Language of Description: English
Language of Description: Romanian
Holding Institution: Štátny archív v Nitre
  1. Nitrianska župa III

    • Nitra County III

    The fonds contains documents of the County Office in Nitra pertaining to the various forms of persecution of Jews at the territory of Nitra Country in 1940-1945. These include documents on the forced labor of Jews, establishment, and functioning of the work centers for Jews in Nitra (brick factory) and Degeš and deportation of Jews in 1942.

  2. Okresný úrad v Nitre

    • District Office in Nitra

    The fonds contains documents of the District Office in Nitra which was a regional state administration body. The District Office in Nitra was subordinated to the County office in Nitra. The fonds contains many documents on anti-Jewish persecution at the territory of the district Nitra in 1938-1945, including documents on forced labor of Jews (Work center for Jews in Degeš etc.), deportation of Jews from Nitra and villages of Nitra district in 1942.

  3. Komárňanská župa III.

    • Komárno County III.