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  1. Menachem Kaufmann Collection: Documentation regarding Communities in Germany, mainly in Hessen

    The files include information regarding the Jewish communities,mainly in the Hessen area, (including Jewish community-owned property) and the lives of the Jews.

  2. Reinhard Strecker Collection: Judges and Trials in Nazi Sondergerichte (Special Courts)

    Included in the Collection: - Microfilms JM/1750-JM/1752: Verdicts from trials held in special courts in Germany, Poland and the Protectorate; the trials usually were conducted against non-Jews, and in most cases, the sentence was death. Besides the verdict and verdicts rendered for appeals, in some instances the collection also contains correspondence regarding the carrying out of the sentences, including official notification that the verdict has been carried out;- Microfilm JM/1753: Reports regarding the executions carried out in the Brandenburg prison, 1943-1945; - Microfilm JM/1754: Fi...

  3. Rabbi Eli Munk Archives: Correspondence regarding the situation of the Jewish refugees in Germany during the early post-Holocaust years

    The Record Group includes correspondence with relief and welfare organizations in Britain and Germany during the Nazi period and after the war, reports regarding the activities of these organizations and reports from visits of Jewish leaders in Germany after the war, including much information concerning the situation of the Jews living in various places in the country.

  4. Questionnaires completed by Landraete (Districts) in Germany regarding the Jewish communities throughout Germany, 1946-1947

    The Central Historical Commission (CHC) of the Central Committee of Liberated Jews in Munich distributed questionnaires among the regional and municipal authorities, mainly in the American Occupied Zone in Germany. The purpose of these questionnaires was to gather information regarding the number of Jews living in various places in 1933 and during the Nazi period, as well as the number of Jews who perished. The questionnaires also contain questions regarding Nazi concentration camps in those areas.

  5. Questionnaires filled out by children in the Foehrenwald DP camp, 1945-1946

    The questionnaires include questions concerning the names of family members, their places of origin and the general background of the children. On the reverse side of each questionnaire there is a short report regarding the history of the child from the day s/he was deported to the ghetto, the camps to which s/he was deported, when s/he was separated from his/her family members and places where s/he was from after the liberation until his/her arrival at the DP camp.

  6. Personal Archive of Dr. Heinz E. Samson

    The documentation deals with a part of the estate of the Samson family, originally from the city of Norden in Northern Germany. There is pre-war documentation on tax issues and the assets of the Samson family, pre- and postwar correspondence with German authorities, personal documents and certificates, documents on the restoration of the Norden Jewish cemetery supported by the Samson family after WW II, the dedication of a memorial on the Norden Jewish cemetery, charity work, brochures and magazines related to the history of the Norden Jews.

  7. Київська штадткомендатура, м. Київ

    • Kiev Stadtkommandatura

    Fond 2353, Opis 1, Delo 1: Instructions of the Chief of Staff of the German armed forces and the commander of the troops of Ukraine on celebrating Christmas and on the spiritual education of the troops. Military-political overview Nos. 5 and 6 for 1941. 1941. 152 pp. Fond 2353, Opis 1, Delo 2: Lists of Ukrainian employees of the Stadtskommandatura who received allowances in November, December 1941. Lists and German and Ukrainian employees. 1941. 31 pp. Fond 2353, Opis 1, Delo 5: Orders of the Stadtskommandant for August-December 1941. 1941. 59 pp. Fond 2353, Opis 1, Delo 6: Orders of the Ge...

  8. Українська республіканська надзвичайна комісія зі встановлення збитків та злочинів, заподіяних німецько-фашистськими загарбниками, м. Київ

    USHMM has copied from this fonds and describes the copies as follows: Opis 1, Ukrainian Extraordinary State Committee to Investigate German-Fascist Crimes Committed on Soviet Territory Folder 31: Lists of people killed and damages inflicted upon population, for the Stalino oblast. Folder 48: Lists of people killed and damages inflicted upon population, for the Poltava oblast. Folder 51: Lists of people killed and damages inflicted upon population of various villages in the Ukraine. 1943. Folder 52: Lists of people killed and damages inflicted upon population, Oleinik. Folder 53: Ostarbeiter...

  9. Управління німецької жандармерії, м. Київ.

    1. Administrative orders dealing with organizational matters for the city of Kiev 2. List of gendarmerie/police services in the Kiev general district and staffing schedules with the distribution of positions in the various services 3. List of members of the Kiev gendarmerie staff and geographic maps/plans
  10. Valtiollisen poliisin I arkisto

    • Archive of the State Police I

    The archive includes personal cards, personal files, interrogation protocols, case files, reports, photos, and journals, among other things. The Holocaust-related records are only a small part of this vast collection. They are described as child collections.

  11. Ulkomaalaisia koskevat erityiset Suomeen tulokysymykset

    • Special issues concerning foreigners willing to enter Finland

    Correspondence, reports, and newspaper clippings concerning foreigners willing to enter Finland in the years 1920s-50s. The material includes records concerning Jewish refugees from Austria and Germany in the late 1930s, as well as Polish and Baltic Jewish refugees in 1940.

  12. Pakolaistilastoja ym. pakolaisia ja kulkureita koskevia

    • Refugee statistics and other records concerning refugees and vagrants

    The records concern refugees (also Jewish) in Finland in the 1920s-1940s. The records include correspondence and lists of refugees. Some records concern deportation of Jews from Finland to Germany.

  13. Juutalaiskysymys

    • Jewish question

    Foreign Ministry's correspondence and reports concerning the situation of the Jews in Finland, Europe and Israel, Jewish refugees in Finland, and Jewish organizations.

  14. Anthoni, Arno Kalervo

    The file contains records (correspondence and reports) concerning Arno Anthoni's war crimes investigation.

  15. Valtiollisen poliisin II arkisto

    • Archive of the State Police II

    The archive includes personal cards, personal files, interrogation minutes, case files, reports, photos, and journals, among other things. The Holocaust-related records are only a small part of this vast collection. They are described as child collections.

  16. Suomen Punaisen Ristin Sotavankitoimiston arkisto

    • Archive of the Finnish Red Cross POW Office

    The archive contains records from the years 1939-1948. It includes journals, correspondence, death certificates, as well as card indexes and lists of POWs, which are the archive’s main material.

  17. Riječka kvestura

    • Questura di Fiume
    • The Rijeka city treasury

    Contains files from the Main Cabinet; Foreigners' office; and the Public safety agents headquarters files. The Cabinet files consist of files for both private persons and public institutions; and files ranged from A1 (general information); A2 (warnings of assassinations); A3 (information on associations); A4 (surveillance of people 1924-1929, reports and information on partizan actions and legal proceedings against them; their families and accomplices; A6 (information on periodicals); A7 (information on politically subversive people from the Kvarner region); A8 and A9 (politically subversiv...

  18. Photo Archive Collection

    Stored in the Photo Archive Collection of the Jewish Museum in Prague are several thousand photographs taken between the start of the 1940s and the present day. This includes negatives of various materials and dimensions (from glass plates to colour film) as well as positive prints, of which several thousand (predominantly glass plates and medium format negatives on artificial stock) document the life and activity of the war-time Jewish Community in Prague under the administration of the occupation authorities. Another major unit comprises documentation of Jewish areas in Bohemia, which has...