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Holding Institution: Державний архів Полтавської області
  1. Сенчанська районна управа (райуправа), с. Сенча Сенчанського р-ну Полтавської обл.

    • Senchanska district board (raiuprava), village of Sencha, Senchanskyi district of Poltava region

    Selected titles of the files containing information on occupation and local administration, population policies and the Holocaust: File 2. Orders and instructions by the general commissar of the city of Kiev and gebiet commissar of city ... (sic). 1941-1942. Holocaust-related documents in the file: Pages 14-15 contain ‘Governmental Notification No. 4,’ a ‘Temporary order on the levying of taxes and other payments on the territory of Reichskommissariat Ukraine from October 21, 1941.' Paragraph 11 of the document contains regulations on payment of salaries of Jews. Paragraph 12 of the documen...

  2. Колекція періодичних видань (наказів, розпоряджень, листівок, плакатів, брошур і т. ін.) періоду німецько-фашистської окупації України, м. Полтава Полтавської обл.

    • Collection of periodicals (orders, instructions, leaflets, posters, brochures, etc.) of the period of German-Fascist occupation of Ukraine, city of Poltava, Poltava oblast
    • Kolektsiia periodychnykh vydan (nakaziv, rozporiadzhen, lystivok, plakativ, broshur i t. in.) periodu nimetsko-fashystskoi okupatsii Ukrainy, m. Poltava Poltavskoi obl.

    Collection of orders, instructions, leaflets, posters, brochures, etc. contains the following Holocaust-related pieces: Opys 1 (Inventory 1) File 9 – Draft project of the General bezirk Kiew (contains statistical data on economics, industry, agriculture, culture, and population, including the Jewish population) Files 16-20 – Single copies of “Information issue of General Commissariat Volhynia-Podolia”, “Official information of Wehrmacht” Files 21-35 – “Information issues on the politics in the East” Files 55-110 – “Official issue of the Reichskomissariat Ukraina” Files 111-113 – “Official i...

  3. Покровсько-Багачанська районна управа (райуправа), с. Покровська-Багачка Покровсько-Багачанського р-ну Полтавської обл.

    • Pokrovska-Bahachka district board, Pokrovska-Bahachka village of Pokrovska-Bahachka district of Poltava region
    • Pokrovsko-Bahachanska raionna uprava, s. Pokrovska-Bahachka Pokrovsko-Bahachanskoho raionu Poltavskoi oblasti

    Selected titles of the files containing information on occupation and local administration, population policies and the Holocaust. File 3. Orders and decrees by the district board. Lists of personnel in district board and village boards. 1942. File 4. Orders by gebiet commissar. 1942. File 6. Orders by district board. 1942. File 7. List of personnel in district board, POWs and deserters. 1942. Files 11-13. Statistical data on population changes in the village areas of the district, 1942. File 37. Lists of populations. 1943. File 39. Orders by gebiet commissar. 1943. Holocaust-related docume...

  4. Зіньківська районна управа (райуправа), м. Зіньків Зіньківського р-ну Полтавської обл.

    • Zinkiv district board, town of Zinkiv, Zinkiv district, Poltava region
    • Zinkivska raionna uprava, m. Zinkiv Zinkivskoho raionu Poltavskoi oblasti

    Local administration documentation can contain information connected to the history of the Holocaust. Titles and sizes of the selected files potentially related to the subject: File 4. Decisions of Zinkiv district board, 1941. File 9. List of the elders of village boards in the district and of other employees, 1942 File 10. Information about statistical changes of population in the district. 1942 File 11а. List of Ukrainian policemen who were outstanding in the fight against anti-partisans, 1942 File 157. List of the staff of village boards and of other institutions of the district, 1943

  5. Крюківська міська управа (міськуправа), пос. Крюків м. Кременчука Полтавської обл.

    • Kriukiv town board, town of Kriukiv, Kremenchuk district, Poltava region
    • Kriukivska miska uprava, pos. Kriukiv m. Kremenchuka Poltavskoi oblasti

    Orders concerning activities; requests for obtaining passes; lists of Germans and Volksdeutsche; certificates for goods confiscated from evacuees; lists of inhabitants; lists and certificates for obtaining bread and ration cards; budget documentation; receipts. Selected files containing information about the Holocaust: File 25 – Statistical data about population of Kriukiv; register of Beletsk ceramic factory, 1942. The first 7 pages of the file contain statistical information (population data) from Kriukov which was provided to the district board of Kremenchuk; there is a separate column f...

  6. Партійний архів Полтавського обласного комітету Комуністичної партії України

    • Party archives of the Poltava regional committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine

    Within this collection the following files contain information on occupation and local administration, population policies, and the Holocaust: • File 789 - Selected documents for 3-volume collection of the documents "Ukrainian SSR in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945", 252 pages. This file contains documentation on the evacuation of economic structures of Poltava region (pp. 49-117); and on the activities of diversionary-partisan groups and occupier atrocities (pp. 118-172); • File 240 - Manuscript of the "Chronological reference book abour liberation by the Soviet Army of the region's loca...

  7. Полтавський обком Компартії України, м. Полтава Полтавської області

    • Poltava Oblast Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, city of Poltava
    • Poltavskii obkom Kompartii Ukrainy, m. Poltava Poltavskoi oblasti

    Opys 2 contains information on 242 files. Selected files containing data on the occupation and local administration, Nazi population politics, population losses, and the Holocaust: File 110 - Activities of the department to execute orders of the Central Committee (of the Communist Party of Ukraine) and of the Council of the People’s Commissars. Budennyi’s address to the population. Notes, memos, reports by the Oblast Party Committee, city committees, and district committees about the railway cars needed for evacuation. File 123 – Information items, memos by the Oblast Party Committee about ...

  8. Харсиківська сільська управа (сільуправа), с. Харсики Чорнухинського р-ну Полтавської обл

    • Kharsyky village board, village of Kharsyky, Chornukhy district (raion), Poltava region (oblast)
    • Kharsykivska silska uprava (siluprava), s. Kharsyky Chornukhynskoho r-nu Poltavskoi obl.

    Instructions issued by Chornukhy district board and orders by head of district board about population census, taxes, and fire-prevention measures. Lists of the employees at the district board and policemen. Selected files containing information on occupation and local administration, population policies, and the Holocaust: File 1. Orders and decrees by Chornukha district board. Lists of policemen and personnel of the board. 1941-1942. Holocaust-related documents in the files: File 1, page 4. Order on November 1, 1941 from the commandant's office to the burgomasters of the district to submit...

  9. Вовчанська сільська управа (сільуправа), с. Вовча Кобеляцького р-ну Полтавської обл.

    • Vovcha village board, village of Vovcha, Kobeliaky district, Poltava region
    • Vovchanska silska uprava, s. Vovcha Kobeliatskogo raionu Poltavskoi oblasti

    Orders by district board about collecting food for German army, arrest of population for refusal to work; requests to purchase farmlands; salary lists; list of volunteers to German army and persons deported to Germany. Titles of selected files related to local administration, population policies, and the Holocaust: File 1. Orders by Kobeliaky district board. File 2. Lists of evacuated school-age children, statistical data on the population of Vovcha village board. File 3. Orders by Kobeliaky district board. File 4. Decisions by district board. File 7. Instructions by district board. Holocau...

  10. Говтвянська сільська управа (сільуправа), с. Говтва Козельщинського р-ну Полтавської обл.

    • Hovtva village board, village of Hovtva, Kozelshchyntsy district, Poltava region
    • Hovtvianska silska uprava (siluprava), s. Hovtva Kozelshchynskoho raionu Poltavskoi oblasti

    Some files related to occupation administration and the Holocaust: File 1. Orders and regulations by the district board and authorities. 1941. File 2. Lists of populations; orders and regulations. 1942. File 9. Orders of the board head. 1942. File 10. Orders and decrees of the board head. 1942. File 17. Decrees of the board. 1943. Holocaust-related documents in the files: File 1 contains, on pages 66-67 and 144, instructions issued to village elders about registration of the population. File 2 contains, on page 324, a template for registration of the population for January 1, 1943 including...

  11. Архівне управління Полтавського окружного виконавчого комітету рад робітничих, селянських та червоноармійських депутатів

    • Collection of Archival Directorate of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs in Poltava oblast (region)
    • Arkhivne upravlinnia Poltavskoho okruzhnoho vykonavchoho komitetu rad robitnychykh, selianskykh ta chervonoarmiiskykh deputativ

    Opys 20 (Inventory 20). Reference lists about members of political parties, White Guard members, gendarmes, Red Army deserters, and persons employed in the authorities during the German-Fascist occupation. Selected files related to the Nazi occupation period: File 1 – Clergy who served German occupiers in the churches of Poltava region, 8 pages. File 4a – Germans who lived in the region during the occupation of 1941-43, 17 pages. File 5 – Staff of gendarmerie during the German occupation, 10 pages. File 6 – Employees of district (raion) and agricultural commandant's offices, 38 pages. File ...

  12. Колекція документів по партійному та комсомольському підпіллю, партизанському руху.

    • Collection of documents on the Party and Komsomol underground and partisan movement
    • Kolektsiia dokumentiv po partiinomu ta komsomolskomu pidpilliu, partyzanskomu rukhu

    Some files contain information on German occupation and local administration, population policies and the Holocaust. Some files contain information on German occupation and local administration, population policies, and the Holocaust. Opys 1 (Inventory 1) File 28 - Statement of the Oblast ChGK. List of crimes and those guilty in these crimes, data about persons killed and deported to Germany, and about material damages, 1944-46, 205 pages. File 29 - Lists of district (raion) and town commissions for collecting materials on the Great Patriotic War, 1946, 33 pages. File 30 – List of localitie...

  13. Державна надзвичайна комісія СРСР по встановленню і розслідуванню нанесених злодіянь німецькими загарбниками Полтавській області, м. Полтава Полтавської обл

    • State Extraordinary Commission for Investigation of the German Crimes in Poltava Region, city of Poltava, Poltava region
    • Derzhavna nadzvychaina komisiia SRSR po vstanovlenniu i rozsliduvanniu nanesenykh zlodiian nimetskymy zaharbnykamy Poltavskii oblasti, m. Poltava Poltavskoi obl

    Most of the files contain information about the material damage caused to various towns and villages of the region. Files 1618, 1623-1625, 1627, 1634-1646 contain statements of the Commission about civilians killed by the ‘German-fascist invaders’ in various localities of the region.