Language of Description: English
Holding Institution: CEGESOMA, Centre d'Étude Guerre et Société / CEGESOMA, Studiecentrum Oorlog en Maatschappij
  1. Manuscripts

    In more than 2,000 diaries and manuscripts, people and personalities relate their experiences relating to the Exodus, the 18-day military campaign, daily life, deportation and the Liberation.

  2. Photographic archives

    The photographic archives consist essentially of the collections of the Sipho agency which distributed a large element of the Belgian as well as the international press photographs from 1930 until 1944. In 1946, the Sipho responsibles were brought to trial and its collections were confiscated. In 1970 they were transferred to the Centre. This important collection (some 300,000 photographs) consists of a Belgian and an international section. It has been regularly supplemented with new acquisitions such as the collections of Otto Kropf (relating to daily life in occupied Belgium), of Raphaël ...

  3. Archives

    The collection includes personal archives, archives of private organisations, of collaborators and collaborationist movements, of resistance fighters and resistance organisations, of official institutions and services that existed only between 1939 and 1946 (based under the terms of an agreement with the General State Archives) and of microfilms and photocopies of foreign archival collections. Some archive collections are already accessible online. The collection allows researchers to explore a variety of subjects, in the first place on the Second World War: the policies of the Occupation a...