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  1. P.11 - Moshe Keller Collection: The Finaly Children Affair

    P.11 -The Moshe Keller Collection: The Finaly Children Affair The event known as the "Finaly Children Affair" took place in France in the early 1950s. Jewish relatives of two orphaned Jewish brothers who had been baptized as Catholics and were living in a monastery in Spain, demanded that they be given custody of the children. The Catholic Church used the baptism as justification for letting the children remain in the Catholic faith. After a struggle mounted by the relatives against the French authorities, the Church finally gave up its demands, and the children were turned over to their Je...

  2. R.3 - Documentation of the Nazi Party (National Socialist Party - NSDAP) in Eretz Israel, 1928-1939

    R.3 - Documentation of the Nazi Party (National Socialist Party - NSDAP) in Eretz Israel, 1928-1939 The first two chapters of the Nazi Party in Eretz Israel were established in Sharona and Jaffa in March 1933. Karl Ruf from Haifa set the chapters up, but during most of the time that the Nazi Party was active Cornelius Schwarz, from the Templar settlement, served as head of the party. In the summer of 1933 the party numbered 42 members, and in 1934, their numbers reached 239 (the largest chapter was in Jerusalem with 67 members). That same year, there were already active Nazi youth organizat...

  3. A Magyar Izraeliták Országos Irodájának iratai

    • Documents of the National Office of Hungarian Israelites

    This body of documents holds the records of the National Office of Hungarian Israelites. Its elements with relevance to the history of antisemitism and the Holocaust range from 1939 to 1945 and include: documents regarding the organization’s responses to the anti-Jewish legislation, such as appeals and petitions written to the Hungarian governmental and legislative authorities; correspondence with Jewish individuals, communities and Hungarian and foreign authorities regarding the individual cases of persecuted Hungarian Jews in the country and abroad; documents regarding the aid and relief ...

  4. Pesti Izraelita Hitközség iratai

    • Documents of the Pest Israelite Congregation

    The fond contains the records of the Pest Israelite Congregation. Its elements with relevance to the history of antisemitism and the Holocaust range from 1919 to 1945 and include: records of the Legal Aid Office documenting antisemitic atrocities in 1919-1921; personal papers of President of the Jewish Council Samu Stern; records of aid organizations and campaigns, such as the Welfare Bureau of Hungarian Israelites, the Welfare Bureau of Pest Israelites, the Veteran Committee of the National Israelite Offices and the National Hungarian Jewish Aid Action regarding the aid and relief of Jews ...

  5. Εβραϊκή Συλλογή

    • Jewish Collection
    • Evraiki Syllogi

    According to the website: "Archive of Jews of Kavala and other regions. It includes: Bulgarian catalogue of the census of Jews of Kavala of 1942 - 1943, before Holocaust. Collected evidence (unbound documents, notes etc) for the Jews of Kavala and other regions of Macedonia and Thrace. Photographic material (synagogue etc)".

  6. Deuxième Guerre Mondiale: déportations, enquêtes, arrestations

    • Second Word War: Deportations, Investigations, Arrests

    The series consists out of Reports manuscripts sent to the Luxembourg Public Safety on living conditions in Cinqfontaines and deportations, 1946. Further there are Investigations and arrests "of Einsatzkommando der Sicherheitspolizei und Sicherheitsdienstes" 1941-1942 and Criminal investigations of the WW II (1947-1950) as well as Lists of deported Jews, 1941-1943 from Luxembourg.

  7. Commissariat du rapatriement

    • Repatriation Commissioner

    The series CR-D-07 of the sub fonds "Dossiers collectifs concernant les Luxembourgeois enrôlés de force, internés dans des camps de concentration ou des camps de prisonniers, portés disparus ou déportés (Sous-fonds)" (Collective dossiers concerning the forced enlisted people from Luxembourg, interned in concentration camps or prison camps, missing or deportedcontents) contents a post war dossier created 1947-1968 about the Luxembourg Cinqfontaines camp - List of the Luxembourg Jews. who died in the Ghetto of Lodz, a list of Jews from Luxembourg arrived at Auschwitz. Further research about t...

  8. Ministère de l'Instruction publique

    • Ministry of Education

    In fonds Ministry of Education consist some files wich are connected with the Holocaust. The sub-series "L'enseignement primaire sous l'occupation allemande 1940-1944" *The Primary education under German occupation 1940-1944" has some documents about the wearing of the yellow badge for Jews (IP-1557); Supplies 1941-1943 for Jewish school in Luxembourg in 1940 (IP-1563).

  9. The Jewish Religious Community in Prague under the occupation

    The preserved official agenda makes it possible to become familiar with the administrative breakdown of the community, and also contains circulars and regulations, official memoranda and all manner of summaries and statistics and correspondence with rural communities. The most valuable material is the reports on the activities of the JRC (Judenrat) and Treuhandstelle. Only fragments have been preserved from the activity of most departments, in many cases only individual files. From the years 1945–1947 the organisational circulars of the National Administration dealing with the activity of t...

  10. Jewish Religious Community Beroun

    This fonds contains the community's statutes including amendments (1871–1933), protocol registers, meeting minutes, election and personnel records, registry and financial files, and burial society records. The fonds also contains materials relating to the affiliated communities of Liteň and Mořina, primarily financial registers and files. The community's extant documents record its administrative work from the middle of the 19th century to the 1930s. Only the Mořina burial society's registers were kept from as early as the first half of the 19th century. The fonds also has a large collectio...

  11. Jewish Religious Community of Pardubice

    This fonds contains lists of Jews living in the Pardubice domain at the end of the 18th century, the community's statutes including amendments (1874, 1977, 1896, 1936), meeting minutes, election records, personnel records, a list of war refugees (1914–1918), construction records (including for the construction of a synagogue), burial society records, and draft texts on the history of the Jews in Pardubice. The burial society registers, particularly grave records, were kept until 1942. The fonds also includes files from the Pardubice Arbeitsamt (labour office) with records of work assignment...

  12. Jewish Religious Community of Olomouc

    This fonds contains the community's statutes including amendments (1865, 1892–1937), meeting minutes, protocol registers, election records, personnel records, membership registration, financial files, records concerning the teaching of religion, the construction and demolition of the synagogue, books of hazkarot, burial society records and the records of other Jewish associations and institutions. The community kept routine administrative files until 1940. In addition, the fonds contains a small collection of documents from 1940–1944 relating to the racial persecution of the Jewish populati...

  13. Jewish Religious Community of Holešov

    The most important part of this fonds consists of pinkasim from 1668–1731 and 1785–1830 and takkanot from the 18th century. This fonds also contains meeting minutes, financial files, records of charitable foundations, synagogue seats records, books of hazkarot and burial society records. Records from 1939–1943 contain registry matters, documents relating to the registration of Jews (including mixed marriages and Jews of the “non-Mosaic” religion), work assignment records, travel permits, housing and construction records, information on the registration and surrendering of property, a commun...

  14. Jewish Religious Community of Brandýs nad Labem

    This fonds contains meeting minutes, election records, personnel records, documents relating to registry matters and to the teaching of religion, financial files, and burial society documents: statutes (1892–1906), meeting minutes, and fragmentary files. It also includes the financial register of the local Jewish women's association and book of hazkarat. The documents from 1938–1940 are mainly accounting records and related correspondence (following on from the pre-war accounting files). There are also several documents relating to social welfare for refugees.

  15. Jewish Religious Community of Brno

    This collection contains fragmentary materials that were mostly found in fonds from areas outside Brno – primarily minor printed materials: the community's statutes (1894), the statutes and annual reports of several Jewish associations, and a memorial document on the improvement of civic conditions for the Jews. From the period of the Nazi occupation there is a 1939 instruction on the obligation to register artefacts and valuable objects, agricultural and forestry land, foreign currency, and debts to foreign individuals, as well as a marriage register from 1941–1942.

  16. Jewish Religious Community of Čáslav

    This fonds is fragmentary and consists of meeting minutes (maintained until 1940), a banns registry (1892–1937), a cash book, and fragments of documents relating to the Jewish Women's Charity Association, including its statutes (1922).

  17. Jewish Religious Community of Divišov

    This fonds contains meeting minutes, cash books, fragmentary files, and financial registers (maintained until 1942). There is also a collection of circulars from 1940–1942.

  18. Jewish Religious Community of Dobříš

    This fonds contains the community's statutes (1855–1906), meeting minutes, election records, Familiantenbuch (register of Familiants) from 1799–1827, personnel records, registry documents, official correspondence, financial files, documents on the construction of a synagogue, documents relating to the local Jewish school, burial society and women's charity association, minutes of meetings held by the Jewish community (maintained until 1939), community protocol registers, minutes of meetings held by the burial society, financial registers (maintained until 1942), and a travel permit register...

  19. Jewish Religious Community of Dolní Kralovice

    This fonds is fragmentary and consists of community's statutes, the statutes of the burial society, meeting minutes, a book of incoming correspondence (1905–1941), a Jewish tax register (1938–1941) and a graves register. The most valuable part of the fonds is a circumcision register (1791–1835).

  20. Jewish Religious Community of Dvůr Králové

    This fonds contains the community's statutes including amendments (1862–1897, 1932), meeting minutes, a memorial book, rules of procedure, a community membership list, financial files, documents and accounts for the construction of a synagogue and cemetery, and a community photograph album from the early 1940s.