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Holding Institution: Центральный государственный архив [непризнанной] Приднестровской Молдавской Республики
  1. State Archival Service of the Republic of Moldova

    • Государственная архивная служба Республики Молдова
    • Gosudarstvennaya arkhivnaya sluzhba Respubliki Moldova

    List of 444 Jews shot in the fall of 1941 and buried in mass graves in the cemetery for the victims of Fascism in Dubăsari. The list was compiled by the initiative group that assisted the reconstruction of the monument to the victims of Fascism in Dubăsari on the basis of archival data obtained at the NARM, data given by the Jewish community of Tiraspol, and data obtained from relatives and friends of those who were killed by the Keller's Fascist punitive squad in September 1941

  2. Executive Committee of the Dubăsari district council of workers' deputies

    • Исполнительный комитет Дубоссарского районного совета депутатов трудящихся
    • Ispolnitel'nyy komitet Dubossarskogo rayonnogo soveta deputatov trudyashchikhsya

    Summarized information about the established atrocities committed over the citizens of the USSR by the fascist German criminals in the Dubossary district of the Moldavian SSR. Information about the number of residents of the Dubossary district of the MSSR who were shot by the German invaders. Extract from the consolidated statement of damage and losses caused by the German fascist invaders and their associates on the collective farms of the Dubossary district of the Moldavian SSR during the occupation period

  3. Executive Committee of the Glinoe (Hlinaia) village council of workers' Deputies in Grigoriopol district

    • Исполнительный комитет Глинянского сельского Совета депутатов трудящихся Григориопольского района
    • Ispolnitel'nyy komitet Glinyanskogo sel'skogo Soveta deputatov trudyashchikhsya Grigoriopol'skogo rayona

    The register of damage caused by the Fascist invaders to the Glinoe (Hlinaia) village council in 1944

  4. Executive Committee of the Tașlîc village council of workers' Deputies in Grigoriopol district

    • Исполнительный комитет Ташлыкского Сельского совета депутатов трудящихся Григориопольского района МССР
    • Ispolnitel'nyy komitet Tashlykskogo Sel'skogo soveta deputatov trudyashchikhsya Grigoriopol'skogo rayona MSSR

    Registration of military cemeteries; lists of soldiers buried in 1944-1945

  5. Executive Committee of the Coroteni village council of workers' deputies in MSSR's Slobozia district

    • Исполнительный комитет Коротянского сельского Совета депутатов трудящихся Слободзейского района МССР
    • Ispolnitel'nyy komitet Korotyanskogo sel'skogo Soveta deputatov trudyashchikhsya Slobodzeyskogo rayona MSSR

    List of 13 citizens shot by the Nazi occupiers in 1941-1945. List of Nazi invaders. The list was compiled by the village and collective farm commission on the basis of statements and testimonies by the local residents et al.

  6. Executive Committee of Tiraspol city council of people's deputies

    • Исполнительный комитет Тираспольского городского совета народных депутатов
    • Ispolnitel'nyy komitet Tiraspol'skogo gorodskogo soveta narodnykh deputatov

    Decision to create a commission to investigate atrocities and damage caused by the German Fascist invaders to state-owned enterprises and institutions, collective farms and residents of Tiraspol; List of citizens forcibly driven into slavery during the flight of the Germans; the decisions of the executive committee to commemorate more than 1,000 Soviet citizens arrested by the Romanian occupiers for assisting the Red Army Workers' Committee and shot by the Germans in early April 1944 in Kirpichnaya slobodka area; list of repatriated Soviet citizens шт 1949 - POWs taken from from Tiraspol an...