Language of Description: English
Country Code: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  1. Gradsko poglavarstvo Tuzla

    • City municipality Tuzla

    The collection includes documents relating to the work of the "Ponova" commission, which dealt with the confiscated Jewish and Serbian property within the Independent State of Croatia. Documents of the collection can serve as a valuable source for studying of the activities and work the Government of the city of Tuzla in the stated period, but also the history of this region, because the documents can follow the work and procedures related to the property of Jewish families from Tuzla during the war who were taken to camps.

  2. Nezavisna država Hrvatska-NDH

    • The Independent State of Croatia - NDH

    Savez Napretkovih zadruga u Sarajevu; Ured za podržavljeni imetak - Riznično upraviteljstvo /sa podružnicama u svim većim gradovima BiH, Državno ravnateljstvo za gospodarstvenu ponovu/podružnice u svim većim gradovima BiH, Ured za upravu židovskim nekretninama, Poglavnikovo povjerenstvo-PP, Ustaška nadzorna služba-UNS-a. The association of the Napredak cultural society cooperatives in Sarajevo; The office for nationalized property - treasury administration / with branches in all major cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the State Directorate for commerce / branches in all major cities of Bosn...

  3. Državno ravnateljstvo za gospodarsku ponovu-podružnica Osijek (Fond DRGP)

    • State Agency for Economical Renewal, branch office in Osijek
    • Arhiv Bosne i Hercegovine
    • Državno ravnateljstvo za gospodarsku ponovu-podružnica Osijek (Fond DRGP)
    • English
    • 1941-1942

    Contains primarily of records of the Office for Nationalization. It includes lists of Jewish property, correspondence and decrees issued by the State Treasury regarding the confiscation of Jewish property in Osijek and other localities, appeals by local Jews, and inspections of confiscated property and businesses.

  4. Zemaljska komisija za Bosnu i Hercegovinu za utvrđivanje zločina okupatora i njihovih pomagača

    • State Commission for Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Investigation of the Crimes of the Occupiers and their supporters