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  1. Terezín/Theresienstadt

    The archive records from the Terezín ghetto (24 November 1941 – 8 May 1945, and from the period after the liberation) are preserved only in fragments. Only a portion of the documents in the collection are connected with the official activities of the Terezín Council of Elders and with the various departments and sections of its self-government. The first group of documents comprise a relatively diverse range of maps, plans and drawings of the ghetto, the surrounding area, the housing blocks and buildings, various sketches of the facilities and equipment, as well as notices. The collection a...

  2. Card indexes of Jews persecuted during World War II

    The Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic (FJC) has several card indexes at its disposal: The central card index served the occupation authorities during World War II to keep an overview of most Jewish persons from Bohemia and Moravia. Before the end of the war, the Nazis tried to destroy the majority of important documents that could, inter alia, attest to their part in the extermination of Jews. They were particularly thorough with destroying the cards of deported persons. Yet they were not successful in destroying all the evidence. Some of the cards were preserved, and m...

  3. Židovské organizace

    • Jewish organisations

    The collection contains documents about activities of Jewish organisations and individuals that were examined by the Czechoslovak security apparatus during the 1950s. It includes materials of Jewish relief organisations, in particular of the American Joint Distribution Committee (JOINT) in Czechoslovakia, documents about Jewish emigration from Czechoslovakia (especially between 1945 and 1950), and of Zionist organisations. It also contains materials about Czechoslovak assistance to Israel in 1948-49, including training and shipments of weaponry. Among other materials, it also contains a fil...

  4. Comité voor Joodsche Vluechtlingen Papers

    Mostly microfilm and 1 file of papers of the Comité voor Joodsche Vluechtlingen and predecessor organisation consisting of reports, memoranda and correspondence mostly on the subject of emigration of German Jews to the Netherlands from 1933 to 1940 and conditions for Jews still in Germany.

  5. Evian Conference Papers (microfilm)

    Minutes, reports, speeches and correspondence of the Evian Conference, France, July 1938, convened to address the issue of Jewish refugees from Nazi rule.

  6. Theresienstadt Activity Report (microfilm)

    Typescript report detailing every aspect of the activities of the Theresienstadt Concentration camp under the following sub-headings: Abteilung f?r innere Verwaltung; Arbeitszentrale; Wirtschaftsabteilung; Spedition; Landwirtschaft; Produktion; Finanzabteilung; Technische Abteilung; Abteilung fuer Gesundheitswesen.

  7. Noack-Mosse, Eva (1908-): Theresienstadt Diary and Other Papers (microfilm)

    This diary covers the period of her incarceration at Theresienstadt,12 February 1945-1 July 1945 and is preceded by an 11 page personal account of life under the Nazis from 1934. An addition to the original foreward, dated 1975, suggests that this version is a transcript copy. It includes the following contents list: 'Gestapo order re compulsory labour'; 'assembling in Augsburg'; 'journey into the unknown'; 'arrival at Theresienstadt'; 'first days'; 'office work'; 'no luggage'; 'illness'; 're-found friends-their experiences'; 'camp children'; 'departure of the Danes'; 'arrival of 12,000 KZ ...

  8. Schmitt, Carl (1888-1985): File of the SS High Command Security Service Main Office (microfilm)

    Microfilm of a dossier produced by the Sicherheitsdienst der Reichsf?hrung SS, 1936-1937, the result of an extensive investigation into Carl Schmitt, constitutional theorist of the Weimar Republic and 'Crown Jurist' of the Nazi era. It contains correspondence and reports from former colleagues of Schmitt and others, denouncing his alleged anti-Nazi, pro-Jewish background. Also included is correspondence between the editor of Das Schwarze Korps , and officials within the RFSS SD, in which an anonymous article first appeared (c1936), questioning Schmitt's Nazi credentials.

  9. Roth, Cecil (1899-1970): Papers relating to Italian Jewry (microfilm)

    Essays and memoranda on the situation of Italian Jewry and original correspondence between Dr Cecil Roth and certain Italian Jews and organisations concerning their rescue after 1939.

  10. Jewish doctors during the Nazi era: various papers (microfilm)

    Papers of Walter Gordon and Max Nelki, 1933-1952 comprising personal and official correspondence and papers of Walter Gordon and other material relating to his status as a Jewish doctor, including a questionnaire with a note relating to ethnicity, [1936]; correspondence with former commanding officers relating to his military service in World War One; instructions from the Reichs?rztekammer regarding his professional remit and printed list of non-aryan and 'staatsfeindlich' doctors and dentists, published by the Krankenkasse der deutschen Angestellten, arranged alphabetically by city/ regio...

  11. Documents relating to Jews in Danzig (microfilm)

    Correspondence and reports of meetings between the Danzig Jewish Community and the Senate of the Free City of Danzig regarding anti-Semitism in Danzig, 1933-1935. Two memoranda to support a compensation/ restitution application for persecuted Danziger Jews, 1956.

  12. Walldorf 16 Labour Camp, Frankfurt am Main: Prisoner List (microfilm)

    List of Jewish women prisoners at Walldorf/ Frankfurt, giving prisoner number, name, date of birth, profession, function in the camp, c 1944.

  13. Sievers, Wolfram (1905-1948): SS Dossier (microfilm)

    Microfilm file of documents on Wolfram Sievers concerning his SS membership, including Lebenslauf, SS muster roll extract; personnel questionnaire; service career; examination certificates, 1937-1944.

  14. List of Hungarian Jews in Malines Concentration Camp under the protection of the Belgian Consulate (microfilm)

    Lists of Jews held under the protection of the Hungarian consulate, Belgium, 1943.

  15. Winter, Josephine (fl 1938-1942): Papers relating to emigration (microfilm)

    This collection comprises 2 deposits: correspondence between a commercial counsellor at the British Embassy, Berlin, and the secretary of the North of England local industrial development organisation; and the papers of Josephine Winter and her husband, Austrian Jewish immigrants to Great Britain including an inventory of possessions, instructions on how aliens should behave in Great Britain; guidelines on how to prepare children prior to despatch on 'Kindertransport'.

  16. Far Eastern Jewish Central Information Bureau: Correspondence (microfilm)

    Correspondence between the Far Eastern Jewish Central Information Bureau (DALJEWCIB) and individuals and other Jewish organisations detailing the experiences of German and Austrian Jewish ?migr?s in the Far East, 1938-1939. The personal accounts contain descriptions of the outward-bound voyage and of the climate and conditions in the host country, along with details on obtaining work and accommodation. Note that many of the letters are copies or extracts from originals. Some newsletters and newspapers are also included.

  17. Hilfsverein für jüdische Studierende: correspondence (microfilm)

    Correspondence concerning the Hilfsverein für jüdische Studierende, Berlin (aid organisation for Jewish students), founded in 1841 to help poor Jewish students receive secondary education, mostly relating to bequests, 1880-1910.

  18. World Jewish Congress Conference on Antisemitism: records (microfilm)

    Surveys and reports on anti-Semitism and neo-Nazi and extreme right wing organisations in Europe, 1961-1962.

  19. Buchenwald concentration camp: miscellaeous documents (microfilm)

    This collection of miscellaneous documents includes: correspondence between the camp authorities and the Gestapo, Holland, regarding the belongings of dead Dutch prisoners, 1941-1942; statistics on exterminations, unnatural deaths and transports to death camps, April 1945; list of surviving prisoners, March 1945.