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Country: Russia
  1. Секретариат А.Я. Вышинского

    • Vyshinsky's Sekretariat

    Переписка МИД с директивными органами по вопросам взаимоотношений с зарубежными странами, переписка с СМ СССР, ВОКС, ТАСС, Академией наук, Институтом права, издательствами, редакциями газет и журналов. Записи бесед В.М. Молотова (1940, 1948-1949), А.Я. Вышинского (1940 -1953), В.Г. Деканозова (1945-1946), С.А. Розовского (1945-1946), Ф.Т. Гусева (1946-1949, 1951), Я.А.Малика (1946 -1948, 1952), Г. М. Пушкина (1946, 1952), В.А. Зорина (1947-1948, 1952), А.И.Лаврентьева (1949 - 1951), А.Е. Богомолова (1950-1952), А.А. Громыко (1949 -1951), а также послов СССР. Материалы о заключении Советско-...

  2. Трагедия двух городов

    • The tragedy of the two cities

    June, 1944.Июль, 1944 г. Extraordinary State Commission is observing destructions of Kremenets and Vyshnevets in Tarnopol Region. Disinternment.

  3. Концентрационный лагерь "Саласпилс"

    • Salaspils concentration camp

    October, 1944 г. Former concentration camp "Salaspils" in 15 km from Riga. Observation of the camp by City and Military Investigation Commissions. Disinterment.

  4. Приговор народа

    • People's verdict

    Trial of the crimes by german invaders in Leningrad Region. Interrogation of accused. Verdict. Death-penalty.

  5. Dokumenty politicheskogo, ekonomicheskogo i voennogo kharaktera uchrezhdenii i organizatsii Frantsii, Bel'gii, i dr stran (kollektsiia)

    • Political, Economic, and Military Documents of Government Offices and other Organizations in France, Belgium, and other Countries (consolidated collection)

    The collection constitutes an accumulation of documents of various institutions and organizations, often of undetermined collection provenance, compiled at the Central State Special Archive. These are documents of a political, economic, and military nature of various institutions and organizations in France, Belgium, and other countries. The collection includes materials on history, philosophy, politics, and economics, as well as information on the armed forces, police, intelligence activities, political Parties and organizations in various countries. The collection's contents are described...

  6. Австрийский союз еврейских легитимистов (г. Вена)

    • Verband der jüdischen Legitimisten österreichs (Wien)
    • Records of the Verband der jüdischen Legitimisten Österreichs (Association of Jewish Legitimists of Austria), Vienna

    The records of Fond 1189 contains materials related to the activities of the Union of Austrian Jewish legitimists, its board, and departments: the youth group, the legitimist Union of Jewish Women, the legitimist Jewish Veterans organization, and the editorial Office of the newspaper "Legitimist” the organ of the Union of Austrian Jewish Legitimists. Deposited in the collection are charter documents; minutes of general assembles of the union and of meetings of its board; correspondence with affiliated Jewish organizations and with organizations of war veterans and other organizations; finan...

  7. Центральное бюро исполнительного комитета Всемирного еврейского конгресса (г. Париж)

    • Exekutivkomitee des JÜdischen Weltkongresses (Paris)
    • Records of the Executive Committee of the World Jewish Congress, Paris
  8. Женская сионистская организация Австрии (г. Вена)

    • Organisation "Zionistische Frauen österreichs" (Wien)

    Handwritten meeting minutes and printed reports on the organization's activities.

  9. Союз еврейской молодежи "Ринг" (г. Берлин)

    • Bund Judischer Jugend "Ring"; Union of German Jewish Youth "Ring" (Berlin)*
    • Soiuz evreiskoi molodezhi "Ring" (g. Berlin)

    The collection's contents are catalogued in one inventory. The inventory is arranged by document type. The collection includes the "Ring" union charter; circular letters of the union and its local chapters for 1933-36; lists of union members; the program of the 5th conference of the Association of Jewish Youth Societies in Germany, held in Düsseldort appeals by Jewish youth organizations on the holding of charity events; the Montefiore Jewish youth organization's plan of operation for 1925-26; correspondence with union members and local chapters on organizing lectures and submitting reports...

  10. Дочерние ложи Великой ложи Германии "Бней-Брит"

    • Affiliated Lodges of the German Grand Lodge of B'nai B'rith
    • Dochernie lozhi velikoi lozhi Germanii evreiskogo ordena "Bnei-Brit"

    The collection's contents are described in two inventories. In them, documents are catalogued by type. The collection features an accumulation of documents of affiliated lodges of the German Grand Lodge of the Order of B'nai B'rith in 36 German cities, including East Prussia (in Allenstein/Osterode), Abraham Geiger (Berlin), Berthold Auerbach (Berlin), Gabirol (Berlin), Montefiore (Berlin), Spinoza (Berlin), Julius Fenchel (Berlin), Leopold Zunz (Braunschweig), Lessing (Berlin), Nehemia Nobel (Naumburg), Leibniz (Hannover), Zion (Hannover), Friedrich (Heidelberg), Silesia (Berlin), Moritz L...

  11. Velikie lozhi evreiskogo ordena "Bnei-Brit" v lugoslavii i Gretsii i ikh dochernie lozhi

    • The Grand Lodges of B'nai B'rith in Yugoslavia and Greece and their Affiliated Lodges (consolidated collection)

    The collection includes documents reflecting the activities of the Grand Lodge of B'nai B'rith in Yugoslavia and its affiliated lodges "Serbia," "Sarajevo," and "Zagreb." These include circulars from leaders of the Grand Lodge to affiliated lodges; a register of proceedings of the "Serbia" lodge, and a list of its board members; brief biographical information oThe collection includes documents reflecting the activities of the Grand Lodge of B'nai B'rith in Yugoslavia and its affiliated lodges "Serbia," "Sarajevo," and "Zagreb." These include circulars from leaders of the Grand Lodge to affi...

  12. Управление службы безопасности (СД) в г. Штеттине

    • SD-Abschnitt (Stettin)
    • Records of the SD‐Abschnitt Stettin

    Correspondence and newspaper clippings relating to the Seventh-Day Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses, the confiscation of their printed materials, and one item about Jewish influence on churches.

  13. Управление службы безопасности (СД) (г. Веймар)

    • SD-Abschnitt (Weimar)
    • Records of the SD‐Abschnitt Erfurt und Weimar

    63 files

  14. Материалы бывшего военного архива

    • Archivalien des ehemaligen Heeresarchivs
    • Records of the Former Military Archive
  15. Германская секция Международного союза расистов (г. Берлин)

    • Records of the International Association "Alliance Raciste Universelle," Berlin
    • Bund "Völkischer Europäer", Abteilung Deutschland (Berlin)

    This collection contains organizational information about this pro-Nazi alliance, also known as European Union of Racists, whose purpose was to repulse puported Jewish influence on national life in various countries. Included are organizational bylaws, samples of the alliance periodical Judenkenner, materials on Jews and Freemasons, correspondence with local branches of the alliance and with Munich NSDAP headquarters, announcements of lectures, reports from sympathetic visitors to Germany who repudiated "Jewish hate propaganda," membership lists, and proofs of racial purity.

  16. Полицейские и административные учреждения Германии и временно оккупированных ею территорий

    • Deutsche Polizeieinrichtungen in den okkupierten Gebieten; German Police and Administrative Offices in the Temporarily Occupied Territories
    • Politseiskie i administrativnye uchrezhdeniia Germanii i vremenno okkupirovannykh eiu territorii

    The collection's contents are described in three inventories, which are arranged by structure. Within the structural divisions, files are catalogued for the most part by document type. The collection is a consolidated archival collection. It consists of heterogeneous documentary materials of police offices in Germany and the German-occupied territories of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and the Soviet Union. The collection also includes documents of German police services in the occupied territory of the Soviet Union, including the Ukraine and Belorussia. The collection contains minutes of...

  17. Kollektsiia materialov po istorii i kuiture evreev v Evrope

    • Collection of Documents on the History and Culture of European Jewry

    The collection's contents are described in one inventory arranged geographically and thematically. It consists of documents from Austria (67 files), Belgium (1), Britain (1), Czechoslovakia (1), France (3), Germany (87), Latvia (1), Poland (3) Yugoslavia (1), various countries of Europe, Asia and Africa (40), Zionist organizations (8), Jewish emigration (4), Jewish political organizations (8), societies against antisemitism (4), studies of Jewish religion, philosophy and culture (23), and miscellaneous materials. Among the materials of Austrian Jewish organizations, it holds the charters of...

  18. Еврейская община (г. Берлин)

    • Jüdische Gemeinde (Berlin)
    • Records of Jewish Community, Berlin
  19. Dokumental'nye materialy razlichnykh lits (kollektsiia)

    • Documentary Materials of Various Individuals (consolidated collection)

    The collection's contents are catalogued in two inventories, which are arranged by document type in order of the collection originators' surnames. The collection constitutes an accumulation of various individuals' documents united only by authorship or by the documents' belonging to a particular individual. This collection of documents was compiled by archival staff from unsystematized files. The collection includes notes (author unknown) on the situation of Jews in Austria; correspondence of S. Barber with Jewish émigrés from Czechoslovakia on helping them obtain residency rights in countr...