Language of Description: English
Language of Description: Romanian
Holding Institution: Archiwum Państwowe w Warszawie
  1. Starostwo Miejskie w Warszawie

    • Stadthauptmannschaft Warschau
    • Office of the Warsaw City Governor,

    The collection contains i.a. birth and death statistics, weekly reports of the chairman of the Judenrat (1941), the dispute over the boundaries of the ghetto, forced labour, Jewish mutual aid, the fight against typhus, applications for passes, and cases of illegal trade and smuggling

  2. Więzienie Karne Warszawa - Mokotów

    • Penitential Prison in Warsaw - Mokotów

    The collection contains i.a.contains several thousand personal files of Jews convicted of various occupation crimes, such as being outside the ghetto illegally, not wearing the armband with the Star of David, illegal trade and smuggling, theft, forgery, and similar cases. This record group is of unparalleled significance in view of the excellent state of preservation of the files, and their completeness.