Language of Description: English
Holding Institution: Ελληνικό Λογοτεχνικό και Ιστορικό Αρχείο-Μορφωτικό Ίδρυμα Εθνικής Τραπέζης
  1. Αρχείο Τεζεδάκης Νικόλαος

    • Archive Tazedaki Nicholas
    • Archeio Tazedakis Nikolaos

    It includes notices, decisions in newspapers for death sentences, executions committed by the Germans, Nazi orders for the Greek Jews and articles on the arrival of Holocaust survivors in Thessaloniki.

  2. Εθνική Αντίσταση (Συλλογή Μαρτυριών ΕΡΤ)

    • National Resistance (collecting testimonies EΡT)
    • Ethniki Antistasi (syllogi martyrion EΡT)

    It includes interviews with individuals related to mass executions committed by the Germans, the resistance activities, the action of security battalions, the participation of Greek Jews in the Resistance.

  3. Αρχείο Ηλία Παπαστεργιόπουλου

    • Archive Papastergiopoulos Ilias
    • Archeio Ilia Papastergiopoulou

    It includes stories of massacres, mass executions during the Occupation, catalogues of executed people, reports of the National Resistance and the action of Greek People's Liberation Army [Ελληνικός Λαϊκός Απελευθερωτικός Στρατός], newspaper clippings with pictures and names of rebels, newspaper articles on action of the security battalions, testimonies on Greek Jews.

  4. Αρχείο της Οικογένειας Τριανταφυλλάκου

    • Archive Triantafyllakos Family
    • Archeio oikogeneias Triantafyllakou

    The entire material is estimated at 565 pages and includes lists of Resistance members, reports on sabotage, proposal for setting up security battalions, documents on deportation of Greek Jews.

  5. Αρχείο Γαβριήλ Γαβριηλίδη

    • Archive of Gavriel Gavrielides
    • Archeio Gavrielides Gavriel

    Consists of the personal archive of Gavriel Gavrielides, a Jewish lawyer who provided legal counsel to the Jewish Community of Rhodes, the Organization for the Relief and Rehabilitation of Greek Jews (OPAIE), the Central Board of Greek Jewish Communities, the Jewish Community of Athens, and other Jewish organizations in Greece after World War II. Also of interest are cases of individual Jews against the OPAIE.

  6. Αρχείο Ιωσήφ Σιακκή

    • The Joseph Siakkis Archives
    • Archeio Siakkis Iosif

    Contains records related to the history of the Jewish communities of Greece. The archives are organized into 28 thematic sections. The most important topics are: 1. History of Greek Jewry and Jewish communities of Thessaloniki, Kerkyra [Corfu], Larissa, Volos, Trikala, Zakynthos, Chania, Preveza, Sparta, Chalkis and other major Jewish centers; 2. Antisemitism, Nazi occupation and Holocaust; 3. Collections of Jewish periodicals (Kerkyra and Athens); 4. Records of the Greek Jewish family names, personal correspondence, literary essays and poetry.