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  1. Балківська районна управа, с. Балки Барського району

    • Balkivska raionna uprava
    • District administration of Balky village, Bar district

    Statements from Jews asking permission to open buffets and stores [inventory 1, file 54]. Acts of sanitary inspection of the ghetto [inventory 1, file 225]. Lists of ghetto prisoners in the Balky district, with separate list of deported Jews with the indication of the locality from which they were deported [inventory 2, file 5, pp. 26-45, 46-52]. The order of the praetor about the prohibition for the Jews, under threat of execution, to leave territory of the ghetto without a permit [inventory 4, file 17, p. 14].

  2. Краснянська районна управа (періоду німецько-фашистської окупації), с. Красне Тиврівського району

    • Krasne district administration
    • Krasnianska raionna uprava

    Inventory 3, file 5, page 32 is an order to use Jews only as unskilled laborers. All those who work as skilled laborers are to be replaced with non-Jews.

  3. Балківський жандармський пост Могилівського жандармського легіону

    • Gendarmerie station of Mohyliv Gendarmerie Legion

    File 1 at Inventory 1 contains, among other statements of those who applied to get permission to enter Mohyliv-Podilskyi, also statements from the Jews who escaped from the German occupation area.

  4. Вінницька обласна комісія сприяння роботі Надзвичайної державній комісїї по встановленню і розслідуванню злочинів німецько-фашистських загарбників

    • Vinnytsa regional Commission for assisting to the work of the Extraordinary State Commission on Investigation of the German-Fascist Crimes

    Inventory 1 contains resolutions of the SNK of the USSR, of the Ukrainian SSR, and instructions on the activities of the Commission (hereafter ChGK). It also includes decisions and instructions from local authorities; instructional materials by ChGK USSR and that of the USSR; summaries of records, registers, acts, lists of crimes and damage caused by the German-Romanian occupants and their accomplices to citizens, organizations, enterprises, and collective farms; reports, notes on the work of regional, district, city committees of the ChGK sent to the republican ChGK and Moscow’s ChGK. Inve...

  5. Колекція спогадiв та свiдчень колишнiх в'язнiв гетто й концтаборiв, остарбайтерів

    • Collection of memoirs and testimonies of the prisoners of ghettos and camps, Ostarbeiters

    The collection began to be created in 1997 as a complex of documents of oral history. It exists in form of paper, photo, audio and video documents. Approximately 500 interviews were conducted with former prisoners of Jewish ghettos and concentration camps. A separate block of documents - lists of former ghetto prisoners and labor camps, lists of burial places of the destruction of the Jewish population verified by the local government, photographs of victims, descriptions of monuments. There is a complex of documents on issues of popular art in Jewish ghettos and concentration camps (poetry...

  6. District administration in the village of Lutsykivka

    • Луциківська районна управа
    • Lutsikivska raionna uprava

    The collection contains decrees by Ortskommandantur and by head of the district on the activities of village heads, the deportation of laborers to Germany, delivery of food for the German army, tax collection, population lists, lists of prisoners of war, payroll information for teachers. Collection includes order by the major of the village of Lutsykivka to compile the lists of the village families with the Jewish families marked with the letter "E" (file 2, page 114).

  7. Office of the Ukrainian auxiliary police in the town of Konotop

    • Конотопське міське управління Української допоміжної охоронної поліції

    Collection contains orders of the district elder about the passporting of the population, dismissal and recruitment. Lists, identity cards and personal applications for issuing passports. Accounting books for issuing passports. Search records. The book of the property of the police. Payroll information for police officers. The collection includes: 1. Lists of the dwellers of Konotop, including Jews (inv. 1, file 35, pp. 196, 201, 214, 223-225); 2. Statements about confiscation of property from the Jews of Konotop (inv. 2, file 2, pp. 17, 31, 33, 35, 305, 311, 371-377).

  8. Sydorova Iaruha village administration in Velykopysarivskyi district

    • Сидоровояружська сільська управа с. Сидорова Яруга Великописарівського району
    • Sydorovoiaruzhska silska uprava s. Sydorova Iaruha Velykopysarivskoho raionu

    Collection includes orders of the head of Velyka Pysarivka police about registration of the Jewish families (file 1, p. 65), making lists of the Jewish population (file 1, p. 129), marking Jewish IDs with the letter "Ж" or “ I ” (file 1, p. 365); announcement about introducing labor duty for the Jews in the front rear line (file 3, p. 13); list of the Jewish authors prohibited by the occupation authorities (file 3, p. 261).

  9. Вінницька обласна управа

    • Vinnytsa regional administration
    • Vinnytska oblasna uprava

    Inv. 1, file 8. Order of occupation authority on supply of meat by population, including requirements for Jews and orders regarding animals belonging to Jews. Inv. 1, file 9, 17, 23, 270, 274, 278, 283, 286 - information on the socio-economic directions of the persecution of Jews. Inv. 1, file 9, 17, 23; file 236, p. 7; file 237, p. 21; file 238, p. 11; file 240, p. 4-5; file 246, p. 17; file 247, p. 74-76 - contain correspondence with subordinate district councils on "Jewish question". Inv. 1, file 1-4, 7, 8, 16 - correspondence from Sidor Bernard, head of the administration, with the Germ...

  10. Самгородоцька районна управа (періоду німецько-фашистської окупації), м. Самгородок

    • Samhorodok district administration
    • Samhorodotska raionna uprava

    Inventory 1, file 2. Statement of the Commission of Samhorodok district administration from June 9-10, 1942 about evaluation of the property confiscated from the Jews and transfer it to stock. Inventory of the property is included.

  11. Могилів-Подільська міська управа

    • Mohyliv-Podilska miska uprava
    • Mohyliv-Podilskyi city administration

    Information on salaries to workers of workshops, studios and other enterprises owned by individuals of Jewish nationality [inventory 1, file 485]. Documents on the organizational and economic activities of Jewish communities in the ghetto: permission for shoemaking, tailoring and pottery workshops, opening barbershops, sofas, bakeries, buffets and grocery stores, production of sausage wares, fur trade, small-scale trade [inventory 1, files 150-158, 167, 169-171, 173-177, 417]. Orders and decrees by Mohyliv-Podilsky city administration, documents on the provision of the Jews with housing, co...

  12. Shostka district office of the Ukrainian auxiliary police at Sumy city administration

    • Шосткинське районне управління Української допоміжної поліції Сумської міської управи
    • Shostkinske raionne upravlinnia Ukrainskoi dopomizhnoi politsii Sumskoi miskoi upravy

    Collection contains minutes of interrogation of partisans, questionnaires. List of policemen and elders killed and wounded in the fight against the partisans. Report on the partisan attack in the villages of Chaplevka, Sobichevo. Applications for admission to the police. Communist personal cards, communist lists, denunciations of citizens, report about Jewish family, reports on fighting partisans. Personal file of a policeman. File 7, page 5 - contains request from a dweller of the village of Chapleevka to the head of the Shostka police to pay him a reward for reporting to the Germans about...

  13. Virtual Collection Terezin

    • ehri terezin research guide
    • English

    The aim of the EHRI Terezín Research Guide is to create a comprehensive, innovative and easy to use guide through the dispersed and fragmented Terezín (Theresienstadt) archival material and to empower further research on the history of the ghetto. The Terezín Research Guide illustrates the primary raison d'être of EHRI - to connect collections spread in many archives and in more countries. EHRI research guides demonstrate what a collaborative archival project can achieve and how archivists can redefine their tasks beyond providing physical access and creating finding aids restricted to the ...

  14. Virtual Collection Jewish Communities

    • ehri jc research guide
    • English

    The aim of the EHRI Jewish Communities Research Guide is to create a comprehensive, innovative and easy to use guide...

  15. World Jewish Congress

    This fonds is incredibly rich in information regarding the relation of the WJC with Belgium and the Belgian Jewish community, the refugee question before the war, the Shoah in Belgium, the immediate postwar reconstruction and relief effort, the restitution issue, Jews in the former Belgian Congo, … The files in “Series A. Central Files” (1919-1976) contain correspondence, minutes, records of conferences, and miscellaneous other materials. In its “Subseries 2. Executive Files” – holding files of several WJC leaders – we note the files “Belgium, Kubowitzki, Aryeh L.” (box A9, folder nr. 17; y...

  16. M.4 - Bulletins of the Vaad Hahatzalah (Rescue Council) of the Jewish Agency in Eretz Israel, 1937-1959

    M.4 - Bulletins of the Vaad Hahatzalah (Rescue Council) of the Jewish Agency in Eretz Israel, 1937-1959 There are 220 files in the record group, which includes various publications, such as bulletins, reports, letters and surveys, containing information regarding the condition of the Jews in occupied Europe during World War II. The information was gathered, collated and distributed by Jewish organizations in Eretz Israel, Turkey (Istanbul) and Switzerland during the war and the early postwar years. Some of the communications were intended for distribution solely among the members of the org...

  17. The Leni Yahil Archive: Holocaust Researcher, 1904-2002

    The collection includes documentation, newspaper clippings, lists, articles, booklets, doctoral dissertations, notes, Leni Yahil's correspondence and more. The documentation relates to the following subjects: the Jews of Denmark during the Holocaust; the Jews of Germany from the 1930s until the Holocaust; the Jews of Sweden, Norway and Finland during the Holocaust; Jewish communities in Western, Central and Eastern Europe between two world wars and during the Holocaust; the steps leading up to the Final Solution; ghettos; concentration and extermination camps and other topics.There is also ...

  18. The Benjamin Sagalowitz Archive, head of the press agency of the Union of Jewish Communities in Switzerland, 1929-1969

    In the Record Groupe: - Drafts and galley proofs of Benjamin Sagalowitz's book,"The Way to Majdanek"; - Documentation regarding the Jewish communities in Switzerland, 1929-1956;- Documentation regarding JUNA, 1935-1964; - Documentation regarding the attitude of the Swiss authorities towards the Jewish refugees, 1933-1963;- Documentation regarding attempts to rescue Jews, 1944-1945; - Documentation regarding the World Jewish Congress (WJC), 1959-1962;- Newspaper clippings regarding trials of Nazi criminals; - Personal details regarding Nazi criminals: Yad Vashem Archives P13/178 and P13/145.

  19. P.41 - Collection of Oskar Schindler, Righteous Among the Nations, personal documentation, mostly from after 1945

    P.41 -Collection of Oskar Schindler, Righteous Among the Nations, personal documentation, mostly from after 1945 In the collection: personal documents, correspondence with the German authorities after the war; lists of Jews whom Schindler saved; newspaper clippings; certificates of appreciation and more. The collection also contains correspondence between Oskar Schindler and the Jews he saved; the correspondence reflects the efforts made by the survivors on his behalf after the war.

  20. P.10 - Archive of Mark Dworzecki, physician, Vilna Ghetto underground member and researcher of Lithuanian Jewry during the Holocaust, 1945-1975

    P.10 - Archive of Mark Dworzecki, physician, Vilna Ghetto underground member and researcher of Lithuanian Jewry during the Holocaust, 1945-1975 Dr. Meier (Mark) Dworzecki was born in Vilna in 1908 and died in Tel Aviv in 1975. He completed his high school studies in Vilna, and was active in its public life. He wrote for the "Zeit" newspaper in Vilna, as well as for "Hazifira" and "Heint". He served as the chairman of the SSRP (Zionist Socialist Workers Party) from 1933, and worked as a physician in the Novogrod workers' suburb from 1935. In 1939, he was elected as the Jewish representative ...