Archival Descriptions

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Language of Description: English
Language of Description: Multiple
Country: Slovakia
Holding Institution: Štátny archív v Nitre, pracovisko Archív Nové Zámky
  1. Župné mesto Nové Zámky (1939 - 1944)

    • Érsekújvár megyei város

    In the fragmentary fonds, it is possible to find traders' records, records pertaining to business restrictions, revisions and withdrawals of Jewish concessions and trades. The fonds also contains documents on the aryanization of the mill and Jewish shops. The fonds contains also inventories of Jewish property, documents pertaining to the confiscation of Jewish homes and shops, as well as to a ban on Jews attending public baths. There is also a decree defining the streets of the ghetto preserved in the fonds. The fonds also contains a list of books from the town library that remained with Je...

  2. Notársky úrad v Štúrove (1874 – 1945)

    • Notary Office in Štúrovo (1874-1945)
    • Jegyzőségi hivatal Párkány

    The preserved content of the fonds is very fragmented. The fonds contains a list of associations in the Štúrovo district, merchants' records. It also contains an inventory of Jewish district residents and lists of Jewish real estates have been preserved.