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  1. Corrections by former members to the manuscript by René De Lathouwer on the history of the Jewish Defense Committee. Collection

    Corrections and additions to the manuscript "Témoignages et documents" (Testimonies and documents) written by René De Lathouwer, on the history of the Jewish Defence Committee (Comité de Défense des Juifs), a resistance and hiding network in Belgium, by four leading members of the JDC : Yvonne Jospa (Hawa Groisman), Maurice Heiber, his wife Estera Fajersztejn and Maurice Bolle.

  2. Morgen-Duchesne family. Collection

    This collection contains 14 photocopies of documents : regarding the interment of Moszek Morgen in the Saint-Gilles prison and the Fort of Breendonk, regarding the trial against Suzanne Duchesne who tried to bribe a Sicherheitspolizei-Sicherheitsdienst member to liberate her Jewish husband Moszek Morgen and a prewar work permit for Moszek Morgen. The collection also contains three photos of Moszek Morgen, including one with an unidentified woman, presumably his wife Suzanne Duchesne.

  3. Fishel-Black family. Collection

    This collection contains digitised copies of one letter sent by Mendel Fishel and Emily Black right before their departure for the Dossin barracks in August 1942 to their sons and 9 pictures of the Fishel-Black family: a family portrait of Mendel Fishel and Emily Black, with youngest son Leon ; portraits of Mendel Fishel and Leon Fishel ; Leon Fishel in sportswear ; Leon Fishel and his soccer team (Maccabi?) ; Leon Fishel wearing the yellow star.

  4. Papierbuch-Oppenheimer family. Collection

    This collection contains photocopies of the following documents : marriage certificate of Nachman Papierbuch and Ruth Oppenheimer ; membership forms of the Jewish Association of Belgium (Association des Juifs en Belgique, AJB) ; receipts of financial donations to charity ; letter confirming Nachman Papierbuch’s membership of the Free Diamond trade ; postwar certificate confirming the hiding of Ruth Oppenheimer, her son José and other family members including Félicie Gruszow at Petit-Han ; certificate signed by moving company Arthur Pierre confirming the clearing out of the Papierbuch-Oppenh...

  5. In memoriam - Kurt Lowenstein. Item

    The item in this collection is an In Memoriam dedicated to the memory of dr. Kurt Lowenstein (1885-1939), a German socialist politician and a founder of the Socialist Youth of Germany - Red Falcons (Rote Falke).

  6. Majlech Ingberg. Collection

    This collection contains : the document drafted by the Belgian state confirming the acknowledgement of Majlech Ingberg as a member of an underground organisation distributing clandestine press ; four photocopied documents regarding the medals received by Majlech Ingberg as a member of the resistance.

  7. Stoops-Cleymans family. Collection

    This collection contains a pre-war photograph of the kosher restaurant and delicacies shop "Ringer" in Brussels and photo of an unidentified (Jewish?) woman, a friend of the donor's mother.

  8. Witness statements in the post-war case of Meschulim Bleiberg against German informers. Collection

    Only accessible at Kazerne Dossin documentation centre - Six photocopied documents containing witness statements concerning the complaint filed by Meschulim (Max) Bleiberg against the Belgian informers who denounced him to the Feldgendarmerie in Zottegem for not wearing the yellow star.

  9. Geiger-Kohn family. Collection

    This collection contains photocopies of : the marriage certificate of Joseph Geiger and Juliana Kohn, the birth certificate of Juliana Kohn and her daughter Gerda Geiger, the music teacher diploma of Juliana Kohn, the prolongation for Juliana Kohn’s American visa and Polish statements confirming the good conduct of Juliana Kohn and Joseph Geiger.

  10. Gert (Gerhard) Lilienthal. Collection

    KD_00059_0001 : Judaica concerning Jewish emancipation and the German liberal revolution of 1848 ; remains of the looted collection of Berlin banker dr. Heinz Lilienthal, father of the donor. KD_00059_0002 : Prewar Lilienthal family documents, including vaccination certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, documents related to dr. Heinz Lilienthal’s business, a household inventory and household budget. KD_00059_0003 : Wartime Lilienthal family documents, including three letters sent from the Dossin barracks by Hilda Kirschstein and Minni Marie Fabian, mother and maternal gran...

  11. Fanny Biber. Collection

    This collection contains one photograph and three photocopied documents : picture of Fanny Biber and her husband Abraham Max Lipschutz wearing the yellow badge ; a "Schutzbrief" from the Swiss embassy in Berlin certifying Fanny Biber's British nationality ; a displaced person card ; a declaration from the staff at the Vittel camp proving that Fanny Biber received the certificate from the Suisse embassy.

  12. Wouthuysen-Ricardo family. Collection

    This collection contains two letters and a postcard sent by Willem Wouthuysen and his wife Ester Ricardo, while detained at the Dossin barracks in August 1942, to their daughter Elisabeth Wouthuysen and her husband Karoly Farago.

  13. Haber-Margulier family. Collection

    The photos in this collection depict the following : Israel (Isy) Haber's Bar Mitzvah ; the Haber-Margulier family as refugees in Nice, 1942 ; Zallel Haber in his army uniform as a soldier during World War I ; Sender Haber, cousin of Zallel Haber, as a liaison officer during World War I ; pre-war photos of Israel (Isy) and Dora (Dolly) Haber ; Dora (Dolly) Haber as a dancer ; the Haber and Margulier grandparents. The collection also contains two fragile precious prints that were not digitized, but which are accessible at the Kazerne Dossin documentation centre : "Auto-Emanzipation" (preface...

  14. Albert and Robert Gomperts. Letter

    Letter sent by brothers Albert and Robert (Bob) Gompers to their uncle and aunt Jules and Jet Boas in Canada after the brothers had been able to flee from Belgium to Great-Britain during the German invasion. The letter contains information regarding family members left behind in Belgium and the Netherlands during the first weeks of May 1940.

  15. Alexandre Gourary. Collection

    This collection contains three issues of « La Voix Internationale de la Résistance » ; two photos of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen ; seven photos of tombstones of Jewish resistance fighters who were killed in action or executed and were buried at the Tir National (National shooting range) in Brussels ; 74 photos and photonegatives depicting the armed Mouvement national belge (MNB) liberating Antwerp, protecting the harbour and undertaking military exercises ; a Stern machine gun and a hand grenade used by Alexandre Gourary while guarding the port of Antwerp ; a jacket worn by Alexandre Go...

  16. Files of the Comité Juif d'Epuration. Collection

    Series of files compiled by the Comité Juif d'Epuration (Jewish Purification Committee) in Brussels, while investigating accusations against Jews in Belgium regarding (presumed) collaboration with the Nazis. This collection is only accessible at the Kazerne Dossin documentation centre, upon approval by the head of the research department of a motived request submitted by the researcher.

  17. Deed of sale with stipulation of non-Jewish decent. Item

    Digitised copy of a notarial deed stipulating the sale of a plot of land to the Jolémont family, including a remark that a possible Jewish descent was verified and dismissed.

  18. Zaffern-Noskowicz family. Collection

    This collection contains six photocopied photos : a wedding photo of Israel Zaffern and Gitla Noskowicz ; a photo of Gitla's sister Hinda Noskowicz ; several war-time and post-war photos of Lisa Zaffern and the Debroek family which hid her at their home in Schaerbeek, Brussels, in 1942-1944.

  19. Jacky Barkan. Collection

    This collection contains six articles from Belgian newspapers Het Volk, Het Nieuwsblad and De Gentenaar, covering the story of Jacky Barkan, a hidden child, in search for the De Meulemeester family that hid him in Sint-Kruis-Brugge. During his search, Jacky also discovered that Gabriel and Edouard Zimmerman and Henri Schlamowitsch were hidden by other members of the De Meulemeester family, living in Brussels.

  20. Swiatlowski-Koronczyk family. Collection

    This collection contains photocopies of : Berek Swiatlowski's Polish military booklet ; Berek Swiatlowski and Pesa Koronczyk's Polish passport ; a postcard thrown from the Transport X by Berek Swiatlowski on 13 September 1942 ; administrative documents of the Swiatlowski-Koronczyk family ; war-time work permits of Abram Swiatlowski ; pre-war photos of Swiatlowski and Koronczyk family members in Poland and in Belgium.