Language of Description: English
Language of Description: Finnish
  1. Frode A. Toft, Private Archive

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Frode A. Toft, Privat arkiv
    • Danish, English
    • 1930-1980
    • 7 parcels
  2. Frederiksberg Police

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Frederiksberg Politi
    • Danish, English
    • 1945-1950
    • 185 parcels

    Contains lawsuits brought against Danes in German service. Includes also files other than treason proceedings.

  3. The Danish Refugee Administration in Sweden

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Den Danske Flygtningeadministration i Sverige
    • Danish, English
    • 782 parcels

    The General Department handled the assistance to refugees who were not in work and not stayed in barracks/ garrison: clothing assistance, lodging, maintenance, social assistance for elderly, mothers with children, pregnant women, medical and dental assistance, help in illness, death, help to the Danish Brigade personnel and its families. Legal assistance was transferred to the Refugee Office Secretariat.

  4. The Danish Brigade in Sweden (DANFORCE), The command

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Den Danske Brigade i Sverige, Kommandoen
    • Danish, English
    • 1943
    • 119 parcels

    Concerns the Danish police force which was established in Sweden from 1943. It consisted mainly of escaped resistance fighters

  5. Danish Red Cross

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Dansk Røde Kors
    • Danish, English
    • 1939-1955
    • 42 parcels
  6. Ministry of Social Affairs

    • Kontoret for Offentlig Forsog
    • Office of Public Social Welfare
    • Rigsarkivet
    • 2. Kontor
    • Danish, English
    • 5 parcels

    Handled the relief aid to deported Danes in Germany (emergency food parcels, etc.). The information is found in special records in the Journals Files. The information are found in special records in the Journal Files: - File no. 820: Internees. - File no. 850: Communists. - File no. 880: Jews, political prisoners.

  7. Секретариат Молотова

    • The Molotov's Secretariat

    В фондах содержатся документы по вопросам политических и экономических отношений СССР с иностранными государствами, внешнеполитических шагов Советского Союза. Указания и инструкции МИД СССР посольствам и делегациям СССР по их работе, обмен письмами советских руководителей (И. В. Сталина, М.И. Калинина, Н.А. Булганина) с главами иностранных государств и правительств, МИД СССР, ТАСС, декларации, меморандумы, телеграммы и телефонограммы, нотная и иная переписка министра и МИД СССР с иностранными государственными и политическими деятелями, а также с посольствами других стран в Москве, записи бе...

  8. Ламсдорф - лагерь русских военнопленных

    • Lamsdorf - the Soviet POW camp

    View on the territory of the camp, buildings, barracks, ditches-graves of Soviet prisoners of war, cemetery of Russian prisoners of war - participants of First World War; gas chambers, cemetery of English prisoners of war; corpses of Soviet prisoners of war. Work on the camp territory of Soviet-Polish commission for investigations of German crimes.

  9. Секретариат А.Я. Вышинского

    • Vyshinsky's Sekretariat

    Переписка МИД с директивными органами по вопросам взаимоотношений с зарубежными странами, переписка с СМ СССР, ВОКС, ТАСС, Академией наук, Институтом права, издательствами, редакциями газет и журналов. Записи бесед В.М. Молотова (1940, 1948-1949), А.Я. Вышинского (1940 -1953), В.Г. Деканозова (1945-1946), С.А. Розовского (1945-1946), Ф.Т. Гусева (1946-1949, 1951), Я.А.Малика (1946 -1948, 1952), Г. М. Пушкина (1946, 1952), В.А. Зорина (1947-1948, 1952), А.И.Лаврентьева (1949 - 1951), А.Е. Богомолова (1950-1952), А.А. Громыко (1949 -1951), а также послов СССР. Материалы о заключении Советско-...

  10. Оперативный штаб Рейхсляйтера Розенберга по делам оккупированных областей (Берлин-Шарлоттенбург)

    • Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg fur die besetzten Gebiete (ERR) (Berlin-Charlottenburg); The Reichsleiter Rosenberg Task Force for the Occupied Territories (ERR) (Berlin-Charlottenburg)
    • Operativnyi shtab Reikhsleitera Rosenberga po delam okkupirovannykh oblastei (Berlin-Sharlottenburg)

    The collection includes a photocopy of G6ring's directive establishing headquarters in German-occupied territories for the confiscation of valuables from Jewish and Masonic organizations, Rosenberg's orders establishing the Task Force and laying out its objectives, as well as memoranda and correspondence of the ERR special headquarters in the Ukraine and Croatia. The collection further includes logs of searches carried out in Zagreb and Ragusa (Dubrovnik) among Jews and members of Masonic lodges; lists of Masonic lodges in Yugoslavia and lists of Jewish writers; inventories of Jewish belles...

  11. Документы концентрационных лагерей и лагерей военнопленных в Германии

    • Documents of Concentration Camps and Prisoner of War Camps in Germany
    • Dokumenty kontsentratsionnykh lagerei i lagerei voennoplennykh v Germanii

    The collection's contents are described in two inventories. The inventories are arranged structurally and by document type. The collection contains documents of concentration camps and POW camps (arranged for the most part in alphabetical order by camp name. regulations, instructions, daily reports on the prisoner population, lists, summaries, journals, personnel files, card files, questionnaires, registers, and correspondence. The collection includes fragmentary compilations of documents of the Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, Wewelsburg, Gross Rosen, Dachau, Lublin (Majdanek), Natzweiler, Neuen...

  12. Имперское министерство просвещения и пропаганды Германии (г. Берлин)

    • Reichsministerium für Volksaufklarung and Propaganda (Berlin); Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda (Berlin)
    • Imperskoe ministerstvo prosveshcheniia i propagandy Germanii (Berlin)

    The collection's contents are described in seven inventories. The inventories are arranged by document type and contain circulars, instructions, and directives of the Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda; minutes of conferences held by Joseph Goebbels; reports, questionnaires, announcements, staff personnel files, personnel lists, correspondence, texts and overviews of radio broadcasts, articles (including articles by Goebbels), informational bulletins on the "Jewish question," pamphlets, and lists of German-language newspapers published in the occupied eastern territories. Ther...

  13. Имперское министерство по делам временно оккупированных восточных областей (г. Берлин)

    • Reichsministerium für die besetzen Ostgebiete (Berlin); Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories (Berlin)
    • Imperskoe ministerstvo po delam okkupirovannykh vostochnykh oblastei (g.Berlin)

    The collection's contents are catalogued in four inventories. The inventories are arranged by document type. Among the collection's documents are orders, edicts, directives, dispatches, reports, briefings, job descriptions, accounts, overviews, memoranda, summaries, bulletins, employee directories, certificates of commendation, questionnaires, official documentation of employees' business trips, and ministry correspondence with the Reich Security Main Office and with Reichskommissariats in the occupied eastern territories. Documents in the collection reflect the policy of the Nazi occupatio...

  14. Полицейские и административные учреждения Германии и временно оккупированных ею территорий

    • Deutsche Polizeieinrichtungen in den okkupierten Gebieten; German Police and Administrative Offices in the Temporarily Occupied Territories
    • Politseiskie i administrativnye uchrezhdeniia Germanii i vremenno okkupirovannykh eiu territorii

    The collection's contents are described in three inventories, which are arranged by structure. Within the structural divisions, files are catalogued for the most part by document type. The collection is a consolidated archival collection. It consists of heterogeneous documentary materials of police offices in Germany and the German-occupied territories of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and the Soviet Union. The collection also includes documents of German police services in the occupied territory of the Soviet Union, including the Ukraine and Belorussia. The collection contains minutes of...

  15. Ейский районный отдел социального обеспечения и попечительства ейской районной управы

    • Department of the social work and guardianship of Yeysk district administration

    Личные дела пенсионеров города Ейска.

  16. 3 відділ УДБ НКВС УРСР – 2 управління НКДБ- КДБ УРСР

    • 3 Department of DIrectorate of State Security of NKVD UkrSSR -- 2 Directorate of NKGB-KGB UkrSSR

    The following documentary material is related to the history of Jews and the Holocaust: Materials on the search of the traitors of Motherland, agents of the Nazi intelligence, police and security bodies, as well as other individuals who actively collaborated with Nazi Germany during the Second World War (fond 1, op. 1, pp. 12-28, 108-246, 260-280). Materials on the search of individuals who served in the unit of Einsatzgruppe D detachment created by the occupants - the so-called "SD Caucasian company" and "SS battalion 32", and actively participated in police operations on the territory of ...

  17. Краснодарская краевая чрезвычайная комиссия по установлению и расследованию злодеяний, совершенных немецко-фашистскими захватчиками и их сообщниками

    • Krasnodar kray extraordinary kommission for ascertaining and investigating crimes perpetrated by the German–Fascist invaders and their accomplices

    Документы о деятельности комиссии, акты, ведомости, реестры по учету материального ущерба по районам и городам края. Обобщенные сведения райисполкомов и сельских Советов по учету ущерба, нанесенного немецко-фашистскими захватчиками. Воспоминания о процессе над немецко-фашистскими пособниками.

  18. Papers of Ivan Baryanov

    Contains anonymous letters against the Bulgarian Government Jewish Policy, opinions and speeches regarding discrimination against Jews in Bulgaria. Also includes a letter from the Bulgarian Consulate in Prague regarding instructions about Yugoslavian problems.

  19. Records of Lyubimir Lyuchev

    Contains a diary, correspondence, articles, photographs, and other records of Lyubimir Lyuchev, a personal advisor to Tsar Boris III.