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  1. Hecht, Selig (1892-1947): correspondence regarding anti-semitism in German universities

    Papers of Selig Hecht, 1933, consist of two letters written by Selig Hecht, on a visit to Europe. The first, a letter to a colleague back home, outlines the problems facing Jewish academics in Nazi Germany, and introduces the second which is a much more detailed picture of the privations suffered by Jewish academics and also the indifference of the non-Jewish population, and the culmination of a latent antisemitism in the profession that had long pre-dated the Nazi seizure of power. The latter is addressed to Alfred Cohen. Others mentioned include Willstaetter, Fajans, and Alfred Wiener in ...

  2. International Council of Jews from Czechoslovakia: Papers

    Papers of the International Council of Jews from Czechoslovakia, 1977-1984, comprise a variety of papers all stamped with the organisation's name: The International Council of Jews from Czechoslovakia. Subjects include restitution, B'nai B'rith, preservation of memorial scrolls, life for Jews in post war Czechoslovakia, amongst others.

  3. German Jewish emigration to South America: Reports

    Reports of the German Jewish presence in Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil in the 1930s.

  4. Frankl, Adolf (1903-1983): papers regarding art exhibition

    Papers of Adolf Frankl, 1975-1990, relate to an art exhibition of Adolf Frankl's works and consist of correspondence, opening addresses, newspaper reviews and catalogues.

  5. Manes, Eva: Letter from a friend (1957)

    Papers of Eva Manes, 1957, comprise a typscript letter addressed to Eva Manes from an unidentified friend of the family describing what happened to Eva's parents and other friends and acquaintances after her departure from Berlin before the war. The author also describes his own experiences after the war in Berlin.

  6. Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust (2000): Speech transcripts

    Papers of Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust, 2000, contain transcripts of speeches by a number of leading European political figures and Professor Yehuda Bauer of Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, on the occasion of the Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust.

  7. Stade, Lower Saxony: Jewish school girl reminiscences

    Papers of Stade, Lower Saxony, 1980s, comprise correspondence and papers relating to an invitation by the city of Stade to Dinah Ruth Curtis to attend a special reunion of all surviving former Jewish residents; Correspondence of Hartmut Lohmann regarding the historical reconstruction of life for Jews in Stade during the Nazi era; Correspondence regarding the 125th anniversary exhibition, Maedchenbildung in Stade , at the Vincent Luebeck Schule.

  8. Lesley, Henni: Copy family documents (1938-1947)

    Papers of Henni Lesley, 1938-1947, comprise copies of personal papers including health certificate issued by the SS doctor at Lichtenburg, 1938; Red Cross telegram from Henni to her parents in Berlin, 1942 and letter from the American Joint Distribution Committee to Henni Lesley regarding the fate of her parents, 1947.

  9. Stein, Edith (1891-1942): papers regarding last will and testament

    Papers of Edith Stein, 1999, comprise correspondence between Suzanne Batzdorff and Ian Montrose, with extracts relating to an aspect of the will of Edith Stein.

  10. Manes, Walter (b 1911): Personal papers

    Personal papers of Walter Manes, 1918-1999, includes correspondence with parents; official documentation; papers relating to his time in Shanghai; correspondence regarding emigration to USA and photographs.

  11. Laserson, Maurice and Cohn-Wiener, Ernst : correspondence (1924-1938)

    Correspondence between Dr Maurice Laserson and Professor Ernst Cohn-Wiener, art historian, 25 Feb 1924-26 Dec 1938 on topics including Cohn-Wiener's travel experiences and the art treasures and traditions of various countries; Cohn-Wiener's experience in India including comments on the situation of the indigenous Jewish population there; Laserson's activities relating to his involvement with ORT (Organisation for Rehabilitation through Training) and efforts by Laserson, in Australia, to find suitable employment and an entry permit for Cohn-Wiener. Also Curriculum Vitae of Cohn-Wiener, writt...

  12. Manes, Eva: Correspondence (1945-1947)

    Papers of Eva Manes, 1945-1947, comprise correspondence from friends and relatives of the Manes family.

  13. Curtis, Ruth Dina: Personal papers

    Papers of Ruth Dina Curtis, 1937-2000, comprising copies of correspondence between Ruth Dina Curtis and her family [1940s], an identity card for Herbert Cohn and a biographical account in English of Ruth Dina Curtis (nee Heideman) by her son.

  14. Anti-Nazi jokes

    Notebook containing hand-written, mostly anti-Nazi jokes in Suetterlin script, c1939, and a modern transcript of the same.

  15. Beck, Rudolf: family papers

    Papers of the Beck family, including papers relating to their preparations for departure, including forms and correspondence regarding possessions of Beck family; draft inventories of possessions; correspondence of the Rudolf Beck removal company on the shipment of possessions to USA, [1939-1940]. Personal papers of Ferdinand Beck including school reports, references, doctors' certificates; and correspondence on naturalization, 1928-1965. Post war correspondence on property in Austria, mostly between a lawyer and Beck family members, 1949-1952.

  16. Bright, Frank: family papers

    Copies of papers of Frank Bright, 1943-2000, including a photograph of the class from his Jewish school which he attended, [1942]; property declaration forms for his uncle and aunt from the Landeshauptarchiv, Berlin and copies of the pages of Testimony for the Yad Vashem Archive, Jerusalem.

  17. Schwarz, Hans (d 1970): Papers

    Papers of Hans Schwarz, 1947-1970, comprises copies of a catalogue of the Hans Schwarz Archiv ; annual report of the Komitee Ehemaliger Politischer Gefangener and obituaries of Hans Schwarz.

  18. Gruenebaum, Markus (1823-1912): Jewish book of mourning

    Jewish book of mourning for Markus Gruenebaum, 1912.

  19. Manes, Eva: Letter, 1957

    Letter to Eva Manes from Mrs Reichardt, former friend of the Manes family, 1957. Mrs Reichardt bought the Manes' grand piano for RM 1000 and lived in the same house as Philip Manes and his wife and was a close friend. She writes about arrangements for payment for the piano, about Manes' problems, and also describes her own unhappy fate during the last years of the war and after. She describes the last days before her family's deportation.

  20. Kartell Conventus (Australia): Newsletter

    Newsletter written by Karl Freeman in Sydney, containing a contribution from George Bergmann.