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Country: Czech Republic
  1. Documents of Persecution

    • Židovské muzeum v Praze
    • Czech, German, English
    • The collection contains 90 boxes of documents (9.79 bm) organised into 79 groups and cannot be considered closed, being added to with new acquisitions. New groups could also gradually be added.

    This collection originated as a documentation of the persecution and genocide of Jews in the Czech lands excluding the archival materials relating to the history of the Terezín ghetto, which forms a separate collection. The content of the collection comprises originals, copies and transcripts of official documents and personal estates, as well as prints, newspaper clippings, maps, memoirs and a small amount of non-written material. The Documents of Persecution collection is a source of information on Holocaust history of Bohemian and Moravia Jews, and to a lesser extent also Slovakian Jews....

  2. Terezín/Theresienstadt

    The archive records from the Terezín ghetto (24 November 1941 – 8 May 1945, and from the period after the liberation) are preserved only in fragments. Only a portion of the documents in the collection are connected with the official activities of the Terezín Council of Elders and with the various departments and sections of its self-government. The first group of documents comprise a relatively diverse range of maps, plans and drawings of the ghetto, the surrounding area, the housing blocks and buildings, various sketches of the facilities and equipment, as well as notices. The collection a...