Language of Description: English
Country: Ukraine
  1. Вінницька обласна управа

    • Vinnytsa regional administration

    Inv. 1, file 8. Order of occupation authority on supply of meat by population, including requirements for Jews and orders regarding animals belonging to Jews. Inv. 1, file 9, 17, 23, 270, 274, 278, 283, 286 - information on the socio-economic directions of the persecution of Jews. Inv. 1, file 9, 17, 23; file 236, p. 7; file 237, arch. 21; file 238, p. 11; file 240, p. 4-5; file 246, p. 17; file 247, p. 74-76 - contain correspondence with subordinate district councils on "Jewish question". Inv.1, file 1-4, 7, 8, 16 - correspondence from Sidor Bernard, head of the administration, with the Ge...

  2. Самгородоцька районна управа (періоду німецько-фашистської окупації), м. Самгородок

    • Samhorodok district administration

    Inventory 1, file 2. Statement of the Commission of Samhorodok district administration from June 9-10, 1942 about evaluation of the property confiscated from the Jews and transfer it to stock. Inventory of the property is included.

  3. 3 відділ УДБ НКВС УРСР – 2 управління НКДБ- КДБ УРСР

    • 3 Department of DIrectorate of State Security of NKVD UkrSSR -- 2 Directorate of NKGB-KGB UkrSSR

    The following documentary material is related to the history of Jews and the Holocaust: Materials on the search of the traitors of Motherland, agents of the Nazi intelligence, police and security bodies, as well as other individuals who actively collaborated with Nazi Germany during the Second World War (fond 1, op. 1, pp. 12-28, 108-246, 260-280). Materials on the search of individuals who served in the unit of Einsatzgruppe D detachment created by the occupants - the so-called "SD Caucasian company" and "SS battalion 32", and actively participated in police operations on the territory of ...

  4. Колекція спогадiв та свiдчень колишнiх в'язнiв гетто й концтаборiв, остарбайтерів

    • Collection of memoirs and testimonies of the prisoners of ghettos and camps, Ostarbeiters

    The collection began to be created in 1997 as a complex of documents of oral history. It exists in form of paper, photo, audio and video documents. Approximately 500 interviews were conducted with former prisoners of Jewish ghettos and concentration camps. A separate block of documents - lists of former ghetto prisoners and labor camps, lists of burial places of the destruction of the Jewish population verified by the local government, photographs of victims, descriptions of monuments. There is a complex of documents on issues of popular art in Jewish ghettos and concentration camps (poetry...

  5. Підпільні організації, партизанські загони періоду Великої Вітчизняної війни на Вінниччині (1941–1944 рр.)

    • Underground organizations, partisan units of the period of Great Patriotic War

    The participation of Jews in the anti-Nazi underground was reflected in various categories of documents, starting with the list of Communists left in the rear of the enemy by the party organs, the NKVD organs of the Ukrainian SSR, and the state security organs of the UkrSSR to establish underground activities. According to these documents, out of the 150 people left in the region, 12 were Jews [inventory 1, file 42, pp. 3-21]. The same can be seen also in the list of persons left by the local security authorities in Vinnytsia region in the enemy rear with the tasks of individual sabotage an...

  6. Уголовные дела нереабилитированных лиц

    дело на сотрудников и агентуру разведывательных и контрразведывательных органов нацистской Германии; дела на лиц, работавших в немецких оккупационных административных органах; дела на лиц, проходивших службу в немецких охранительных органах (жандармерия, полиция, комендатура и другие); дела на лиц, проходивших службу в армейских частях нацистской Германии и ее союзников, в национальных легионах; дела на лиц, осужденных за измену Родины, шпионаж, диверсии, вредительство, саботаж, террористические акты, преступления против человечества и человечности, карательные акции в отношении мирного нас...

  7. Архівна колекція документів з історії краю (Вінницька область)

    • Archival collection on the history of Vinnitsa region

    In some cases, there are documents on the persecution and mass destruction of the Jewish population during the German-Romanian occupation, photocopies of documents on the preparations for resettlement of Jews into ghettos, announcements of the German and Romanian occupation authorities on taxes and indemnities imposed on the Jewish population of cities of Vinnytsia, Zhmerynka, Haysyn, Mogiliv-Podilsky, a photo of the exhumation of the killed Jewish population of Khmilnyk [inventory 1, file 141, pp. 1, 12, 19, 32]. Copies of chronological informations on the Nazi occupation of locations of V...

  8. Колекція друкованих видань КГБ УРСР

    • Collection of printed publications of KGB of UkrSSR

    The following cases contain information about the history of the Jews, the occupation regime and the Holocaust: File 252. Collection of reference materials on the German intelligence agencies acting against the USSR during the Second World War. 1952 Vol. 1-2-3-4-1. File 306. List of Romanians who committed crimes against the USSR during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. 1945 Vol. 1-7. File 319. List of persons working in Romanian police and intelligence agencies. 1942. Tom 1-5. File 322. List of employees of the German gendarmerie and the police and persons who were persecuted by these ...

  9. Оперативно-статистична звітність КГБ УРСР

    • Operational and statistic reporting by KGB UkrSSR

    • File 48. Information on intelligent and investigative work for 1941 (appendix-chart). • File 49. Information about secret-service and operational work for 1942. • File 50. Information on operational and investigative work for the first half of 1943. • File 51. Information on operational and investigative work for 1943. • File 53. Information on the results of operational and investigative work for 1944 (reference). • File 57. Information on the results of operative and investigative work for 1945 (reference and review of activities). • File 58. Information on operational and investigative...

  10. Колекція кінофотодокументів КГБ УРСР

    • Collection of film- and photodocuments of KGB UkrSSR

    Microfilmed documents of the Reich Ministry for the Eastern Occupied Territories and its head A. Rosenberg: • documents on the activities of the German occupation administration in Ukraine; • reports on the actions of partisan detachments and groups and underground in Ukraine; • documents on the activities of the German occupation administration in Belorussia and the Baltic States; • Reports on socio-political and economic situation in the occupied territories of the USSR; • Reports on the reaction of the population of the occupied territories to events of the German administration, at the ...

  11. Слідча частина МГБ і Слідчий відділ КГБ УРСР

    • Investigative section of MGB and Investigative department of KGB UkrSSR

    The following cases contain information about the history of the Jews, the occupation regime and the Holocaust: • Documents on the identification of witnesses for the Nuremberg International Trial against the Nazi war criminals (1945); • documents on the preparation and conduct of an public trial in Kiev over Nazi war criminals (1946); • documents on the activities of the OUN and the UPA in the western regions of Ukraine (informations on the arrested persons, minutes of interrogations, memorandums on the conduct of trials) (1946-1949); • Correspondence of state security bodies with party an...

  12. Секретаріат ГПУ–КГБ УРСР

    • Секретариат ГПУ-КГБ УССР
    • UkrSSR GPU-KGB Secretariat

    The documents were mainly generated within four periods: 1930-1941; 1941-1945; 1945-1954; 1964-1991 The documents of the period of the Second World War (1941-1945) contain: • resolutions and orders of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR; • directives and instructions by NKVD of the USSR on work issues; • directives and instructions by NKVD of the Ukrainian SSR on work issues; • correspondence by NKVD of the UkrSSR with organizations, authorities and administration of the UkrSSR on the activities of the state security agencies; • special reports sent by NKVD of the Ukrainian SSR a...

  13. Колекція друкованих видань КГБ України

    • Collection of printed publications of KGB of Ukraine

    There are, particularly, copies of memos, reports, reviews, orientations, analytical materials and other documents on the operational situation in Ukraine, emergency events, results of search operations, investigations of individual criminal cases; reference books and bibliographic publications; materials about the shooting of Jews during the Second World War. Of particular significance is file No. 98 "Materials on the killings of Citizens of Jewish Nationality by Nazi Occupiers" (1999-2000, 101 pages), which contains an inquiry (signed on January 22, 1999 by the Deputy Head of the SBU V. P...

  14. Управління боротьби з бандитизмом МВД, Управління 2-Н та 4-те Управління МГБ–КГБ УРСР

    • Directorate on fight against banditism at the Ministry of Internal Affairs

    Materials relevant to history of occupation regime and the Holocaust: File 24. References about employees of the Ukrainian Police in Kharkiv. 1943. 87 pp. File 26. Search for agents of foreign intelligence, traitors of Motherland, occupants’ auxiliaries. 1942. 300 pp. File 27. Investigation of foreign intelligence agents, traitors of the Motherland, occupants’ auxiliaries. 1942. 315 pp. File 28. List No. 2 (Attachment to file No. 9 “Investigation of foreign intelligence agents and their helpers”). 1942. 286 pp. File 29. List No. 1 (Attachment to file No. 9 “Investigation of foreign intellig...

  15. Районні управи Херсонщини (Об'єднаний архівний фонд)

    • District Boards of Kherson Region (Joint Archival Fund)

    Selected files may contain information about occupation policy of population and the Holocaust: Berislav district board. File 1. Data about population in rural areas; information about the movement of goods, payroll and financial aid. 1941-1942. 93 pages. File 2. Information on the registration of the population. 1941-1942. 30 pages. File 9. Lists of village elders, police officers and their families, farm managerial stuff, former kulaks, who returned to farms. 1944. 14 pages. Genichesk district board. File 13. Correspondence between Rykivsk village board and the heads of rural communities ...

  16. Bureau of Stocktaking of the Simferopol City Council

    • Инвентаризационное бюро Симферопольского городского управления
    • Inventory Bureau at the Simferopol City Council

    Reports on the work of the bureau. Acts and inventory of the property of missed individuals, industrial facilities, institutions and organizations of the city. Floor - plans of streets and settlements. For information on apartments and property of persons of German nationality. Files dated from November 1941 to February 1943. Most of the files are dated by January-August 1942. Files 1-80. Acts and inventories of belongings of the evacuated citizens. January 1942 onward. File 81. Instruction for inspection of a district. February 1942. Files 100, 112, 114. The same. 1941-42. File 151. Index ...

  17. Agricultural management of the Crimean district (WiKo Krim)

    • Областное сельскохозяйственное управление Крыма (ВИКО Крыма)

    Information related to the occupation politics and the Holocaust can be found in the following files: Inventory 1. File 8. Policy directives and circulars of the German chief of land management, beverage industry control of Crimea and special headquarters of the agricultural management. 1.05.1942-21.08.1943 File 9. Circulars and guidelines from Special Staff of the agricultural management. 1.05.1942-14.07.1943 File 10. Orders for the regulation of wages and working conditions for local residents working at German institutions, and tariff rates. 1942 File 19. Minutes of meetings at the Regio...

  18. Претура Біляївського району, с. Білявка Біляївського р-ну Одеської області.

    • District Pretura, Beliaevka District, Village of Beliaevka (Ovidiopol’ County)

    The fonds’ inventories are systematized according to the structural-chronological principle. Included are directives, instructions, and orders of the Romanian civilian and military authorities on restrictive measures regarding Jews located in the territory of Transnistria. A significant number of documents concern Jews located in ghettos and labor camps. Documents of the Romanian authorities regarding the conscription of Jews into forced labor include copies of orders of the governor and official correspondence with prefectures and preturas on procedures for the payment of Jewish labor (f. ...

  19. Collection of house register books of the house management at the housing department of Simferopol city administration

    • Колекція будинкових книг домоуправлінь міського житлового відділу Симферопольського міського управління

    Books contain listing of city dwellers registered in each street of the city of Simferopol. Books of 1941 contain names of Jewish dwellers as well.