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Language of Description: English
Language of Description: Multiple
Country: Slovakia
Holding Institution: Štátny archív v Nitre
  1. Krajský súd v Nitre I

    • County Court in Nitra I

    The fonds contains various documents pertaining to the life of Jews before the Holocaust, but also during the Holocaust and the period after the World War II. The fonds covers various fields including the judicial property- related matters as well as penal matters. Thus it is possible to study documents on tradesmen and craftsmen or industry before the Holocaust, but also the topic of Aryanization of Jewish property, expropriation of the financial assets of Jews (blocked accounts), or files pertaining to the arrests of Jews and robbery of Jewish households after the deportation of owners in...

  2. Tekovsko-hontianska župa (1938 - 1944), Dočasne spojená župa Tekov-Hont

    • Bars és Hont közigazgatásilag egyelőre egyesített vármegye

    Documents of the fonds contain a lot of information on the persecution of Jewish population of the county. However, part of the fonds was destroyed during the battles. Files of the County Chairman (including personal files), files of the Deputy Chairman of the County are preserved. Deputy Chairman´s files are however still processed by the archive.There are also documents of the legal attorney in the fonds, but these include only the registers and the index, as well as the financial documents. The last two groups are not inventorized yet. A big group of documents from the files of the Count...

  3. Štátne zastupiteľstvo v Nitre

    • State Attorney´s Office in Nitra

    The fonds contains documents of the State Attorney´s Office in Nitra. As far as the Holocaust-related documents are concerned the fonds contains documents concerning the revision of passports of Jews, and censorship-related files. Besides that, there are penal case files of Jews including cases pertaining to the property of Jews (hiding of property, property census- related cases, etc.). Other files pertain to baptism investigation or searching for Jews. Some files concern arrests of Jews. The fonds also contains documents on anti-Jewish riots, stealing of Jewish property after deportation ...

  4. Okresný úrad v Zlatých Moravciach

    • District Office in Zlaté Moravce

    The fonds contains documents on various anti-Jewish measures in Slovakia 1939-1945, including those about the liquidation of Jewish enterprises and their licences, various police measures against Jews, so-called temporary administration of Jewish houses and apartments. It also contains documents on creation on work permits for Jews, and the expropriation of their movable property. Some documents pertain to the Jewish Census in 1942, the anti-Jewish measures of the Hlinka Guard in Nemčiňany. Several files pertain the anti-Roma measures in 1943

  5. Krajský súd v Komárne

    • County Court in Komárno

    The fonds contains various judiciary documents and files pertaining Jews and anti-Jewish measures in 1938-1945. Some documents concern escapes from the concentration camp in Komárno (Komárom), or illegal crossing of the Slovak-Hungarian border. The fonds reaches beyond the 1945 and contains also documents on the anti-Semitic expressions from that period (such as anti-Jewish riot in Tekovská Nová Ves in 1948 for example).

  6. Mestský úrad v Nitre

    • Municipality Office in Nitra

    The fonds contains various documents pertaining the anti-Jewish measures at the territory of the town of Nitra. This includes documents on various measures against Jewish businessmen including pub owners and merchants, the revision and cancellation of business licences. Other documents pertain to the expulsion of Jews from their houses in Nitra, so-called temporary administration of Jewish households, Jewish census in Nitra. There are files on so-called Aryanization of Jewish enterprises in the fonds as well. Some files pertain to the Jewish students in schools

  7. Nitrianska župa III

    • Nitra County III

    The fonds contains documents of the County Office in Nitra pertaining to the various forms of persecution of Jews at the territory of Nitra Country in 1940-1945. These include documents on the forced labor of Jews, establishment, and functioning of the work centers for Jews in Nitra (brick factory) and Degeš and deportation of Jews in 1942.

  8. Okresný úrad v Nitre

    • District Office in Nitra

    The fonds contains documents of the District Office in Nitra which was a regional state administration body. The District Office in Nitra was subordinated to the County office in Nitra. The fonds contains many documents on anti-Jewish persecution at the territory of the district Nitra in 1938-1945, including documents on forced labor of Jews (Work center for Jews in Degeš etc.), deportation of Jews from Nitra and villages of Nitra district in 1942.

  9. Komárňanská župa III.

    • Komárno County III.