Language of Description: English
Language of Description: Romanian
Holding Institution: Российский государственный архив кинофотодокументов
  1. Ламсдорф - лагерь русских военнопленных

    • Lamsdorf - the Soviet POW camp

    View on the territory of the camp, buildings, barracks, ditches-graves of Soviet prisoners of war, cemetery of Russian prisoners of war - participants of First World War; gas chambers, cemetery of English prisoners of war; corpses of Soviet prisoners of war. Work on the camp territory of Soviet-Polish commission for investigations of German crimes.

  2. Злодеяния немцев в Виннице

    • The crimes of Germans in Vinnitsa

    Ukraine. Vinnitza, April 29, 1944. Psychiatric hospital. Disinterment of the corpses of murdered patients.