Archival Descriptions

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Language of Description: English
Language of Description: Multiple
Country: Slovakia
Holding Institution: Vojenský historický archív
  1. Ministerstvo národnej obrany Slovenskej republiky 1939-1945, Spisy dôverné 1940-1945

    • Ministry of National Defense of the Slovak Republic 1939-1945, Confidential files 1940-1945

    The fonds contains the confidential files of the Ministry of National Defense of the Slovak Republic (1939-1945). These include files pertaining the anti-Jewish measures in Slovakia such as applications of Jews serving in Slovak Army for exemptions or files pertaining to the transfer to labour units. The fonds contains documents pertaining to Jewish real estate property and its usage by the army or applications of soldiers asking for the permission to buy such property. Other documents pertain to the employment of Jews in enterprises considered to be "essential for the defense of the state".

  2. Pracovný zbor národnej obrany 1940-1945

    • Labour Corps of National Defence 1940-1945

    The fonds contains documents of the Labor Corps of National Defence, a special military organized part of the Slovak military forces in 1940-1945, created for organizing the labour units within the Slovak army forces. These included Jews and Roma conscripts and soldiers which were not allowed to conduct regular military service. The fonds contains various documents on the forced labor of Jews and Roma during their military service, including documents pertaining to the infamous VI. Labour Battalion that was part of the Labour Corps of National Defence.