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  1. Landrat (District Councillor) of Chomutov

    The debts of persons of the Jewish origin, evicted/escaped from the district of Chomutov, the administration of the ayrianized assets and trades - temporary administration, Treuhänder, etc. The register of people of the Jewish origin, 1943; the liquidation of a Jewish law firm and dealing with its claims, 1941.

  2. Landrat (District Councillor) of Kadaň

    Documents concerning the Jewish population can be found in the inv. No. 54 (labelled as "various unclassified files") - they include, in particular, lists of Jews and Jewish peple of mixed racein the district of Kadaň and documents about the Aryanization of Jewish property.

  3. Amtsgericht (District Court) of Kadaň

    In the materials concerning the criminal agenda there are files relating to the breach of the duty to use the supplemental first name Israel for Jewish men, and Sára for Jewish women, 1940.

  4. Amtsgericht (District Court) of Jirkov

    In the materials concerning the criminal agenda there are files relating to the breach of the duty to use the supplemental first name Israel for Jewish men, and Sára for Jewish women, 1940-1941.

  5. Amtsgericht (District Court) of Chomutov

    In the materials concerning the criminal agenda there are files relating to the breach of the duty to use the supplemental first name Israel for Jewish men, and Sára for Jewish women, 1940.

  6. Attività dell'Unione delle Comunità Israelitiche Italiane fino al 1933

    • Activities of Union of Italian Jewish Communities untill 1933
    • AUCII fino al 1933

    The above mentioned series are important since they can document the situation in Europe, the flee of Refugees, the necessity to recover them; beside that, the series "Demografia e Statistica; anagrafe" can be important to know the situation before the census of Jewish population, of immigrant population, and the total amount of italian and foreign Jews before the 1938 racial laws

  7. Fondo Aucii dal 1948 (Attività dell'Unione delle Comunità Israelitiche Italiane dal 1948)

    • Attività dell'Unione delle Comunità Israelitiche Italiane dal 1948

    Some files, found in the previous collection of Fondo Aucii dal 1934, were inserted in this Fund, for chronological or content reasons. The Registers contain minutes of Council, junta; payment accounts, heredities, Italian Rabbinical College.

  8. Fondo Aucii dal 1934 (Attività dell'Unione delle Comunità Israelitiche Italiane dal 1934)

    • Activities of Union of Italian Jewish Communities since 1934

    Very important are the Delasem papers, an organization for the assistance to the refugees; other subjects the documents related to the persecution of italian Jews in the Fascist Era; Racial Laws; Israel; Censuses on population and heritage possessed by Jews.

  9. Předsednictvo ministerské rady - Londýn

    • Presidium of Ministerial Council
    • PMR - L
    • Národní archiv
    • 1006
    • English
    • 1940-1945
    • 14,5 linear metres from which 14,5 linear metres of documents are processed and inventoried and accessible and 0,3 linear metres are unprocessed and not accessible.
  10. Československá vládní komise pro stíhání nacistických válečných zločinců

    • The Czechoslovak Government Commission for Prosecution of Nazi War Criminals
    • NAD 1145
    • Národní archiv
    • 1145
    • English
    • 1959-1990
    • 49 linear metres of documents which are not processed and inventoried, however the fonds is accessible.

    The fonds contains records, information and mailing of the commission, records of the commission meetings, administration files, documents copies, above all Nazi criminals extradition requests, documents about Nazi judges, war criminal lists etc.

  11. Úřad československého delegáta v komisi pro stíhání válečných zločinců

    • The Office of the Czechoslovak delegate in the Commission for Prosecution of War Criminals
    • ÚD
    • NAD 615
    • Národní archiv
    • 615
    • English
    • 15 linear metres of documents from which 11 are processed and inventoried, 4 are not processed. The fonds is accessible.

    The fonds contains the documents and files coming from the office functioning and administration, incomplete records of the International Military Tribunal sessions (hearings and interrogations, various summaries), documentary materials for the trials (such as documents against K. von Neurath or K. H. Frank, documents of investigation and hunt for war criminals), incomplete lists of war criminals, and the correspondence of Bohumil Ečer and his assistant.

  12. Ministerstvo sociální péče - Londýn

    • Ministry of Social Welfare - London
    • MSP - L
    • NAD 1007
    • Národní archiv
    • 1007
    • English
    • 1940-1945
    • 15,8 linear metres of documents from which 15,5 linear metres are processed and inventoried and 0,3 linear metres unprocessed. The fonds is partially accessible.

    The fonds includes various administrative correspondence (this correspondence refers to requests for social supports or finding a job opportunity), questionnaires of repatriates, circulars, information booklets, studies, reports and records of the Czechoslovak National Council and its committees. Jewish related documents can be found in various boxes, such as in boxes 58 and 59, there are files of Jewish associations, clubs and Jewish committees including the Federation of Czechoslovak Jews, The Union of Orthodox Jews from Czechoslovakia or Central Board of Jews. There are also documents fr...

  13. Ministerstvo hospodářství a práce, Praha

    • Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit, Prag
    • MHP
    • NAD 782
    • ...
    • Národní archiv
    • 782
    • English
    • 1942-1945
    • 109 linear meters of documents, all are processed and inventoried.

    The Ministry of Economy and Work (Ministerstvo hospodářství a práce) was a result of the Heydrich´s reform of the Protectorate administration in 1942. In this period falls the total change of the Protectorate into a war economy. As the Aryazation of Jewish property was untill 1942 almost finished and the deportation of Bohemian and Moravian Jews to Ghetto Theresienstadt (Terezín) and other Ghettos and camps in the east started in 1941 most Holocaust relevant material in this collection is connected to the status of "mixed" Jews or Jews who were married to a non Jewish partner.

  14. Ministerstvo průmyslu, obchodu a živností, Praha

    • Ministry of Industry, Trade and Crafts, Prague
    • Ministerium für Industrie, Handel und Gewerbe
    • MPOŽ
    • ...
    • Národní archiv
    • 903
    • English
    • 1918-1942
    • 453,6 linear metres of documents from which 452 linear meters are processed and inventoried and 1,6 linear meters are not inventoried.

    The archival fonds contains the records of the Ministry until its dissolution in 1942. Especially important are documents relating to the divestment of the Jewish population from economic life in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

  15. Records of the Prefect of Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun County, 1876-1944

    • Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun vármegye főispánjának iratai, 1876-1944

    The most relevant Holocaust-related thematic groups of the collection are the following: 401/a. Confidential Records, 1882-1944 Holocaust-related records are scattered throughout the collection, mostly require file-level research, and include, but not limited to the following issues: political movements, including extreme right wing parties; supervision of the press, foundations and cultural and social organizations; passport issues, national and municipal elections; requests for and decisions about various kinds of trade licences and permits; supervision of extreme right wing movements and...

  16. Битолски Евреи 1918-1962

    • Bitolski Evrei 1918-1962
    • Jews from Bitola 1918-1962

    The Archival collection: Jews from Bitola 1918-1962 is important for the Holocaust in Macedonia, the Jewish population in Bitola before the Holocaust, their deportation, rescue and post-war re-constitution of the Jewish community in Bitola.

  17. Jewish Council for Amsterdam

    The archive consists of correspondence, newsletters and financial documents from the chairmen of the Jewish Council and various departments and bureaus. The documents give insight into German policy and the fate of individual Jews.

  18. Rimokatolička škola Travnik

    • Catholic school Travnik

    Contains records (mainly class books and registars) of Elementary Catholic school in Travnik, from 1881 to 1945. Significant part of student body were Jews from Travnik and the region.

  19. Zbirka Antona Pelića

    • Private collection of Anton Pelić
    • Kantonalni arhiv Travnik
    • BiH‐KAT/FZAP
    • English
    • 1884-1975
    • 385 postcards, photographs, 60 varied related documents

    The collection contains postcards of Travnik, Jajce and other towns, as well as photographs presenting either Jews or Jewish-owned houses or businesses. It also includes various documents collected by the creator, listed as "Varia".

  20. Zemaljska vlada za Bosnu i Hercegovinu

    • Landesregierung für Bosnien und die Hercegovina