Archival Descriptions

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Language of Description: English
Country: Slovakia
Holding Institution: Štátny archív v Košiciach, pracovisko Archív Trebišov
  1. Okresné veliteľstvo Hlinkovej gardy v Trebišove

    • District Command of the Hlinka Guard in Trebišov

    The fonds contains one folder of various documents pertaining the District Command of the Hlinka Guard in Trebišov. Besides the application forms of the members of HG it contains lists of public functionaries with the note on their membership in the HG. It also contains the Situation Report on deportation of Jews from Trebišov from May 9, 1942, written in Prešov (the seat of the County Office).

  2. Okresný úrad v Trebišove

    • District Office in Trebišov

    The District Office in Trebišov was the state administration body. The fonds contains just a small part of the original documents of the District Office in Trebišov. Documents of District Offices in Slovakia are usually divided into presidial, administrative, military-related, technical and accounting files. The fonds is partially processed and the researcher has access to presidial documents of the District Office covering the basic political, social and economic events in the district Trebišov during the period of existence of the office. This part of preserved documents is cataloged in d...