Language of Description: English
  1. Thomas St. John Gaffney Papers

    Correspondence, writings, and printed matter, relating to international relations, the World War I war guilt question, reparations, Irish independence, American domestic politics and foreign policy, and Jews. Includes correspondence with Kaiser Wilhelm II in exile, Baron Hermann Speck von Sternberg (German ambassador to the United States), and Jules Cambon (French ambassador to Germany).

  2. Paul Lamont Hanna Correspondence

    Correspondence with British government agencies. Relates to the attitude of the British government toward the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine in 1917.

  3. Der Bericht der Internationalen Historikerkommission

    Relates to activities of Kurt Waldheim (subsequently president of Austria and Secretary-General, United Nations, 1972-1982) as a German officer in Yugoslavia and Greece during World War II, and especially to allegations of participation in war crimes by Waldheim. Includes subsequent printed version of report.

  4. United Restiution Organization Misecellaneous Records

    Office files, correspondence, and mimeographed directives, relating to Jewish restitution claims against the West German government. Includes draft of a proposed revision of the German restitution law. The first three boxes contain a set of "URO Rundschreiben", nos. l-l500/67 dealing with indemnity regulations on the basis of health damage, loss of family, pension rights, employment discrimination, etc. The set is not complete, but missing numbers are carefully marked. The remaining three boxes contain office files, mimeo-graphed regulations and German legislative resitution proposals. The ...

  5. Kurt Werner Schächter Collection

    Photocopies of French and German government documents, relating to internment camps in Vichy France during World War II, and to deportation of Jews and other from Vichy France to German concentration camps. Includes some original government documents and some correspondence and writings of K. W. Schaechter.

  6. Russia. Departament politsii. Zagranichnaia agentura (Paris)

    Intelligence reports from agents in the field and the Paris office, dispatches, circulars, headquarters studies, correspondence of revolutionaries, and photographs, relating to activities of Russian revolutionists abroad. Includes XVIII, Revolutionary Groups of National Minorities of the Russian Empire: a) The Jewish Bund, b) The Zionist Movement, c) Jewish émigré problems for Russian security abroad, d) Activities in America: finances for Jewish movements.

  7. Ernst Rosenthal: Das Recht des Jüdischen Siedlungsgebiets Theresienstadt

    Relates to the law of the Jewish settlement area Theresienstadt. This document consists of a very detailed exposition of the legal status and rights of the inhabitants of Theresienstadt, compiled by Dr. Ernst Rosenthal, a lawyer, in July l944. The material is useful for the description of legal conditions in the ghetto, self administration through the Judenrat, and obligations to the SS commander.

  8. Friedrich Riebe

    This folder contains the personal papers of Friedrich Riebe, born in 1901, inducted into the SS in September 1944 and became a concentration camp guard in Sachsenhausen in November 1944. According to his records, he was a butcher by trade, who had been working as an auxiliary worker in a chemical factory in May 1944. The documents are interesting for the background of a concentration camp guard. Also of interest is the poor quality of the actual paper by November 1944.

  9. Radical right Collection

    Pamphlets, leaflets, newspaper and serial issues, newsletters, bulletins, circulars, and other printed and near-print material, issued by right-wing organizations and individuals in the United States, relating to anti-communist, patriotic, fundamentalist, racist, antisemitic, neo-Nazi and other right-wing political movements and concerns in the United States, primarily since World War II. Includes material relating to world government, education, mental health, fluoridation and other issues. Includes a few letters and other manuscript materials.

  10. New York Department of Investigation report

    Relates to causes of, and recommends measures to prevent, antisemitic vandalism and violence in New York City. The memorandum of l69 pages was submitted by the Commission of Investigation to Mayor F. H. LaGuardia on January 5, l944 and was based on case reports of 69 antisemitic disturbances from September l942 to March l943. A nearly equal number of incidents took place from March l943 to January l944. The report concluded that 3l incidents were of an antisemitic nature.

  11. Dana Carleton Munro Papers

    Reports, correspondence, leaflets, and notes, relating to political and economic conditions in Turkey, Zionism, relief work and the conduct of German occupying forces in Belgium during World War I, American neutrality in World War I, war propaganda, and proposals for world peace.

  12. Jerzy Kwiatkowski Papers

    Correspondence, writings, clippings, memorabilia, and printed matter, relating primarily to Majdanek concentration camp, post-World War II Polish refugee emigration to the United States and other countries, and the organizations and activities of Poles in the United States. Notes: Polish army officer; survivor of the Nazi concentration camp Majdanek.

  13. Kosciol polski a walka z antysemityzmem Conference proceedings

    Video tape and transcript of proceedings, relating to the Roman Catholic Church and anti-Semitism in Poland. Conference organized by Bohdan W. Oppenheim.

  14. Moisei Aaronovich Krol' Writings

    Relates to revolutionary movements in Russia, especially the Partiia Sotsialistov-Revoliutsionerov, the Russian Revolution and Civil War in Siberia, Russian emigre life in China and France, and Jewish and other ethnic groups in Russia. Includes the unpublished second volume of the memoirs of M. A. Krol', Stranitsy Moei Zhizni (first volume published, New York, 1944).

  15. Joseph La Picirella sound recording : Hymne au maquis du Vercors

    Song relating to the French resistance movement during World War II. Words and music by J. La Picirella. Sung by Michel Sande.

  16. M. J. Larsons Papers

    Correspondence, writings, reports, government documents, printed matter, and photographs, relating to life in Russia prior to the 1917 Revolution; the persecution of the Jews in Russia and their emigration to Germany, 1904-1906; Soviet financial and commercial policy, 1918-1925; the purchase of 600 locomotives by the Soviet government from Sweden, 1920; and the German socialist Karl Liebknecht.

  17. Latviesu Centrala Komiteja

    Memoranda, reports, correspondence, registration forms, printed matter, and motion picture film, relating to conditions in Latvia under Soviet and German occupation, and to Latvian displaced persons during and after World War II. Includes a reference to the boy who is the subject of The Mascot: Unraveling the Mystery of My Jewish Father’s Nazi Boyhood by Mark Kurem. Refers to the 18th Kurzeme Battalion.

  18. Boris I. Nicolaevsky Collection

    Correspondence, memoranda, writings, speeches, memoirs, minutes of meetings, conference proceedings, leaflets, resolutions, bulletins, reports, clippings, newspapers, other printed matter, and photographs, relating to Karl Marx and the international socialist movement; the First, Second, Third and Fourth Intenationals; Russian revolutionary, anarchist and socialist movements, especially the Rossiiskaia sotsial-demokraticheskaia rabochaia partiia (RSDRP) and its Menshevik wing; the Partiia sotsialistov-revoliutsionerov (PSR); the Russian Revolution and Civil War; Russian politics and governm...

  19. Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion

    This folder contains a handwritten manuscript in Russian of the "Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion" by S. Nilus. The material was probably acquired throught the U.S. Consulate in Viborg, Finland, in 1919-1920.

  20. Rachunek sumienia - kosciol polski wobec antysemityzmu

    Sound and videotape recordings of proceedings, relating to the Roman Catholic Church and antisemitism in Poland. Conference organized by Bohdan W. Oppenheim.