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Holding Institution: Lietuvos Ypatingasis Archyvas
  1. LSSR-MGB-KGB centro skyriai (pabiros)

    • Lithuanian SSR-MGB-KGB Central Departments (Loose Files)

    Some files of the subfond are related to the Holocaust (surveillance/criminal proceeding files (interrogation and confrontation protocols, testimonies of witnesses and ect.) for people who colaborated with the Nazi and were involved into annihilation process of local Jews). - files No. 1234, 1251, 1290, 4907-4909, 4911, 4912, 4913 (11 volumes), 4914-4916: related to activities of the Special Squad (Sonderkommando Vilinius SD) which operated in the Paneriai (Ponary) mass killing site.

  2. Lietuvos SSR valstybės saugumo komitetas (KGB)

    • Security Committee (KGB) of Lithuania SSR

    Criminal proceedings (protocols of interrogations, information which deals with personal data of the arrested persons, photos, sometimes-small personal belongings (certificates, books, checks, drawings, photos of the members of the family and ect.), protocols of the questioning to witnesses, various decrees and reports (part of them with the sign: Secret). The subfonds includes approx. 1034 criminal files for people who have been suspected or accused of colaboration, for people who partipicated in mass killings of Jews ect.). - Criminal files No. 8890/3, 36137/3, 739/3, 45275/3, 36138/3, 20...

  3. Lietuvos TSR valstybės saugumo komiteto (KGB) operatyvinės įskaitos bylos

    • Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic Security Committee (KGB) Operative Follow-Up Files

    "SSRS OGPU-GUGB-NKVD-MGB-KGB and Lithuanian SSR NKVD-KGB operative files compiled by reconnaissance department (for the poltiticians, cultural and political leaders, activists of the the Uprising on June, 1941, local partisans, leaders of the antisoviet oragnizations, disidents, refugees from the Soviet Union and criminals" (Based on LYA). There are operative files (which deals with prosecution and surveillance proceedings) related to suspicious persons or to group of persons (for example: leaders of Jewish organizations (in Interwar period and early Soviet occupation period in 1940) and re...