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  1. Иван Иванов Багрянов (1891–1945) - Личен фонд

    • Ivan Ivanov Bagryanov (1891-1945) - Lichen fond
    • Papers of Ivan I. Bagryanov (1891-1945)

    Contains anonymous letters against the Bulgarian Government Jewish Policy, opinions and speeches regarding discrimination against Jews in Bulgaria. Also includes a letter from the Bulgarian Consulate in Prague regarding instructions about Yugoslavian problems.

  2. Комисарство по Еврейските Випроси

    • Commissariat for Jewish Questions
    • Komisarstvo Evreyskite Vaprosi

    Contains personal files; lists of the real estate property of Jews; lists of persons of Jewish origin; bank inventories and receipts for deposited Jewish property; correspondence regarding Jewish rights and duties, the payment of taxes by Jews, the expropriation and sale of Jewish property, the “New Territories” of Thrace and Macedonia, and the establishment of ghettos; announcements of actions for the sale of expropriated Jewish property; an agreement for the initial deportation of 20,000 Jews; reports on the rounding up and resettlement of Jews; plans for temporary concentration camps; na...

  3. Министерство на правосъдието

    • Ministerstvo na pravosudieto
    • Ministry of Justice

    This collection contains reports, protocols, correspondence, telegrams, statements, requests, circulars, name lists, annual reports, and maps. Collection consists of correspondence with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Forensic Medicine Institute of Sofia, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of War, the Ministry of Welfare, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Public Education, the Bulgarian National Bank, General Union of Agricultural Economic Cooperative, the Directorate of National Propaganda, Council of Ministries, and Bulgarian cit...

  4. Българска народна банка – Ксанти

    • Bulgarska narodna banka - Ksanti
    • Bulgarian National Bank - Xanthi

    Contains dossiers of Jewish declarations of currency and assets held.

  5. Дружество на столичните журналисти

    • Druzhestvo na stolichnite zhurnalisti
    • Society of Metropolitan Journalists

    Contains the regulations of foreign journalists’ unions regarding welfare benefits, drafts of legislation regarding journalists in Bulgaria, and letters from establishments and private persons regarding foreign journalists in Bulgaria.

  6. Министерство на труда и социалните въпроси

    • Ministerstvo na truda i sotsialnite vŭprosi
    • Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

    Contains agreements between the Bulgarian Government and Soviet military representatives regarding passports for Jews and Turks; assistance for Jews after World War II; correspondence with the National Committee of Liberation regarding homelessness and destitution, persecution of Bulgarians by Nazis, and immediate relief after liberation; correspondence with the Central Jewish Consistory regarding assistance with coal; appeals from Jewish organizations for restitution of property and money confiscated under the Defense of the Nation Act; appeals (arranged by geographical place) from politic...

  7. Министерство на народната просвета

    • Ministerstvo na narodnata prosveta
    • Ministry of Education

    Contains a confidential letter regarding a search for Jews and an investigation about teachers who were Communist Party members.

  8. Българска народна банка – Деде Агач

    • Bulgarska narodna banka - Dede Agach
    • Bulgarian National Bank - Dedeagach (Alexandroupoli)

    Contains signatures of supervisors of the Commissariat of Jewish Affairs, correspondence relating to Jewish property, and Jewish declarations of currency and assets held.

  9. Министерство на вътрешните работи и народното здраве (МВРНЗ) - Дирекция на общините и обществените грижи

    • Ministerstvo na vatreshnite raboti i narodnoto zdraviye (MVRNZ) - Direktsiya na obshtinite i obshtestvenite grizhi
    • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Health - Municipalities and Social Services Directorate

    The collection contains correspondence, decrees, and memoranda relating to the location of German troops, tax, financial, and property regulations, replacement of Jewish workers in the city of Vidin, Bulgaria, and memoranda regarding decorations, bonuses for the killing of partisans, and financial compensation for Allied bombardment.

  10. Министерство на финансите

    • Ministerstvo na finansite
    • Ministry of Finance

    Contains correspondence regarding expenses and consequences of the establishment of anti-Jewish laws and regarding ownership of real estate and houses of Jewish origin.

  11. Българска народна банка – Гюмюрджина

    • Bulgarska narodna banka - Gyumyurdzhina
    • Bulgarian National Bank - Gyumyurdzhina (Komotini)

    Contains questionnaires with declarations and information regarding Jewish valuables.

  12. Български фармацевтически кондиционерен съюз

    • Bulgarski farmatsevticheski konditsioneren suyuz
    • Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union

    Contains correspondence, personal files, declarations, and lists of members of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union. Includes information regarding liquidation of Jewish pharmacies according to the Protection of the Nation Act, and report to the Ministry of Health regarding transfer of pharmacy property from Jewish to non-Jewish owners.

  13. Главно управление на народното здраве

    • Glavnoto upravleniye na narodnoto zdrave
    • Main Office of Public Health

    Contains drafts and correspondence regarding medical services, mobilization of Jewish dentists, and payments for confiscated dental equipment of Jewish dentists. Includes name lists of doctors sent to Thrace and Macedonia and lists of people mobilized to the health services (including mobilized Jewish doctors).

  14. Колекция „Окръжна организация на Българска Комунистическа Партия – Пловдив“

    • Kolektsiya "Okruzhna organizatsiya na Bulgarska Komunisticheska Partiya - Plovdiv"
    • Records of the Regional Organization of the Bulgarian Communist Party - Plovdiv

    Contains mainly letters, appeals, and telegrams sent to the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party. Records relate to the international and internal situation. Includes an appeal of the Jewish communists in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, to Jewish workers to boycott forthcoming elections for the synagogue administration and to fight against chauvinism and religious prejudices.

  15. Върховна стопанска камара

    • Vurhovna stopanska kamara
    • Supreme Chamber of Commerce

    Contains selected records from Fond 212, including draft correspondence regarding Jewish savings.

  16. Министерство на правосъдието

    • Ministerstvo na pravosudiyeto
    • Ministry of Justice

    Contains correspondence related to property in Yugoslavian and Greek territories; testimonies from Bulgarian soldiers taking part in the execution of Thomas Markham, an American pilot, as well as English Major Thompson and others; correspondence with the Central Committee of National Liberation (Jewish Section) regarding Jews in jail; report regarding the property of Jews who emigrated to Palestine and a letter from the Association of Bulgarian Jews in Tel Aviv regarding this question; and other records related to the confiscation of properties during and after World War II.

  17. Български зъболекарски съюз

    • Balgarski zabolekarski sayuz
    • Association of Bulgarian Dentists

    Contains correspondence and list of members of the Association of Bulgarian Dentists. Includes correspondence relating to the confiscation of telephones from Jewish offices and prohibition of dental practices by Jews.

  18. Уголовные дела нереабилитированных лиц

    дело на сотрудников и агентуру разведывательных и контрразведывательных органов нацистской Германии; дела на лиц, работавших в немецких оккупационных административных органах; дела на лиц, проходивших службу в немецких охранительных органах (жандармерия, полиция, комендатура и другие); дела на лиц, проходивших службу в армейских частях нацистской Германии и ее союзников, в национальных легионах; дела на лиц, осужденных за измену Родины, шпионаж, диверсии, вредительство, саботаж, террористические акты, преступления против человечества и человечности, карательные акции в отношении мирного нас...

  19. Независими работнически професионални съюзи (НРПС)

    • Nezavisimi rabotnicheski profesionalni sayuzi (NRPS)
    • Independent Workers Trade Unions

    Contains appeals against military preparations, military fascist government, and increasing government spending for military preparations.