Language of Description: English
Language of Description: Multiple
Holding Institution: Archiwum Państwowe w Rzeszowie
  1. Akta miasta Rzeszowa

    • Files of the town of Rzeszów

    The collection contains i.a. items including German bills and public announcements; information on the establishment of the ghetto and forced labour for Jews; confiscations of property and its administration; death sentences; lists of deceased Jews for the years 1935-1942; an incomplete list of the Jews of Mielec (1941); lists of licences issued and tribute payments by residents in the years 1941-1943; registers of houses and lists of names of the tenants of various real properties; records of personal identity documents issued; alphabetical card files on population movements ; and the orig...

  2. Urząd Metrykalny Izraelicki w Rzeszowie

    • Israelite Registry Office in Rzeszów

    The collection contains i.a. records and registry files from the years of the occupation: marriage certificates (Trauungsscheine), birth certificates, death certificates, as well as various other certificates, personal identity documents, residence registration documents, etc.

  3. Gmina Wyznaniowa Żydowska w Czudcu

    • Jewish Community in Czudec

    In addition to registry files, there are also minutes of meetings of the Jewish Council dating from 1940, records including numbers of Jews before the war and in May 1940, number of people resettled, the community budget, other economic and business matters, social welfare, lists of people paying subscriptions to the community organization, the cash ledger, insurance documents for the bathhouse and synagogue, correspondence with the Joint and the Żydowska Samopomoc Społeczna (ŻSS, Jewish Self-Help), orders issued by the German authorities, lists of forced labourers, lists of Jews receiving ...