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Holding Institution: Vilniaus Universiteto archyvas
  1. 1924-1952 metų studentų asmenų bylų sąrašas (tvarkomasis)

    • List of Students' Personal Files in 1924-1952 (Regulative)
    • Vilniaus Universiteto archyvas
    • F. R-856
    • English
    • 1924-1952
    • 3925 personal files. The fonds is without subfonds. Almost all documents are handwritten.

    Personal files of the students of the Vilnius University. The files consist of various documents (applications, certificates of birth, graduation from the school certificates, reports). 20% of files are with Jewish names. The files on 1939-1941 years consist of the names of the potencially killed Jews in 1941-1944. The files from 1944-1946 consist of the information of the Jews survivor who applied for the studies at the university after the WWII.