not move to areas determined by the occupation authorities, or did not contribute their share into the indemnity imposed by the au...

  2. Фільтраційні, архівно-слідчі і спостережні справи, трофейні документи, передані з відомчого архіву обласного управління СБУ

    • Filtration files, archival-criminal files and trophy documents transferred from regional SBU archives

    Collection consists of several types of documents. 1. Filtering cases (51531 files). The filtration file is a set of documents about an individual deported from Germany: interrogation protocols, questionnaires, correspondence for obtaining information about the life and activities of the deportee. Among those deported to forced labor in Germany were Jews - teenagers, boys and girls, who with the help of counterfeit documents, under other names saved themselves from the actions of the destruction of the Jewish population and entered the territory of the Reich. 38 filtration cases of Jews wer...

  3. Колекція кінофотодокументів КГБ УРСР

    • Collection of film- and photodocuments of KGB UkrSSR

    Microfilmed documents of the Reich Ministry for the Eastern Occupied Territories and its head A. Rosenberg: • documents on the activities of the German occupation administration in Ukraine; • reports on the actions of partisan detachments and groups and underground in Ukraine; • documents on the activities of the German occupation administration in Belorussia and the Baltic States; • Reports on socio-political and economic situation in the occupied territories of the USSR; • Reports on the reaction of the population of the occupied territories to events of the German administration, at the ...

  4. Архівна колекція документів з історії краю (Вінницька область)

    • Archival collection on the history of Vinnitsa region

    In some files, there are documents on the persecution and mass destruction of the Jewish population during the German-Romanian occupation, photocopies of documents on the preparations for resettlement of Jews into ghettos, announcements of the German and Romanian occupation authorities on taxes and indemnities imposed on the Jewish population of cities of Vinnytsia, Zhmerynka, Haysyn, Mogiliv-Podilsky, a photo of the exhumation of the killed Jewish population of Khmilnyk [inventory 1, file 141, pp. 1, 12, 19, 32]. Copies of chronological informations on the Nazi occupation of locations of V...

  5. Оперативно-статистична звітність КГБ УРСР

    • Operational and statistic reporting by KGB UkrSSR

    • File 48. Information on intelligent and investigative work for 1941 (appendix-chart). • File 49. Information about secret-service and operational work for 1942. • File 50. Information on operational and investigative work for the first half of 1943. • File 51. Information on operational and investigative work for 1943. • File 53. Information on the results of operational and investigative work for 1944 (reference). • File 57. Information on the results of operative and investigative work for 1945 (reference and review of activities). • File 58. Information on operational and investigative...

  6. Підпільні організації, партизанські загони періоду Великої Вітчизняної війни на Вінниччині (1941–1944 рр.)

    • Underground organizations, partisan units of the period of Great Patriotic War

    The participation of Jews in the anti-Nazi underground was reflected in various categories of documents, starting with the list of Communists left in the rear of the enemy by the party organs, the NKVD organs of the Ukrainian SSR, and the state security organs of the UkrSSR to establish underground activities. According to these documents, out of the 150 people left in the region, 12 were Jews [inventory 1, file 42, pp. 3-21]. The same can be seen also in the list of persons left by the local security authorities in Vinnytsia region in the enemy rear with the tasks of individual sabotage an...

  7. Archive and manuscripts collection of the Cabinet of Jewish culture at the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR

    • Архів та зібрання рукописів Кабінету єврейської культури Академії Наук УРСР

    Available are: collection of manuscripts; documents and materials of the folklore department: a collection of Jewish folk songs, stories, proverbs and sayings, aphorisms, jokes; Soviet Jewish antireligious folklore; clippings from periodicals with publications about Jewish folk art, and archives; protocols of work meetings; lists of Cabinet staff; materials on the work of the Department for collecting materials about the Great Patriotic War (1947); materials for the collection "Jewish folk art of the days of the Great Patriotic War" (1948-1949); testimonies of Jewish population under German...

  8. Колекція друкованих видань КГБ України

    • Collection of printed publications of KGB of Ukraine

    There are, particularly, copies of memos, reports, reviews, orientations, analytical materials and other documents on the operational situation in Ukraine, emergency events, results of search operations, investigations of individual criminal cases; reference books and bibliographic publications; materials about the shooting of Jews during the Second World War. Of particular significance is file No. 98 "Materials on the killings of Citizens of Jewish Nationality by Nazi Occupiers" (1999-2000, 101 pages), which contains an inquiry (signed on January 22, 1999 by the Deputy Head of the SBU V. P...

  9. Колекція друкованих видань КГБ УРСР

    • Collection of printed publications of KGB of UkrSSR

    The following cases contain information about the history of the Jews, the occupation regime and the Holocaust: File 252. Collection of reference materials on the German intelligence agencies acting against the USSR during the Second World War. 1952 Vol. 1-2-3-4-1. File 306. List of Romanians who committed crimes against the USSR during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. 1945 Vol. 1-7. File 319. List of persons working in Romanian police and intelligence agencies. 1942. Tom 1-5. File 322. List of employees of the German gendarmerie and the police and persons who were persecuted by these ...

  10. Управління боротьби з бандитизмом МВД, Управління 2-Н та 4-те Управління МГБ–КГБ УРСР

    • Directorate on fight against banditism at the Ministry of Internal Affairs

    Materials relevant to history of occupation regime and the Holocaust: File 24. References about employees of the Ukrainian Police in Kharkiv. 1943. 87 pp. File 26. Search for agents of foreign intelligence, traitors of Motherland, occupants’ auxiliaries. 1942. 300 pp. File 27. Investigation of foreign intelligence agents, traitors of the Motherland, occupants’ auxiliaries. 1942. 315 pp. File 28. List No. 2 (Attachment to file No. 9 “Investigation of foreign intelligence agents and their helpers”). 1942. 286 pp. File 29. List No. 1 (Attachment to file No. 9 “Investigation of foreign intellig...

  11. Sobycheve village administration in Shostka district

    • Собичівська сільська управа с. Собичеве Шосткинського району
    • Sobychivska silska uprava, s. Sobycheve

    Collection contains order by village elder of Sobychivo village about registration of the Jewish population and reporting to elder when the Jews appear in the village (file 1, p. 15); order by commandant about isolation of the Jews and prohibiting communication between the Jews and non-Jewish dwellers beyond the curfew (file 1, p. 140).

  12. Obody village administration in Hotin district

    • Ободівська сільська управа Хотінського району
    • Obodivska silska uprava Hotinskoho raionu

    Collection includes order by the local police to the Jews of Obody village to register within 3-day term (file 2, page 1).

  13. Bilytsia village administration in Iampil district

    • Білицька сільська управа Ямпільського району

    Collection contains orders by the local auxiliary department at the commandant's office, senior officers of the district on ensuring road safety, census of the population. Lists of Jews, Communists, citizens living on village Khutir-Mikhailovsky, prisoners of war, police officers. Collection includes list of the Jews of the town of Seredyno-Buda from December 1941 (file 2, p. 3).

  14. Magistrate of the town of Romny

    • Роменський магістрат

    The order about the city administration. The orders of the burgomaster about execution of the organizers and participants of the guerrilla movement. Postcard by Archbishop Nikanor, heard of Kyiv diocese. Collection includes anti-Jewish orders and antisemitic propaganda materials issued by the occupation authorities and local administration (file 2, pp. 3, 39, 48, 49, 52).

  15. Секретаріат ГПУ–КГБ УРСР

    • Секретариат ГПУ-КГБ УССР
    • UkrSSR GPU-KGB Secretariat

    The documents were mainly generated within four periods: 1930-1941; 1941-1945; 1945-1954; 1964-1991 The documents of the period of the Second World War (1941-1945) contain: • resolutions and orders of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR; • directives and instructions by NKVD of the USSR on work issues; • directives and instructions by NKVD of the Ukrainian SSR on work issues; • correspondence by NKVD of the UkrSSR with organizations, authorities and administration of the UkrSSR on the activities of the state security agencies; • special reports sent by NKVD of the Ukrainian SSR a...

  16. Слідча частина МГБ і Слідчий відділ КГБ УРСР

    • Investigative section of MGB and Investigative department of KGB UkrSSR

    The following cases contain information about the history of the Jews, the occupation regime and the Holocaust: • Documents on the identification of witnesses for the Nuremberg International Trial against the Nazi war criminals (1945); • documents on the preparation and conduct of an public trial in Kiev over Nazi war criminals (1946); • documents on the activities of the OUN and the UPA in the western regions of Ukraine (informations on the arrested persons, minutes of interrogations, memorandums on the conduct of trials) (1946-1949); • Correspondence of state security bodies with party an...

  17. Чернівецька районна управа (періоду німецько-фашистської окупації), м. Чернівці

    • Chernivtsy district administration
    • Chernivetska raionna uprava

    Orders and correspondence regarding sending Jews to work on road repair and cleaning, to perform public works [inventory 3, file 6].

  18. Тростянецька районна управа (періоду німецько-фашистської окупації), с. Ладижин Тростянецького району

    • Trostianets district administration
    • Trostianetska raionna uprava

    Documents on the organizational and economic activities of Jewish communities in the ghetto: permission for shoemaking, tailoring and pottery workshops, opening of barbershops, sofas, bakeries, buffets and grocery stores, production of sausage wares, fur trade, small-scale trade [inventory 1, files 84, 88, 104, 110, 130-131; inventory 3, files 17, 20, 36]. An order for the isolation of those sick on typhus in the ghetto [inventory 3, file 1, p. 150; inventory 1, file 11, p. 17]. Orders for the establishment of a Jewish ghetto and a special regime for the detention of prisoners, prohibition ...

  19. Станіславчицька районна управа

    • Stanislavchyk district administration

    Order by pretura of Stanislavchyk district prohibiting to purchase goods from the Jews and to exchange things with them (inventory 1, file 1).

  20. Крижопільська районна управа

    • Kryzhopilska raionna uprava
    • Kryzhopil district administration

    The minutes of the meeting of the Kryzhopol district administration contains, in particular, the requirements to wear Jewish marking signs on clothes, to provide the Jews with bread made of flour of second quality [inventory 2, file 5, p. 9], prohibiting Jewish children from attending school [inventory 3, file 15, p. 34], and prohibition to all Jews to walk in the central streets of small towns, and so on. Documents on the organizational and economic activity of Jewish communities in the ghetto: permission for shoe, tailoring and pottery workshops, the opening of barbershops, sofas, bakerie...