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Holding Institution: Latvijas Nacionālā arhīva Latvijas Valsts vēstures arhīvs
  1. SS un vietējās policijas priekšnieks Liepājā

    • The SS and Police Leader of Libau
    • Der SS–und Polizeistandartenführer Libau

    Guideline for treatment of Jews, including information about interdiction against communication with Jews, mixed marriages, forms to be completed for declarations of Jewish property, record keeping of Jewish property used in barracks, belongings left after executions. Attitude of German soldiers to Jews; the mood of Libau inhabitants after executions of Jews. Arrests of Jews because of violations of the restriction rules; black trade; escaped Jews from ghetto and camps; hidden Jews; arrests of Latvians who helped Jews to hide and issued false papers. Arresting of group of Jews intending to ...

  2. Ārkārtēja komisija lvva

    • The Soviet State Extraordinary Commission for Ascertaining and Investigating the Crimes Committed by the German-Fascist Invaders and their Accomplices
    • Чрезвычайная республиканская комиссия Латвийской ССР

    Organization of the Commission’s work, including information about staff, reports, collection of information; lists of victims on Latvian territory, including Abrene district, Aizpute district, and Aizpute city; list of Jews killed in 1941 in Bauska district, Valmiera district, Ventspils district and Ventspils city, Valka district, Daugavpils district and Daugavpils city; list of Jews killed in Livani, Dagda, Jekabpils district, Jelgava district, Liepaja district, Ludza district, Liepaja district, and Liepaja city; lists of Jews killed in 1941 in Riga district and Riga city; list of Jews ki...

  3. Tukuma-Talsu apriņķa policijas iestādes

    • Tukums-Talsi District Police Institutions
    • Polizeibehörden des Kreises Tukums-Talsen

    The fonds contains extensive information about activities of the Police institutions in the district since 1919. The wartime documents include information about the Jewish property and the acquisition and registration of Jewish belongings; confiscation of Jewish books; hiding of Jews; Jews who escaped from Kaltene camp (August 1941) and from the Salaspils pit factory; Jews and Poles who escaped from Częstochowa prison; list of Jews in Talsen; manhunting of Roma; Roma living in Kandava (1942); Russian prisoners of war who escaped from Grobina camp; and a list of prisoners of war.

  4. Latvijas vēstures dokumenti ārzemju arhīvos

    • Foreign archive documents about Latvian history

    Registration cards of Latvian inmates of Stutthof and Buchenwald Concentration camps.

  5. Limbažu pilsētas valde

    • Limbazi City Council
    • Stadtverwaltung Lemsal

    The fonds contains information about the town’s history administration since the 19th century. Most of the wartime files contain data concerning confiscation of Jewish trade and industry enterprises (1941).

  6. Madonas apriņķa policijas iestādes

    • Madona District Police Institutions
    • Polizeibehörden Kreis Madohn

    The fonds contains information about activities of the Police Institution in the district since 1919. The wartime documents include information about evictions of Jews from apartments; lists of Jewish property and belongings; information about seizing of Jewish possessions and list of goods taken; and information about Jews arrested in Litene, Jaungulbene, Dzelzava, and Gulbene (1941-1943).

  7. Kandavas pilsētas valde

    • Kandava City Council
    • Stadtverwaltung Kandau

    The fonds contains information about the town’s history and administration since 1912. The wartime documents include orders of the district chief to demolish all Jewish cemeteries in the district and to transfer all Jewish vital records to the Riga archive (1942).

  8. Kuldīgas pilsētas valde

    • Kuldiga City Council
    • Stadtverwaltung Goldingen

    The fonds contains information about the town’s history and administration since the 19th century. The war period documents include lists of Jewish property, registration of property, acquisition of Jewish property and belongings, a list of Jews sent to do agricultural work throughout the district (1941), and a list of war prisoners in the Kuldīga camp (1941-1942).

  9. Talsu apriņķa vecākajs

    • Talsi County Leader
    • Kreisleiter Talsen

    The fonds contains information about the district administration since 1919. The wartime documents include information about the Jewish property – belongings left after eviction of Jews, misappropriation and purchase of Jewish property. Destruction of the Jewish cemetery in Talsi (October-November of 1942), interdiction of contacts between non-Jews and Jews working for Organization Todt in Mersrags and Upesgriva (May, 1943).

  10. Tukuma apriņķa vecākais

    • Kreisleiter Tukums

    The fonds contains information about the district administration since 1919. The wartime documents include regulations to wear the Star of David, lists of Jewish property, applications to allocate former Jewish property and belongings (1941-1943).

  11. Rīgas pilsētas Galvenā un personālā valde

    • Main Board and Staff of City of Riga
    • Haupt- und Personalamt der Stadt Riga

    List of doctors and nurses who were dismissed or who did not appear to work, including Jewish doctors, June-August of 1941; Jewish property, including it acquisition; establishing of ghetto; transfer of Jewish schools and hospitals to the ghetto suburb; stopping of gas supply to the ghetto (1941); closing of ghetto in 1943; establishing of commission to take over the ghetto and renaming of ghetto to Russensiedlung.

  12. Rīgas pilsētas Izglītības valde

    • The Riga Board of Education
    • Bildungsamt der Stadt Riga

    Transfer of Jews and Jewish institutions to ghetto area; acquisition of former Jewish institutions; information about Jewish labour and rules for payment; excluding of the Jewish school at Lačplēša Street 141 from the ghetto territory and its transfer to the Russian primary school; lists of Jewish and German emigrants writers.

  13. Rigas pilsetas tirdzniecības un rūpniecības valde

    • The Riga City Board of Trade and Industry
    • Handels- und Gewerbeamt der Stadt Riga

    Contains information about moving to ghetto, including vacating of apartments and information about the Jewish Committee; moving of non-Jewish shops from the ghetto territory and opening of Jewish shops in ghetto; closing of gas supply to the ghetto suburb (October 1941); statistical information about the number of ghetto inhabitants in regard to the working Jews, food rations, work payments, forced labour, list of Jewish women married to Christians and living outside of Ghetto (1943); renaming of ghetto to Russian Camp (1943).

  14. Valmieras pilsētas komandantūra

    • Valmiera City Commandant's Office
    • Stadtkommandantur Wolmar

    Checking for Jewish apartments; arrests of Jews. July 1941.

  15. Tirdzniecības un rūpniecības galvenā direkcija

    • Directorate General of Trade and Industry

    Lists of nationalized Jewish property and enterprises; confiscation of trading enterprises in Riga, Bauska, Daugavpils, Jelgava, Karsava, Koknese, Vaiņode, and Viesite (1941-1943).

  16. Rēzeknes kara komandantūra

    • Rezekne Commandant's Ofiice
    • Rezekne Ortskommandantur

    Obligation for working Jews to wear the Star of David; Jewish property; use of Jewish property; confiscation of radios from Jews (1941-1942).

  17. Vācijas bruņoto spēku pavēlnieks Austrumzemē

    • Wehrmachtsbefehlshaber im Ostland
    • Wehrmacht Commander in Ostland

    Jewish property, including information about confiscations; printed forms to inventory Jewish property; lists of names and addresses of Jewish houses taken by the Wehrmacht, which contain information about furniture and house goods; copies of order of the Wehrmacht-Ortskommandantur Riga for the confiscation of property; eviction of Jews from their apartments. Use of Jews in forced labour, including information about work conditions, whether to consider them as war prisoners, guarding and separating them from general population, payment for work; regulations of transfer of Jews from and into...

  18. Okupēto Austrumu apgabalu Valsts ministrija

    • Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories
    • Reichsministerium für die besetzten Ostgebiete

    Definition of “Jude” and “Halbjude” (Mischlings); regulations and restrictions on school attendance for mischlings, 1942

  19. Rīgas pilsētas apgabala komisārs

    • Riga City Gebietscommissar
    • Der Gebietskommissar Riga–Stadt

    Structure of the Riga city board and its institutions; evacuation of Russian inhabitants, via Riga, to work sites, including information about their treatment, accommodation, etc.

  20. Finanšu ģenerāldirekcija

    • Financial Director General
    • Generaldirektion des Finanzwesens

    Jewish property: lists of belongings, mostly of Jews who were deported on June 14, 1941; registration of Jewish property.