Language of Description: English
Holding Institution: Archiwum Narodowe w Krakowie
  1. Akta Miasta Krakowa

    • Files of the city of Krakow

    The collection contains i.a. the files Akta Starosty miasta Krakowa (Der Stadthauptmann der Stadt Krakau, Governor of the City of Krakow) from the years 1939-1945 – German ordinances; bill posters and public announcements; printed propaganda material; documents of trustee administrative boards and concerning Jewish property and confiscations of such property; materials concerning the liquidation of Jewish organizations and associations; documents directly concerning the history of the ghetto, including a collection of 157 original photographs taken during the resettlement of the Jews into t...

  2. Urząd Okręgu Kraków

    • Amt des Distrikts Krakau
    • Krakow District Office

    The collection contains i.a. the files concerning matters related to passports (including those of Jews) and confiscation of property; they also hold personal files of Jews from Nowy Targ (1940-1942) and lists of Jews from a number of locations in Nowy Targ county.

  3. Akta miasta Wieliczki

    • Files of the town of Wieliczka

    The collection contains i.a. lists of the real estate on particular streets, dating from March 1941, together with the details of owners and tenants (a very large number of them Jews); some sheets bear the annotation “Jewish home” in German and in red pencil. In addition to these, there are applications and permits for Jews to move into the ghetto in Wieliczka, and residence registration questionnaires for around 1,400 people

  4. Izba Zdrowia w Generalnym Gubernatorstwie

    • Gesundsheitskammer in Generalgouvernement
    • Chamber of Health in the General Government

    The collection contains various circulars and ordinances related to the functioning of the health service, and personal questionnaires containing very detailed personal data and photographs of people of several professions (doctors, dentists, dental technicians, midwives, nurses), including several thousand questionnaires of people of Jewish descent from the district of Galicia (their questionnaires were stamped with a star of David or the word “Jude”), as well as lists of Jewish doctors from various places in the GG.