Language of Description: English
  1. Segreteria di Stato

    • Secretariat of State of the Holy See

    The fonds contains documentation produced by the Secretariat of State and its different departments.

  2. Dokumentácia k dejinám židovstva na Slovensku, 20. storočie

    • Documentation on the History of Jewry in Slovakia, 20th Century

    This collection consists of numerous copies of the personal documents and correspondence pertaining the life of the Jewish inhabitants in 20th century, dominantly from 1940s. Second part of the collection contains manuscripts and copies of the memories on the Holocaust.

  3. Policejní ředitelství Praha II

    • Polizeipräsidium Prag II
    • Prague Police Directorate II
    • PŘ II
    • ...
    • Národní archiv
    • 1420
    • English
    • 1914-1953
    • The fonds consists out of 4809,23 linear meters of processed and accessible documents. 4766,23 linear meters are inventoried and accessible documents. 84,34 linear meters are unprocessed and unaccessible.

    The fonds has informations about police, police authorities, criminal police, street police, passports, arms passports, national security, public safety, national security Corps, National Guard security, national security, police affairs, censorship, confiscation of print, personals, population registers and civil defense

  4. Ministry of Social Affairs

    • Kontoret for Offentlig Forsog
    • Office of Public Social Welfare
    • Rigsarkivet
    • 2. Kontor
    • Danish, English
    • 5 parcels

    Handled the relief aid to deported Danes in Germany (emergency food parcels, etc.). The information is found in special records in the Journals Files. The information are found in special records in the Journal Files: - File no. 820: Internees. - File no. 850: Communists. - File no. 880: Jews, political prisoners.

  5. Archives

    The collection includes personal archives, archives of private organisations, of collaborators and collaborationist movements, of resistance fighters and resistance organisations, of official institutions and services that existed only between 1939 and 1946 (based under the terms of an agreement with the General State Archives) and of microfilms and photocopies of foreign archival collections. Some archive collections are already accessible online. The collection allows researchers to explore a variety of subjects, in the first place on the Second World War: the policies of the Occupation a...

  6. Manuscripts

    In more than 2,000 diaries and manuscripts, people and personalities relate their experiences relating to the Exodus, the 18-day military campaign, daily life, deportation and the Liberation.

  7. Ministère des Affaires étrangères

    The record of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contain among other subfonds the following three subfonds which contain information on the persecution and the fate of Jews in Luxembourg: government in exile, the Luxembourg embassy in Washington and World War II.

  8. Record Center.

    Ce fonds comprend des documents émanant de diverses organisations juives de Belgique. On y trouvera également des dossiers relatifs à la bibliographie des professeurs de l’IEJ, comme les listes des publications de ces professeurs. Anna Kempinska a par ailleurs rassemblé de la documentation concernant des associations juives en France, dont les mouvements de jeunesse juifs comme le Bne Akiva, le Dror, l’Hashomer Hatzair, les Éclaireurs Israélites de France et l’Ihud Habonim. Ces dossiers comprennent des pamphlets, des publications des organisations, des affiches, de la correspondance et des ...

  9. Photographic archives

    The photographic archives consist essentially of the collections of the Sipho agency which distributed a large element of the Belgian as well as the international press photographs from 1930 until 1944. In 1946, the Sipho responsibles were brought to trial and its collections were confiscated. In 1970 they were transferred to the Centre. This important collection (some 300,000 photographs) consists of a Belgian and an international section. It has been regularly supplemented with new acquisitions such as the collections of Otto Kropf (relating to daily life in occupied Belgium), of Raphaël ...

  10. Comunità Ebraica di Roma

    • Jewish Community of Rome
    • Comunità Israelitica di Roma

    It contains records created by the administration of the Jewish Community of Rome.

  11. The Jewish Religious Community in Prague under the occupation

    The preserved official agenda makes it possible to become familiar with the administrative breakdown of the community, and also contains circulars and regulations, official memoranda and all manner of summaries and statistics and correspondence with rural communities. The most valuable material is the reports on the activities of the JRC (Judenrat) and Treuhandstelle. Only fragments have been preserved from the activity of most departments, in many cases only individual files. From the years 1945–1947 the organisational circulars of the National Administration dealing with the activity of t...

  12. Terezín/Theresienstadt

    The archive records from the Terezín ghetto (24 November 1941 – 8 May 1945, and from the period after the liberation) are preserved only in fragments. Only a portion of the documents in the collection are connected with the official activities of the Terezín Council of Elders and with the various departments and sections of its self-government. The first group of documents comprise a relatively diverse range of maps, plans and drawings of the ghetto, the surrounding area, the housing blocks and buildings, various sketches of the facilities and equipment, as well as notices. The collection a...

  13. Danish Red Cross

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Dansk Røde Kors
    • Danish, English
    • 1939-1955
    • 42 parcels
  14. Card index of the “general documents” of the collection Incarceration and Persecution

    • ITS
    • DE ITS 0.4
    • German, English, French
    • 1930-1979
    • 640 Folder Type: originals, copies

    Card index of the “general documents”: Descriptions, among others, of the general documents of the Concentration Camp Collection. Their structure follows a multi-level classification on the overall topics Concentration Camp, SS-Construction Brigades, SS-Iron Construction Brigades, Extermination Camps, Youth Protection Camps, Police Detention Camps under the command of the security police, Slave-Labor Camps for Jews, Ghettos and a chronological index. The referenced collection contains, among others: correspondence, decrees and orders from the Reich Main Security Administration and the SS Ec...

  15. Concentration Camp Esterwegen

    • ITS
    • DE ITS 1.1.7
    • German, English
    • 1935
    • 2 folders digitised 7 Originals, Photocopies

    The collection includes: Report by the commander’s office of Concentration Camp Esterwegen to the Inspector of the Concentration Camps in Berlin, Prinz-Albrechtstr. 8, and record of the interrogation of the post responsible for the shooting of a prisoner on protective custody who had tried to escape on 8.5.1935, Prisoner registration card created in Concentration Camp Esterwegen for Mr Charles Weise For the history of Concentration Camp Esterwegen 1933-1945 cf.:

  16. The Danish Brigade in Sweden (DANFORCE), The command

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Den Danske Brigade i Sverige, Kommandoen
    • Danish, English
    • 1943
    • 119 parcels

    Concerns the Danish police force which was established in Sweden from 1943. It consisted mainly of escaped resistance fighters

  17. The Danish Refugee Administration in Sweden

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Den Danske Flygtningeadministration i Sverige
    • Danish, English
    • 782 parcels

    The General Department handled the assistance to refugees who were not in work and not stayed in barracks/ garrison: clothing assistance, lodging, maintenance, social assistance for elderly, mothers with children, pregnant women, medical and dental assistance, help in illness, death, help to the Danish Brigade personnel and its families. Legal assistance was transferred to the Refugee Office Secretariat.

  18. Virtual Collection Jewish Communities

    • ehri jc research guide
    • English

    The aim of the EHRI Jewish Communities Research Guide is to create a comprehensive, innovative and easy to use guide...

  19. Virtual Collection Terezin

    • ehri terezin research guide
    • English

    The aim of the EHRI Terezín Research Guide is to create a comprehensive, innovative and easy to use guide through the dispersed and fragmented Terezín (Theresienstadt) archival material and to empower further research on the history of the ghetto. The Terezín Research Guide illustrates the primary raison d'être of EHRI - to connect collections spread in many archives and in more countries. EHRI research guides demonstrate what a collaborative archival project can achieve and how archivists can redefine their tasks beyond providing physical access and creating finding aids restricted to the ...

  20. Valtiollisen poliisin I arkisto

    • Archive of the State Police I

    The archive includes personal cards, personal files, interrogation protocols, case files, reports, photos, and journals, among other things. The Holocaust-related records are only a small part of this vast collection. They are described as child collections.