Language of Description: English
Country: Russia
  1. Центральное строительное управление войск СС и полиции (г. Аушвиц)

    • Waffen-SS und Polizei. Zentralbauleitung in Auschwitz; Waffen-SS and Police, Central Construction Office in Auschwitz
    • Tsentral'noe stroitel'noe upravlenie voisk SS i politsii (g. Aushvits)

    The Construction Office of the Waffen-SS and Police at Auschwitz (Oświęcim), subsequently renamed the Central Construction Office of the Waffen SS and Police, was created in 1940 with the commencement of construction of the concentration camp. Here, in October 1941, construction began on a prisoner of war camp. In 1943, the Auschwitz concentration camp was divided into three independent camps: Auschwitz I (the main camp), Auschwitz II (Birkenau), and Auschwitz III, subsequently renamed the Monowitz concentration camp. The Central Construction Office of the Waffen-SS and Police at Auschwitz ...

  2. Управление государственной тайной полиции (Гестапо) (г. Берлин)

    • Geheimes Staatspolizeiamt (Berlin); Office of the Secret State Police (Gestapo) (Berlin)
    • Upravlenie gosudarstvennoi tainoi politsii (Gestapo) (g. Berlin)

    A significant portion of the collection's contents was transferred to the German Democratic Republic in the 1950s-70s. (These materials are noted in the inventories and are not included among the collection's files.) The collection's contents are catalogued in three inventories. Documents in the collection contain information on communist, social-democratic, anti-fascist, religious, and Jewish organizations in Germany; reports on "unreliable" persons; information on Masonic lodges; police surveillance files (for example, on the conduct of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin); agents' dispatche...

  3. Фашистские и профашистские организации Германии

    • German Fascist and Pro-Fascist Organizations
    • Fashistskie i profashistskie organizatsii Germanii

    The collection's contents are described in one inventory. The documents are catalogued by document type, according to the organization to which they belonged. The collection includes various documents of German Nazi, pro-fascist, and nationalist organizations, including the Berlin-Charlottenburg Antisemitic Union and the German Union for Nationalist Propaganda Abroad. Among these are charter documents of organizations; correspondence between organizations and rank-and-file members; circulars, propagandistic literature, and Nazi periodicals; as well as membership cards, inventories, and pers...

  4. Имперское министерство экономики (г. Берлин)

    • Reichswirtschaftministerium (Berlin); Reich Ministry of Economics (Berlin)
    • Imperskoe ministerstvo ekonomiki (g. Berlin)

    The collection's contents are catalogued in 54 inventories, all of which are arranged by structure. The inventories are loose-leaf and type-written, and include inventory section indexes; there is a cartographic index to. the collection's files and an index of inventory titles. The collection contains thematically organized files consisting of circulars, orders, decrees, and correspondence devoted to restricting the rights of Jews in Germany and German-occupied territories (including the Soviet Union, the Baltic republics, and Belorussia) with regard to personal and property insurance, the ...

  5. Немецко-фашистские административные и судебные органы на временно оккупированных территориях

    • Nazi German Administrative and Judicial Agencies in the Temporarily Occupied Territories
    • Nemetsko-fashistskie administrativnye i sudebnye organy na vremenno okkupirovannykh territoriiakh

    The collection's contents entered the RGVA among materials brought by the Soviet Army from the territory of Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Poland in 1945-46, and from the First Special Department of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs in 1953. The collection is described in one inventory, arranged structurally. The collection includes a broad range of documentary materials of German administrative and judicial agencies in the occupied territories of the Soviet Union, as well as edicts and orders of the occupation authorities on the structure of administrative services and degrees of jurisdi...

  6. Главное управление имперской безопасности Германии (РСХА) (г. Берлин)

    • Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA) (Berlin); Reich Security Main Office (RSHA) (Berlin)
    • Glavnoe upravlenie imperskoi bezopasnosti Germanii (RSKhA) (g. Berlin)

    The collection's contents are catalogued in six inventories. Inventories no. 1, 2, and 6 are arranged by structure and chronology, and catalogue documents of departments I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII of the RSHA. Inventories no. 3, 4, and 5 are arranged by document type. These inventories catalogue orders, edicts, directives, instructions, accounts, surveys, reports, dispatches, employee directories, surveillance files, and correspondence of the Reich Security Main Office and its subordinate entities regarding the issues indicated. RSHA documents include orders, edicts, and other regulatio...

  7. Дочерние ложи Великой ложи Германии "Бней-Брит"

    • Affiliated Lodges of the German Grand Lodge of B'nai B'rith
    • Dochernie lozhi velikoi lozhi Germanii evreiskogo ordena "Bnei-Brit"

    The collection's contents are described in two inventories. In them, documents are catalogued by type. The collection features an accumulation of documents of affiliated lodges of the German Grand Lodge of the Order of B'nai B'rith in 36 German cities, including East Prussia (in Allenstein/Osterode), Abraham Geiger (Berlin), Berthold Auerbach (Berlin), Gabirol (Berlin), Montefiore (Berlin), Spinoza (Berlin), Julius Fenchel (Berlin), Leopold Zunz (Braunschweig), Lessing (Berlin), Nehemia Nobel (Naumburg), Leibniz (Hannover), Zion (Hannover), Friedrich (Heidelberg), Silesia (Berlin), Moritz L...

  8. Союз еврейской молодежи "Ринг" (г. Берлин)

    • Bund Judischer Jugend "Ring"; Union of German Jewish Youth "Ring" (Berlin)*
    • Soiuz evreiskoi molodezhi "Ring" (g. Berlin)

    The collection's contents are catalogued in one inventory. The inventory is arranged by document type. The collection includes the "Ring" union charter; circular letters of the union and its local chapters for 1933-36; lists of union members; the program of the 5th conference of the Association of Jewish Youth Societies in Germany, held in Düsseldort appeals by Jewish youth organizations on the holding of charity events; the Montefiore Jewish youth organization's plan of operation for 1925-26; correspondence with union members and local chapters on organizing lectures and submitting reports...