Language of Description: English
Country: Croatia
  1. Redarstvena oblast za grad Zagreb

    • Police District of the City of Zagreb
  2. Zbirka matičnih knjiga s područja nadležnosti Državnog arhiva u Zagrebu

    • Collection of registers books from the jurisdiction of the State Archives of the city of Zagreb
    • Državni arhiv u Zagrebu
    • HR-DAZG-870 Zbirka matičnih knjiga s područja nadležnosti Državnog arhiva u Zagrebu
    • English
    • 1677-1949
  3. Kotarski narodno-oslobodilački odbor Split

    • National Liberation Committee of Split
  4. Jugoslavenski zbjeg u Italiji

    • Yugoslav Refugees to Italy
  5. Jugoslavenski zbjeg u Egiptu

    • Yugoslav Refugees to Egypt

    Fleeing the German offensive in late 1943 and early 1944, when Germany occupied Dalmatia, a large number of civilians (over 30,000), fearing reprisals, took refuge on the island of Vis. As Vis already housed the General Staff of the Partisan army and the allied British army, it was not able to accept and feed so many people. Therefore it was decided that the non-combatant population of the island be evacuated as refugees to South Italy, first to Bari and then to Taranto. Refugees mostly consisted of people from the Makarska area (around 6000), as well as from Vodice, the islands of Hvar, Vi...

  6. Gradska komisija za ispitivanje zločina okupatora i njihovih pomagača

    • City Committee for the Investigation of Crimes Committed by the Occupiers and Their Helpers
  7. Ustaša. Hrvatski oslobodilački pokret

    • Ustasha. Croatian Liberation Movement.

    Follows the organization of the Ustasha movement and its institualization: the formation of the main political body, Glavni ustaški stan (GUS; Main Ustasha HQ, which had offices in most major towns in the country); reports on the formatian of camps; lists of suspicious individuals; list of partisan fighters, etc.

  8. Zemaljska komisija za utvrđivanje zločina okupatora i njihovih pomagača Hrvatske

    • The state commission for the establishing of the crimes of the occupying forces and their helpers

    Established in 1944, the institution collected data on crimes, perpetutors and their accomplices, the type of crime, place and manner the crime was conducted. Results of its work the Commission forwarded onto the public prosecutor's office. The punishment was determined by the courts at the end of the judicial process, or after the final judgment. On the lower levels there were county, municipal and city commission. In 1947 its work was replaced by the Investigation Department of the Public Prosecutor's Office of People's Republic of Croatia. The material on Jews (9 boxes) contains details ...

  9. Hrvatski državni sabor (Nezavisne države Hrvatske)

    • The Parliament of the Independent State of Croatia

    Although the majority of the collection deals with the most general level of policy-making, and various parts of the creation of everyday life in the newly proclaimed ISC, some parts of the collection might be interesting to Holocaust scholars (passing of the laws; reports on how laws will be implemented, general religious affairs, school system, etc.).

  10. Sudovi Oružanih snaga NDH

    • Court-martial of the Independent State of Croatia

    The collection consists of the writings of some of the military courts of the ISC/NDH from the period 1941-1945, with data on military-judicial practices of the Independent State Of Croatia (reports on criminal cases, the statements on the proclamation of penalties).

  11. Ustaška nadzorna služba

    • The Ustasha Intelligence Unit

    The collection contains personal files and various financial documents: bills that arrived to (concentration) camps, and which relate to the consumption of goods in the camps, orders for shoes, slippers, wood, food and clothing, lists of dead prisoners, documents relating to the sending of packages to inmates, list of people coming into camps. Preserved are reports from the field and reports on detainees, by day.

  12. Ministarstvo državne riznice

    • The Ministry of State Treasury

    The task of this office was to monitor and manage economic enterprises or assets of persons who left the ISC, Jews especially. The office had a branch in Osijek, Sarajevo and Banja Luka. From the original current records were selected following collections: Ponova (=nationalized property office) - Regional Office Osijek; Ponova - Regional Office Sarajevo; Ponova - Regional Office Banja Luka, immigrant and immigrant camp Caprag-Sisak; immigrant camp Požega; immigrant camp Bjelovar; Ponova office in Brodski Šamac; Ponova office in Koprivnica; Tax Office Srem Karlovci; Tax Office Slavonski Bro...

  13. Hans Helm - policijski izaslanik pri Poslanstvu Trećeg Reicha u Zagrebu

    • Hans Helm - the representative of the Third Reich police administration in Zagreb
    • Hrvatski državni arhiv
    • HR-HDA-1521
    • English
    • 1942-1945
    • 39 boxes (material relating to Jews: two binded books)

    Collection contains records on members of the German intelligence service, the members of the intelligence and police authorities of the ISC and the British intelligence services; a list of members of the various intelligence agencies, and information about them, information about members of the state apparatus of the NDH/ISC/ Ustasha officials, on various nationalist organizations, participants of the'People's Liberation Movement'(anti-fascist fighters); communists and the partisan leaders, Home Guard officers (NDH/ISC) gone into the partisans,"white Guards"in Sušak and Rijeka, Masons, Che...

  14. Zbirka gradiva za povijest Židova

    • Collection of material related to the history of Jews

    The (somewhat modest in size) collection includes (random) documents about few Jewish individuals from Croatia. Part of the material consists of documents related to the work of Jewish societies and unions in Varazdin and Zagreb, and their correspondence with the Union of Jewish Communities in Belgrade, as well as the minutes from meetings of the Alliance of Belgrade. Also, the collecton includes a book'Israelite charity in Varazdin, 1926-1941'with information about donating and donors for engagements, weddings, wedding anniversaries, promotions, etc. A list of books has been preserved - ti...

  15. Javno tužilaštvo Socijalističke Republike Hrvatske

    • The State Attorney office of the Socialist Republic of Croatia

    Public Prosecutor's Office was established in 1945. The Law on the Public Prosecutor's Office was adopted after the promulgation of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1946, and the Public Prosecutor's Office of PRC acted as an organ of public prosecution in the country. Collection holds 9 boxes of the Indictment Ante Pavelic-Andrija Artuković, from 1951 for their extradition. Besides the text of the statutory provisions of the ISC there is evidence, testimony and statements of surviving camp inmates, lists of interned and murdered Jews, etc.

  16. Antifašistička fronta žena Hrvatske

    • The Womens' Antifascist Front of Croatia

    Lists of prisoners from the concentration camp Jasenovac; memories of former prisoners in the camp

  17. Odbor u stvari podavanja Židova za potrebe države

    • Committee regarding the contribution of Jews towards the needs of the state
  18. Zbirka dokumenata Službe državne sigurnosti Republičkoga sekretarijata za unutarnje poslove Socijalističke Republike Hrvatske

    • Collection of documents of the State security agency of the Federal unit for the interior affairs of the Socialist Republic of Croatia

    This collection of materials of different origin is created by the State Security Service, or earlier OZNA (Department for the protection of the people) and UDBA Administration (State Security). Part of the material relates to the original material of the Ustasha police, military and other government and institutions of the ISC, and part is the result of the original documentation. The material is grouped into thematic sections (political parties to II. World War II Ustasha movement between the two world wars, and the NDH Ustasha movement, organization of the NDH government, the judiciary, ...

  19. Ravnateljstvo ustaškog redarstva. Židovski odsjek.

    • Directorate of the Ustasha police. Jewish section.

    Collection includes pleas of Jews not to have to wear the Jewish sign; pleas to have their aryan rights recognized for different reasons; requests for protection; reports on arrests of Jews and deportations; reports from camps. Preserved are also office records from 1941 and 1942.

  20. Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova Nezavisne Državne Hrvatske

    • The Ministry of the Interior of the Independent State of Croatia

    The collection comprises papers from the Cabinet Office and Minister's office: categorized as very secret, secret, general files and documents, subsection of personal and computationally-economic affairs, records of the office assistant minister and the president's office, the files of the general section (IA to ID), the Administrative Department (II-A to II-C) and supervisory departments (NO to NO-III-IV), the administrative department of the General Directorate for Internal Administration (RU, RU BI to B-III), a very secret and secret papers of the Secretariat, Director General of the Gen...