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  1. Hlavnoslúžnovský úrad v Košiciach

    • Főszolgabírói hivatal Kassa
    • Chief Constable´s Office in Košice

    The fonds contains various documents of the Chief Constable´s Office in Košice (Kassa) which pertain various political and economical issues of the area during the period 1939-1945. Among others this fonds contains documents on the economic persecution of Jews in Košice and its vicinity, such as limitations of new licences for Jews, various sanctions against Jewish tradesmen etc. The fonds also contains the list of Jewish businessmen (licence owners). There are also documents pertaining the revision of the state citizenship of Jews as well as the documents on their concentration in the labo...

  2. Okresný úrad v Kežmarku

    • District Office in Kežmarok

    The fonds contains the documents of the District Office in Kežmarok which was the state administration body at the territory of district Kežmarok. The fonds is very well preserved and contains many documents covering the political, economical and social history of the respective district during the period 1923-1945. Besides documents pertaining the history of Jews before 1938 there are many documents pertaining the persecution of Jews during the period of years 1938-1945. The fonds contains documents pertaining the deportation of Jews from Slovakia in November 1938 as well as documents pert...

  3. Okresné veliteľstvo Hlinkovej gardy v Trebišove

    • District Command of the Hlinka Guard in Trebišov

    The fonds contains one folder of various documents pertaining the District Command of the Hlinka Guard in Trebišov. Besides the application forms of the members of HG it contains lists of public functionaries with the note on their membership in the HG. It also contains the Situation Report on deportation of Jews from Trebišov from May 9, 1942, written in Prešov (the seat of the County Office).

  4. Okresný ľúdový súd v Modrom Kameni

    • District People´s Court in Modrý Kameň

    The fonds contains several files pertaining the persecution of Jews at the territory of Slovakia (1938-1945) as well as Hungary (1938-1945). Two separe case files pertain the so called aryanization of Jewish enterprise property in Modrý Kameň and Zvolen. Another file pertains the hiding of Jewish property in Modrý Kameň. There is also a case file with the infromation on denunciation of Jews who were in hiding Dolny Tisovik and their arrest in January 1945. One of the files pertains the former Hlinka Guard dignitary in Modrý Kameň and contains his notes with drafts of the orders. There is al...

  5. Okresný ľudový súd v Banskej Bystrici

    • District People´s Court in Banská Bystrica

    The fonds contains files pertaining the persecution of Jews at the territory of Slovakia (1938-1945). Some of the files contain the information on the so called aryanization of Jewish enterprise property in Banská Bystrica and other places (Podkriváň). There is also a file on the aryanization of the so called agricultural property in Zlaté Moravce. Then there are files pertaining the forced labor of Jews from Banská Bystrica and the activities of the Hlinka Guard in this regard. Various suspects were members of the Hlinka Slovak People´s Party (HSĽS) and the Hlinka Guard. The fonds contains...

  6. Okresný ľudový súd v Giraltovciach

    • District People´s Court in Giraltovce

    The fonds contains files pertaining the deportation of Jews from Giraltovce in 1942, denunciation of Jews during the deportation of Jews in 1942 and various forms of persecution of Jews in Giraltovce and Kračunovce during the period 1939-1945. The fonds also contains the file pertaining the post-WWII prosecution of the former member of SS, who served as a guard in Auschwitz.

  7. Alexander Bachnár

    • Alexander Bachnár

    The fond contains mainly copies of documents on the Holocaust in Slovakia, which were collected by Alexander Bachnár during his research in various archives, as well as the study of press and gathering of testimonies. It includes original versions of his personal materials and correspondence, as well as his own works. The copies or transcripts include Anti-Jewish regulations, copies of decisions, regulations of the Ministry of Interior, the State Council and Jewish Center; the Jewish Census from before the concentration of Jews and transports in 1942; the Census of Jewish Property (and docu...

  8. Ústredný hospodársky úrad

    • The Central Economic Office

    The Central Economic Office (Ústredný hospodársky úrad) was one of central offices of the Slovak Republic (1939-1945) with the statewide competences related to so called "Aryanization" of Jewish property. The fond contains documents about the Liquidation and Aryanization of businesses, disposal of Real estate property of Jews, Work permissions as well as documents about the activities of Jewish Center (Ústredňa Židov). Preserved documents are from the period between 1940 - 1945.

  9. Ministerstvo vnútra

    • Ministry of Interior

    The fonds contains documents of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic from years 1939 and 1945, including some of the most important documents relating to the Holocaust in the Slovak territory. This includes various types of registers of Jews created by the state bodies in 1939-1945. Among others there are Sheets of the Census of Jews from 1942 , 1943, 1944 covering most of Slovak districts of those days. In addition, the fonds contains documents on different anti-Jewish persecution measures of state administrative bodies and security (police) forces. Fond also contains transport ...

  10. Kancelária prezidenta Slovenskej republiky

    • The Office of the President of Slovak Republic

    The archival fond contains various materials related to the activities of Jozef Tiso as the president of the Slovak Republic (1939-1945). This includes various drafts of legislation, correspondence with different state bodies of the Slovak Republic as well as bodies of the ruling Hlinka Slovak People´s Party regime. The Office dealt with very wide range of matters, from personnel matters of the President, through matters of appointment of various state employees, state policies, international relations, andmilitary matters. The Office ceased to exist in Spring 1945 and its documents were pa...

  11. Okresný úrad v Michalovciach

    • District Office in Michalovce

    Fonds contains torso of the original files of the District Office in Michalovce, which was the state administration body. Besides several presidential files pertaining the economic and political situation in Michalovce, as well as several blue prints of buildings construction plans, the fonds contains just a few Holocaust-related documents. These include the List of persons of Jewish ethnicity applying for the state citizenship from 1938; File pertaining the expulsion of foreigners with the instruction on expulsion of Jews; The list of Jews living in the town of Michalovce on December 4, 19...

  12. Okresný ľudový súd v Bardejove

    • District People´s Court in Bardejov

    The fonds contains files pertaining the post-WWII prosecution of various crimes including the blackmailing of Jews, participation in deportation of Jews from Bardejov and its vicinity, and the so called Aryanization of Jewish property in Bardejov. Among those who were accused are the former members and dignitaries of local Hlinka Guard in Bardejov and Raslavice. Various files include the testimonies of survivors and important documents.

  13. Okresný úrad v Medzilaborciach

    • District Office in Medzilaborce

    Archival fonds contains documents of the District Office in Medzilaborce, which was the state administration body. The fonds contains just a fraction of documents of the District Office in Medzilaborce, as the majority of the documents did not preserve. The collection contains only few documents related to the persecution of Jews in Medzilaborce district between 1939 and 1945 such as the Report of the District Office in Medzilaborce concerning the revoked trade licenses of the Jews in district; file pertaining the public official of Jewish origin and his request for an exception guaranteein...

  14. Okresný úrad v Spišskej Novej Vsi

    • District Office in Spišská Nová Ves

    Fonds seems to be well-preserved. It contains various documents covering the political and the economical and cultural history of the district Spišská Nová Ves. It contains also number of important documents pertaining the persecution of Jews living at the territory of district Spišská Nová Ves in 1938-1944. These include the transport lists from the deportation of Jews in 1942; Minutes from the meeting of the committee which made decisions upon the deportation of individuals in 1942; Reports on detention of various individuals. from May 1942. Fonds also contains various lists of Jews livin...

  15. Okresný úrad v Bardejove

    • District Office in Bardejov

    Fonds contains the torso of documents of the former District Office in Bardejov. Besides the documents on the Communist movement in the district from late 1938, and late 1940 there are also several documents pertaining the activities and the staff of the Hlinka Guard and Hlinka Youth in the district. This includes lists of the Hlinka Guard members who were considered as the candidates for so called "temporary administration" of Jewish households from December 1940; set of historical photos of local dignitaries of the regime including some HG and HY members; file pertaining the confiscation ...

  16. Policajné riaditeľstvo v Prešove

    • Police Directorate in Prešov

    Fonds contains various documents pertaining the persecution of Jews and political oponents of the regime. Besides that it contains various important lists of Jews living at the territory under the control of the Police Directorate in Prešov such as the list of Jewish employees living in Prešov from 1941; the list of Jews who were not subjected to the social security and health insurance from districts Michalovce, Medzilaborce, Bardejov, Sabinov, Stropkov, Vranov nad Topľou, Trebišov, Giraltovce and Humenné. Then there is a list of Jews of so called problematic citizenship who lived in Prešo...

  17. World Jewish Congress Records.

    This fonds is incredibly rich in information regarding the relation of the WJC with Belgium and the Belgian Jewish community, the refugee question before the war, the Shoah in Belgium, the immediate postwar reconstruction and relief effort, the restitution issue, Jews in the former Belgian Congo, … The files in “Series A. Central Files” (1919-1976) contain correspondence, minutes, records of conferences, and miscellaneous other materials. In its “Subseries 2. Executive Files” – holding files of several WJC leaders – we note the files “Belgium, Kubowitzki, Aryeh L.” (box A9, folder nr. 17; y...

  18. Collection of Ethnics and History of Medicine

    Initiated by Hans Fleischhacker in 1943, the collection mainly consists of more than 600 hand-, foot-, and finger-prints of mostly Jewish inmates of the Lódź Ghetto (Litzmannstadt Ghetto) in Poland. Strongly influenced by racial biology, it was the antropologists aim to use this collection for attesting the supposed morphological differences between the palms of Jews and non-Jews. It is the only collection of this kind, and testimony to the terrifying abuse of scientific methods under the National Socialists.

  19. San Jose Conferences on the Holocaust Proceedings

    Proceedings of the First Western Regional Conference on the Holocaust, relating to the ancient, medieval, and modern origins of the Holocaust, its meaning for western civilization, and the methodology for teaching about the Holocaust in schools and universities.

  20. Fryderyk Topolski: Wspomienia i ludzie. Kronika wydarzen

    Relates to the Polish communist movement, the deportation of Poles to the Soviet Union in 1939-1941, engineering and industrial activities in Soviet-occupied Poland and the Soviet Union during World War II and in postwar Poland, and antisemitism in postwar Poland.