Language of Description: English
Language of Description: Romanian
Country: Bulgaria
  1. Papers of Ivan Baryanov

    Contains anonymous letters against the Bulgarian Government Jewish Policy, opinions and speeches regarding discrimination against Jews in Bulgaria. Also includes a letter from the Bulgarian Consulate in Prague regarding instructions about Yugoslavian problems.

  2. Records of Lyubimir Lyuchev

    Contains a diary, correspondence, articles, photographs, and other records of Lyubimir Lyuchev, a personal advisor to Tsar Boris III.

  3. Papers of Virgil Dimov

    Contains correspondence, criminal cases, appeals, indictment and testimonies, and other legal papers of lawyer Virgil Dimov. Documents relate to the persecution of Komsomol members, confiscation of Jewish properties, Jewish partisans and other Jewish matters.

  4. Papers of Peter Gabe

    Contains manuscripts, notebooks, letters and newspaper clippings relating to the Jewish question, Jewish language, resettlement of Jewish families in Bulgaria, and migration of Russian Jews to agricultural colonies in Palestine.

  5. Parliament records

    Contains requests made by the People's Representative Professor Stainov to the Chairman of Parliament and to the Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding deportation of Asian Jews. Also includes Law of Protection of the Nation records: telegrams, resolutions, and other supporting documents.

  6. Papers of General Nikola Mikhov

    • Tsentralen Darzhaven Arhiv
    • фонд 427К
    • English
    • 1943-1944
    • Contains the diary of General Nikola Mikhov and other documents relating to the disposition of Bulgarian troops in Yugoslavia, air bombardment of Sofia, Bulgaria, and passage of German troops through Bulgaria.
  7. Bulgarian Legation in Bucharest

    Contains reports and press clippings from the Romanian press regarding underground communist activities in Dobruja and Bessarabia; correspondence between the Bulgarian and Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding individual persons of Jewish origin and about the sinking of the "Struma" (Sṭrumah); correspondence regarding passport renewals for Jewish volunteers in the Civil War in Spain; and correspondence regarding visas and transit lists for people of non-Jewish origin. Also includes a registry of incoming documents and passports issued.

  8. Bulgarian Legation in Berlin

    Contains reports, correspondence, reviews of political events, and records relating to fights between Nazis and Communists, the persecution of Jews, the Leipzig trials, Kristallnacht, Nazi Congress, and the beginning of World War II. Also includes coded telegrams to the Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding the opening of the second front, Soviet losses in the war, and congratulatory and condolence correspondence to German officials, including Hitler, Göring, Himmler, and von Ribbentrop.

  9. Independent Workers Trade Union

    Contains appeals against military preparations, military fascist government, and increasing government spending for military preparations.

  10. Union of Doctors

    Contains correspondence with the branches of the union in Sliven (Bulgaria) (file 62), Svogen (file 70), and Khaskova (file 79), including topics such as prohibiting Jewish doctors from having private practices.

  11. Bulgarian Peoples Bank, Kavala

    Contains dossiers on Jewish accounts from the bank in Kavala.

  12. Комисарство по Еврейските Випроси

    • Commissariat for Jewish Questions
    • Komisarstvo Evreyskite Vaprosi

    Contains personal files; lists of the real estate property of Jews; lists of persons of Jewish origin; bank inventories and receipts for deposited Jewish property; correspondence regarding Jewish rights and duties, the payment of taxes by Jews, the expropriation and sale of Jewish property, the “New Territories” of Thrace and Macedonia, and the establishment of ghettos; announcements of actions for the sale of expropriated Jewish property; an agreement for the initial deportation of 20,000 Jews; reports on the rounding up and resettlement of Jews; plans for temporary concentration camps; na...

  13. Bulgarian Red Cross

    Contains correspondence with various Red Cross organizations abroad, including the International Committee of the Red Cross, regarding prisoners of war (POWs ), and missing in action (MIAs), etc.

  14. Union of Journalists records

    Contains the regulations of foreign journalists’ unions regarding welfare benefits, drafts of legislation regarding journalists in Bulgaria, and letters from establishments and private persons regarding foreign journalists in Bulgaria.

  15. Selected records of the Ministry of Justice

    This collection contains reports, protocols, correspondence, telegrams, statements, requests, circulars, name lists, annual reports, and maps. Collection consists of correspondence with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Forensic Medicine Institute of Sofia, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of War, the Ministry of Welfare, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Public Education, the Bulgarian National Bank, General Union of Agricultural Economic Cooperative, the Directorate of National Propaganda, Council of Ministries, and Bulgarian cit...

  16. Ministry of Health

    Contains drafts and correspondence regarding medical services, mobilization of Jewish dentists, and payments for confiscated dental equipment of Jewish dentists. Includes name lists of doctors sent to Thrace and Macedonia and lists of people mobilized to the health services (including mobilized Jewish doctors).

  17. Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Association

    Contains correspondence, personal files, declarations, and lists of members of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Association. Includes information regarding liquidation of Jewish pharmacies according to the Protection of the Nation Act, and report to the Ministry of Health regarding transfer of pharmacy property from Jewish to non-Jewish owners.

  18. Ministry of Finance

    Contains correspondence regarding expenses and consequences of the establishment of anti-Jewish laws and regarding ownership of real estate and houses of Jewish origin.

  19. Regional Organization of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Plovdiv records

    Contains mainly letters, appeals, and telegrams sent to the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party. Records relate to the international and internal situation. Includes an appeal of the Jewish communists in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, to Jewish workers to boycott forthcoming elections for the synagogue administration and to fight against chauvinism and religious prejudices.

  20. Bulgarian Peoples Bank, Giumiurdzhine

    Contains questionnaires with declarations and information regarding Jewish valuables.