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  1. Žandárska stanica Spišská Belá

    • Gendarmerie Station Spišská Belá

    The fragmentary fonds contains documents of the Gendarmerie Station in Spišská Belá. It includes documents from 1938 and1941. These include report on the Anti-semitic flyer "Christians of all countries unite!" written in Czech language and sent from Zlin, then documents concerning the deportation of Jews in November 1938 (including lists of those that were expelled and list of those who returned back) and various documents pertaining those deportations. Files from 1941 concern the cooperation between gendarmes and Hlinka Guard in anti-Jewish measures, as well as file concerning the restrict...

  2. Žandárska stanica Kežmarok

    • Gendarmerie Station Kežmarok

    The fragmentary fonds contains police (Gendarmerie) documents of the Gendarmerie Station in Kežmarok. In includes the list of Jews that were to be deported to the concentration camp in Žilina in 1942, the list of Jews that were to be arrested and deported from Kežmarok on 2 April 1942, the list of Jews that escaped from deportation (so-called "dezerteri") that were searched by police. There is also a report about specific Jews that were arrested. Some files contain instructions of the District Office in Kežmarok pertaining to the deportation of Jews from 1942, including the document on the ...

  3. Slovenská tlačová kancelária

    • Slovak Press Bureau
    • STK

    The Slovak Press Bureau was a state press agency of the Slovak Republic 1939-1945. The fonds contains files as well as extensive photo archive of the Slovak Press Agency from the years 1939-1945. While files are not processed and therefore not accessible, the photo archive is completely digitized and available in the Research Room of the Slovak National Archive. It contains thousands of pictures taken by professionals of the Slovak Press Bureau covering various events in Slovakia of that period. This includes some of the anti-Jewish measures (such as deportation of Jews in 1942) even though...

  4. Okresný úrad v Banskej Štiavnici I.

    • District Office in Banská Štiavnica I.

    The fonds contains documents of the District Office in Banská Štiavnica which was the state administration body. The fonds includes documents on the persecution of Jews in 1938-1945 at the territory of the Banská Štiavnica district, including documents on the so-called Aryanization of Jewish enterprise property as well as Jewish agricultura property.

  5. Krajský súd v Levoči

    The fonds contains various civil, penal, as well as business-related (property) files of the County Court in Levoča. These documents cover the period before the Holocaust and are relevant for the research of relations between Jews and non-Jews in the area. Files of the third manipulating period of the fonds (1924-1949) cover various conflicts in the area as well as the employment of Jews and their life before the Holocaust. There are also Holocaust-related files from the period of 1938-1945.

  6. Bratislavská župa III

    The fonds contains documents of the Bratislava County Office which was the state administation body of the Slovak Republic established in 1940. The County Office was subordinated to the Ministry of Interior and superior to the Bratislava City Notary Office as well as District Offices at the territory of the Bratislava County. The fonds contains various Holocaust-relevant documents. These include documents on various anti-Jewish measures in Bratislava and surrounding territory, including the Aryanization of Jewish property, employment of Jews etc.

  7. Krajský súd v Bratislave I

    • County Court in Bratislava I

    The fonds contains documents of the County Court in Bratislava. It contains various files in civic, penal and property-related (business) judiciary matters which reflect the life of Jews long before the Holocaust, during the Holocaust as well as after the year 1945. The Holocaust-related documents include judiciary case files of Jews arrested for avoiding the deportation in 1942, including those living with the false identification documents.

  8. Okresný úrad v Zlatých Moravciach

    • District Office in Zlaté Moravce

    The fonds contains documents on various anti-Jewish measures in Slovakia 1939-1945, including those about the liquidation of Jewish enterprises and their licences, various police measures against Jews, so-called temporary administration of Jewish houses and apartments. It also contains documents on creation on work permits for Jews, and the expropriation of their movable property. Some documents pertain to the Jewish Census in 1942, the anti-Jewish measures of the Hlinka Guard in Nemčiňany. Several files pertain the anti-Roma measures in 1943

  9. Krajský súd v Komárne

    • County Court in Komárno

    The fonds contains various judiciary documents and files pertaining Jews and anti-Jewish measures in 1938-1945. Some documents concern escapes from the concentration camp in Komárno (Komárom), or illegal crossing of the Slovak-Hungarian border. The fonds reaches beyond the 1945 and contains also documents on the anti-Semitic expressions from that period (such as anti-Jewish riot in Tekovská Nová Ves in 1948 for example).

  10. Okresný ľudový súd v Sobranciach

    • District People´s Court in Sobrance

    The fonds contains several files concerning separate cases of denunciation of Jews hiding in the vicinity of Vyšné Nemecké, Ruskov and Koňuša in 1944.

  11. Mestský úrad v Nitre

    • Municipality Office in Nitra

    The fonds contains various documents pertaining the anti-Jewish measures at the territory of the town of Nitra. This includes documents on various measures against Jewish businessmen including pub owners and merchants, the revision and cancellation of business licences. Other documents pertain to the expulsion of Jews from their houses in Nitra, so-called temporary administration of Jewish households, Jewish census in Nitra. There are files on so-called Aryanization of Jewish enterprises in the fonds as well. Some files pertain to the Jewish students in schools

  12. Magistrát župného mesta Levice

    • The Municipality Office of the City of Levice
    • Megyei város Léva

    The fonds contains documents reflecting the fate and persecution of Jewish population of the town of Levice after its annexation by Hungary. Some documents pertain to the cancellation of Jewish associations in the town in 1939. After the adoption of the Second Jewish Law there were extensive business restrictions in Hungary. The fonds contains census of businesses, documents on the revision as well as cancellation of business licences and closing of stores. Some files pertain to the census of property, confiscation of agricultural property, requests (applications) for the allocation of Jewi...

  13. Okresný ľudový súd v Prešove

    • District People´s Court in Prešov

    The fonds contains files of the District People´s Court in Prešov which was one of the retributive courts of post-WWII Czechoslovakia. Besides the files which contain the info on the political and military events during the period 1938-1945 this fonds contains files with info on various forms of persecution of Jews during the respected period, including several files on Aryanization of Jewish property, deportation of Jews living or hiding in various parts of Eastern Slovakia (Prešov, Mrázovce, Veľká Breznica, Vyšný Hrabovec) from Slovakia in 1942. Several of these files pertain former membe...

  14. Hlavnoslúžnovský úrad v Šamoríne II.

    • Főszolgabíroi hivatal Somorja II.
    • Chief Constable´s Office in Šamorín II.

    The fonds contains documents of the Chief Constable´s Office in Šamorín (Somorja) which was a Hungarian public administration office in 1938-1945. The fonds contains files concerning the situation of Jewish population at the territory of Šamorín district. The fonds contains reports on Jews expelled from Slovakia and held in the camp in Štvrtok na Ostrove (Alžbeta Dvor). Another documents from 1939 pertain to Eruv in Veľký Meder. The fonds also contains documents on the application of the Ordinance No. 7720/1939, files on the cancellation of business licences, lists of rejected licence appli...

  15. Hlavnoslúžnovský úrad Komárno

    • Főszolgabíroi hivatal Komárom
    • Chief Constable´s Office in Komárno

    The fonds consists of six groups of files: confidential files, mobilization files, administrative files, files concerning the misdemeanor, public procurement files, and core personnel files. In all groups of files one can find valuable documents concerning the political, economic and social status of Jews in and around Komárno. For example, the fonds contains the list of merchants and holders of licences, the list of construction material traders from 1942 etc. Besides that there are files concerning the internment of Jews, instructions and orders concerning the military labor units. Other ...

  16. Krajský súd v Rimavskej Sobote

    • County Court in Rimavská Sobota

    The fonds contains documents pertaining to the Jews from the period before the Holocaust as well as from the period 1938-1945. The Holocaust-relevant documents include files concern the illegal crossing of borders or various penal cases. The fonds also contains documents pertaining the property issues in 1945 - 1949 and there it is relevant for the studying of restitution.

  17. Mestský úrad v Brezne

    • Municipality Office in Brezno

    The fonds contains documents of the Municipality office in Brezno. These include various documents pertaining to the Jews living in Brezno nad Hronom including documents on anti-Jewish measures in the town such as list of Jewish doctors in Brezno from 1939, list of Jews who possess passports, documents pertaining the dissolution of Jewish associations in the town. Other documents pertain to the orders of the commander of temporary district labor camp for Jews, list of administrators of Jewish real estate property or documents pertaining to the evaluation of Jewish real estate property. Some...

  18. Okresný ľudový súd v Banskej Štiavnici

    • District People´s Court in Banská Štiavnica

    The fonds contains various files concerning the persecution of Jews in Slovakia (1938-1945). Several files pertain the so called aryanization of enterprise property in Banská Štiavnica. Two separate files pertain the former Hlinka guard members who served as a guard in the labor and concentration camp for Jews in Nováky and the labor camp in Vyhne. There is also a file of the former deputy commander of the Emergency Unit of the Hlinka Guard (POHG) in Banská Štiavnica. There are also several files with the information on denunciation and detention of Jews in 1944.

  19. Okresný úrad v Prešove I.

    • District Office in Prešov I

    The fonds contains various files pertaining to the history and persecution of Jews at the territory of District Prešov in years 1938-1945. It contains reports on Maccabi in Prešov from 1938, documents related to the expulsion of Jews from the district in November of 1938, documents on the prohibition of the activity of Jewish Party, etc. It also contains various documents related to the economic persecution of Jews at the territory of District Prešov during the period 1939-1941, such as lists of so-called Temporary administrators of Jewish households, various regulations of concerning Jewis...

  20. Okresný úrad vo Veľkej Bytči

    • District Office in Veľká Bytča

    Fonds of the District Office in Veľká Bytča, as the state administration body at the regional level, contains the documents concerning political, economic and social situation in this district during the period 1923 – 1945. Among the 74 linear meters of the archival material, it contains various particular information about the history of Jews before 1938 and mainly during the period of the Hlinka Slovak People´s Party regime when the anti-Semitic measures came in force and Jewish community was systematically persecuted. Many documents retain the anti-Semitic measures and their realization ...