Language of Description: English
Country: Poland
  1. Podziemne Archiwum Getta Warszawskiego

    • Archiwum Ringelbluma
    • Konspiracyjne Archiwum Getta Warszawy
    • Oneg Szabat (cryptonime)
    • ...

    RING. I I. Oneg Shabat records – call no. 1-4. II. General studies on the situation of the Jewish population during the war: 1. Plans and drafts of works, questionnaires – call no. 5-22. 2. Oneg Shabat bulletins – call no. 23-38. 3. Studies, scholarly works, reports – call no. 39-70. 4. Autonomous collections: – the “Kalisz letters” – call no. 71-163, – the “Płock letters” – call no. 164-178. III. Warsaw and the Warsaw ghetto: 1. Documents generated by the German authorities and institutions – call no. 179-193. 2. Documents generated by other institutions and organizations – call no. 194-19...

  2. Delegatura Rzadu RP na Kraj

    • Government Delegation for Poland

    In terms of Holocaust research, the most important departments of the Delegation were as follows: Departament Spraw Wewnętrznych (Department of Internal Affairs – Security), above all files 26-28, whose content includes the personal files of Jews who collaborated with the Germans, and registration data from the Warsaw ghetto for the years 1941-1943. These are some of the most important documents for anyone researching the Polish Underground State. Departament Informacji i Prasy (Department of Information and Press), which covers areas such as radio tapping, reviews of the underground press,...

  3. Akta miasta Otwocka

    • Files of the town of Otwock

    The collection contains i.a. regulations and general orders concerning matters such as forced labour and resettlement of the Jews, taxes, materials connected with the expropriation of Jewish real estate in the “Aryan” quarter by a special administrative office, and many documents related to statistics, population records and control, lists of real properties, a personnel list of the Getto-Polizei and instructions for it, and a range of official letters and correspondence on matters concerning the Jews of Otwock. The body of material is relatively extensive and thus sufficient to reconstruct...

  4. Starostwo Miejskie w Warszawie

    • Stadthauptmannschaft Warschau
    • Office of the Warsaw City Governor,

    The collection contains i.a. birth and death statistics, weekly reports of the chairman of the Judenrat (1941), the dispute over the boundaries of the ghetto, forced labour, Jewish mutual aid, the fight against typhus, applications for passes, and cases of illegal trade and smuggling

  5. Akta gminy Rydzyna

    • Files of the commune of Rydzyna

    The collection contains i.a. cases concerning forced labourers, a list of residents of Rydzyna by nationality (1941 and 1943), various statistical information, lists of Jews from the camp in Kłoda (Judenarbeitslager Roden b. Reisen) dating from 1942, and copies of entries in the land register concerning the Jewish synagogue and cemetery.

  6. Akta miasta Przemyśla

    • Files of the town of Przemyśl

    The collection contains i.a. materials on the establishment of the ghettos and Jewish community assets, correspondence regarding the Jews, German orders, and a list of administrators of the assets of the Jewish community in Przemyśl.

  7. Akta miasta Rzeszowa

    • Files of the town of Rzeszów

    The collection contains i.a. items including German bills and public announcements; information on the establishment of the ghetto and forced labour for Jews; confiscations of property and its administration; death sentences; lists of deceased Jews for the years 1935-1942; an incomplete list of the Jews of Mielec (1941); lists of licences issued and tribute payments by residents in the years 1941-1943; registers of houses and lists of names of the tenants of various real properties; records of personal identity documents issued; alphabetical card files on population movements ; and the orig...

  8. Więzienie Karne Warszawa - Mokotów

    • Penitential Prison in Warsaw - Mokotów

    The collection contains i.a.contains several thousand personal files of Jews convicted of various occupation crimes, such as being outside the ghetto illegally, not wearing the armband with the Star of David, illegal trade and smuggling, theft, forgery, and similar cases. This record group is of unparalleled significance in view of the excellent state of preservation of the files, and their completeness.

  9. Akta miasta Radomska

    • Files of the town of Radomsko

    The collection contains i.a. lists of the personal identification documents issued to Jews in the years 1939-1940, as well as registration and residence registration documents from specific properties, house residence registration ledgers for the years 1931-1943, and registers of houses by street.

  10. Urząd Metrykalny Izraelicki w Rzeszowie

    • Israelite Registry Office in Rzeszów

    The collection contains i.a. records and registry files from the years of the occupation: marriage certificates (Trauungsscheine), birth certificates, death certificates, as well as various other certificates, personal identity documents, residence registration documents, etc.

  11. Akta miasta Wrocławia

    • Files of the city of Wrocław

    The collection contains i.a. mayoral speeches, propaganda materials, matters connected with Jewish schools and the seizure of museum holdings from the foundation administrating the home of Prof. Niesser, a professor of medicine (“Haus Niesser Verwaltung”), and the matters of the creation of a Jewish museum in the years 1928-1935 (“Jüdisches Museum”), the removal of the commemorative plaque from the house of Ferdinand Lassalle, and others;

  12. Starosta Powiatowy w Sanoku

    • Der Kreishauptmann in Sanok
    • Sanok County Governor

    The collection contains anti-Jewish orders, propaganda pamphlets and public announcements regarding confiscation of property, and lists of Jewish registry books from several locations (Lesko, Sanok, Ustrzyki Dolne).

  13. Akta miasta Przeworska

    • Files of the town of Przeworsk

    The collection contains i.a. materials on the establishment of the ghettos and Jewish community assets, population records, correspondence regarding the Jews, German orders, as well as a summary list of the Jews in Przeworsk from 1940 to February 1942. There is also a file entitled “Administracja majątkiem pożydowskim” (Administration of former Jewish assets), which contains lists of large numbers of businesses, houses and other real estate.

  14. Krajowy Zakład Leczniczy w Międzyrzeczu - Obrzycach

    • Landesheilanstalt Meseritz-Obrawalde
    • Regional Treatment Institute in Międzyrzec-Obrzyce
  15. Polsko-Brytyjskie Towarzystwo Okrętowe S.A.

    • Polish-British Shipping Company

    Files include official correspondence regarding reservations, copies of tickets, lists of émigré passengers, among whom were large numbers of Jews, and shipping documents. These materials are an interesting source for research into emigration of Jews from Poland on the eve of the outbreak of World War II. They contain considerable information on mutual aid campaigns by Jewish organizations, which assisted with all the formalities surrounding emigration. There is also a large volume of correspondence regarding reservations and information.

  16. Akta Miasta Krakowa

    • Files of the city of Krakow

    The collection contains i.a. the files Akta Starosty miasta Krakowa (Der Stadthauptmann der Stadt Krakau, Governor of the City of Krakow) from the years 1939-1945 – German ordinances; bill posters and public announcements; printed propaganda material; documents of trustee administrative boards and concerning Jewish property and confiscations of such property; materials concerning the liquidation of Jewish organizations and associations; documents directly concerning the history of the ghetto, including a collection of 157 original photographs taken during the resettlement of the Jews into t...

  17. Akta miasta Łowicza

    • Files of the town of Łowicz

    The collection contains i. a. information on forced labour among Jewish artisans in the years 1940-1942, including in the local labour centre established specifically for this purpose, the Dom Pracy (Labour House, call no. 3045, 3046, 3052), as well as a list of Jews dating from 1940 (call no. 3060) and documents referring to confiscations of industrial plants owned by Jews.

  18. Akta Miasta Lublina. 1939-1944

    • Files of the city of Lublin

    The collection contains i.a. materials concerning the establishment of the ghetto, “lists of deaths” among the Jews, and forced labour, and also large numbers of residential registration ledgers

  19. Rejencja Opolska

    • Rejencja Opolska
    • Opole Regional Administration

    The collection comprises i.a.the extensive correspondence in connection with the destruction and liquidation of synagogues during the Kristallnacht, 9-10 November 1938, and other antisemitic incidents; documents of the Związek Żydów Polskich (Union of Polish Jews) and other materials (file with the call no. 1963, Wydział I [Department I]).

  20. Gdynia-Ameryka. Linie Żeglugowe S.A

    • Gdynia-America Shipping Lines

    The surviving files include i.a. contracts for transport of Jewish passengers on the Palestine line, official correspondence regarding people of Jewish birth being smuggled on the MS Piłsudski in the years 1935-1937, collective lists of passengers and named lists (e.g. of those travelling to Buenos Aires), passenger traffic statistics, and personal files of some passengers, including Jews from Poland and Germany.