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Language of Description: English
Language of Description: Multiple
Holding Institution: Comité international de la Croix-Rouge
  1. C G2 PA Service “Immigration en Palestine”.

    Firstly, this fonds contains general correspondence, notes, administrative documents, reports, … of which some are of importance for the history of the Jewish population during the war, and in the immediate after war period. See files C G2 PA 065.03 (lists of messages to recipients in Belgium, sent to the Association des Juifs en Belgique, 1944), C G2 PA 067.29 (report of M. Jaquet concerning his mission to i.a. Belgium, 1946), C G2 PA 067.48 (notes on the visit of Mrs. Daïnow to Belgium, correspondence with the AIVG, 1947), C G2 PA 057.22 and C G2 PA 057.21. The following files contain var...

  2. BG 059 Israélites.

    In this fonds we first of all want to point out the general series and files regarding: the persecution of, and assistance to Jews in the countries occupied by Nazi Germany and the other Axis powers; relief efforts in liberated concentration camps; “matters of principle”; individual cases; … We expect to find information on the Jewish population in Belgium in this kind of general correspondence, reports, lists etc. The following files explicitly refer to Belgium. Section “BG 59 02 [Aid and matters of principle] 1940-1961” contains a file on Belgium (file BG 59 02-020; for the year 1945). In...

  3. BG 044 Otages et détenus politiques.

    This fonds contains correspondence on the situation of and assistance to hostages and political prisoners. In section BG 44 04 we find correspondence (1943-1945) on this subject with the CICR delegation in Belgium (file BG 44 04-151) and the former Belgian Congo (BG 44 04-150), with the Belgian Red Cross (BG 44 04-194) and the Belgian government, particularly consulates and embassies (BG 44 04-172). Section BG 44 03 contains, apart from a general file on hostages and political prisoners in Belgium (1940-1950)(BG 44 03-067.01) also files on seven individual cases (1948-1949): see files BG 44...